Highway to Hell

Nobody wants to take responsibility for being an asshole, a criminal, an antisocial creep.  Everybody who gets caught doing some indefensible horror, wants to defend it by blaming it on somebody or something else.  My father beat me, my mother put peanut butter sandwiches in my lunch, the kids at school didn’t like me, and bullied me, my library card expired.

Sadly for our sex, it’s almost always the men who commit the most horrible of crimes.  It’s even worse though, when some submissive female, eager for attention, aids and abets some pervert.  TV shows like Criminal Minds tell us that the possibility of two sex offenders working together is remote.  The likelihood of a male/female team is almost to the point of flipping a coin and having it land on edge.

My son has told me the story of his high school mathematics teacher talking about probabilities and that one occurrence will not affect subsequent ones.  The man took a Canadian nickel out of his pocket, flipped it into the air, and watched it hit the floor….where it caromed off a desk leg and whirled back out, and came to a stop on its edge.  Before cell phone cameras were common, the teacher told them to stand quietly, and anyone who could, was to take a picture.  No matter how unlikely an outcome is, sooner or later, it will happen.

We have had, reasonably nearby; two coins come to rest on their edge.  A little over ten years ago, about an hour’s travel to the east, we had a serial rapist.  He had attacked over a dozen women, and the police heat was building up.  He moved some distance away and met a girl like the one described above.  It’s hard to understand how he could have convinced her and harder still to believe that she would have gone along, but, that’s what happened.  She helped lure 13 and 14 year-old girls into his van.  She helped kidnap, torture and murder two of them.  He says she actually did the killing.  She says he was the one.  It doesn’t matter; there is video evidence that they were both there.  She drugged her own 14 year-old sister, and offered her virginity as a wedding present.  The sister also, unintentionally, died.  Eileen Wuornos, the Monster, killed a bunch of men, but how could one woman do this to other women, especially to children.

To his very small credit, the guy took his punishment, and has kept his mouth shut.  The gal involved though, even though she got a sweetheart deal for rolling over on him, blamed the usual suspects.  Her parents were too strict, they loved the younger sister more and she got away with more.  She had to go out and get a job and HELP support herself, even though she was still living at home.

The asteroid missed us the other day but, what are the chances of having another female enabler show up in the neighborhood?  Too damned good, apparently.  Last year, a little 8 year-old girl was kidnapped, raped and had her head bashed in.  Video evidence showed that it was a young woman who enticed her into the van.  Here’s where it gets strange.  Confronted with the evidence, she immediately pled guilty, and is serving time.  She claims that her boyfriend told her that he wanted to molest a little girl, so she went out and got him one she knew, and had babysat.

Having pled guilty, there was very little trial or testimony.  The boyfriend denied her story and pled not guilty.  His trial is now well under way.  She is hauled out of jail to testify against him.  Despite all that has happened, she still appears to be covering for him.  She has now testified that she bought the garbage bags, and the hammer which she claims SHE used to bash the girl’s head in.  They are equally culpable, but if she paints herself as the bad guy, he might get parole earlier.  I don’t know what her motivation is at this point but, she now claims that after he was through, she bashed the kid’s head in, in a spontaneous fit of rage, stemming from some un-named and undescribed abuse, suffered when she was young.  That’s a hard sell, especially with the video proof of the premeditated purchase.

A Member of Parliament had to issue an apology recently, for having suggested that we put a length of rope in the cells of people like this, hoping that they will do the right thing and remove themselves from civilized society.  Over the last thirty years, the courts have convicted seven or eight men for crimes they didn’t commit.  A couple were sentenced to death before the death penalty was abolished.  These examples are used by those who want to keep it that way.  I don’t understand the reaction to the MP’s suggestion.  We’re not executing scum like this; we are merely providing the opportunity to prove that they are truly sorry for what they have done and ensure they will never do it again.

This has been a downer of a post.  Even my rants are usually upbeat.  To see male members of the population acting like bloodthirsty savages is disappointing, but not surprising.  To see members of, “the gentle sex”, committing such heinous acts, just about sucks out what little hope I have for the betterment of the human race.