Once upon a time, there was a horse named Horace.  Even when he was a young colt, he had a beautiful, long, flowing mane.  As he grew, he became prouder and prouder of his mane, and let it grow and grow, until it reached almost to the ground.

He combed it and washed it and brushed it, until it just shone in the sun, but one day, a terrible thing happened.  A homeless family of birds flew up and saw his wonderful long mane and decided that it would be the perfect place to make a home.

Horace tried to tell them to leave, but they didn’t pay any attention to him; in fact, they even went and told their relatives about the magnificent place they had found to live.  Soon, Horace’s mane was full of cheeping, tweeting birds.

Horace finally could stand it no longer, and went to a veterinarian to see if there was any way that he could rid himself of all these noisy birds.  The veterinarian told him that the only way that he could think of to get the bird out of Horace’s mane would be to take a large amount of dry yeast and rub it all through his mane.

The smell of the yeast would be a bit objectionable for a while, but the birds would not be able to stand it, and would move out and stay out.  In a week or so, Horace would be able to comb out the yeast, and things would be as they were before.  Horace did this.  He got the yeast.  He rubbed it in.  The birds left, and stayed away.

The moral of this story (if there is one) is: Yeast is yeast and nest is nest, but never the mane shall tweet….

As Monty Python used to say;

And Now, For Something Completely Different


Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point. This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points…

Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this?
There are African-Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
And then there are just Americans.. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… And that’s OK…
But if I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink … You call me a racist.
You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….
So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month.
You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Yom Hashoah.
You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
You have the NAACP.
You have BET….
If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.
If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.
We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
Wonder who pays for that??
A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.
There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US ..
Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.
In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.
If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it.
But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.
You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.
But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
I am proud…… But you call me a racist.
Why is it that only whites can be racists??
There is nothing improper about this e-mail..
Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on.
I sadly don’t think many will.
That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country.
We won’t stand up for ourselves!
It’s not a crime YET…. But getting very close!
It is estimated that ONLY 5% of those reaching this point in this e-mail, will pass it on.

6 thoughts on “Horace

  1. Oh Horace! And I see what Michael Richards is getting at, and they are indeed interesting points, but I think he really is oversimplifying things. The United States, of course, has a history of treating non-white people as second-class citizens—or property. So there’s a long list of folks who might want to assert themselves despite not being members of the most privileged racial group in the country.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    I’ve got a few of Horace’s relatives I may introduce in the future. Michael is perhaps an overly-simpleton, with the possible exception of “”only whites are racist”. Negros can disparage Chinese, East-Indian immigrants can put down Native-Indians – nothing said. Let a white guy mention that a member of any of them is lazy or inattentive at work and there’s a government agency investigating.


  3. Jim Wheeler says:

    Archon, you’ve been had by the internet. The respected de-bunking web site Snopes.com shows the purported Michael Richards screed to be false. The actual words spoken by Richards are provided by a link in the Snopes article and are hardly as articulate as the ones in the attribution, a racist screed that existed well beforehand.

    As far as the screed’s arguments, I can see them being persuasive on some kind of personal level and in particular instances because that would admit examination of the backgrounds and circumstances of the individuals involved. Yes, the USA now has a black president and we’ve recently even had a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs four star general who was black. On the Supreme Court too. So one might well contend that the black condition no longer requires any exceptional defense or institutional support.

    But, I would argue that it has been only six generations since the abolition of slavery, and only a couple since the forced end of segregation in the United States. It was blacks who were enslaved by whites, not the reverse. The financial and cultural damage done by that “peculiar institution” affected and still affects the lives of millions living today. That is the difference, in my opinion.

    I’m working on a post about it.

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  4. Jim Wheeler says:

    No comment-approval, Archon? Interesting.

    When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. – Friedrich Nietzsche


    • Archon's Den says:

      Sorry Jim. Your Michael Richards/Snopes comment got hung up in spam, along with, believe it or not, another one, twice as long which urged me to buy Viagra so that some of the money would be used to save Asian tigers. I’m behind in my blogging duties and just didn’t clear it. Other than that, there is no censorship. You send it, I show it. So far, I’ve never had to delete anything.


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