Killing Brain Cells

….uh, whuh wuz I talkin’ about?

Oh yeah,….I left the house today!  Big Mistake!

I was reminded again (and again, and again) why I am the curmudgeonly loner I am.  Present erudite blogosphere company excepted, the rest of humanity is a seething mass of dumbf**ks, fighting to get to the bottom of the gene pool.  Perhaps I should cut them a little slack, through poor planning, I caused some of my own problem.

I had to go to the dentist today.  Relax!  My fangs are still sharp.  I just needed a little cleaning so that I don’t cause an infection when I bite someone.  The appointment wasn’t until 2 PM.  I had a bit of shopping to do at a couple of stores.  I should have sat and read the paper, and shopped after the dentist, but I was a bit antsy.  Assuming that there would be the inevitable delays at both stores, I left the house just before one.  Bad move!

Apparently Murphy was taking a holiday.  I walked into Eurofoods, took number 28 from the bingo machine…and the clerk said, “Number 28.”  Got some sliced ham and sliced Havarti cheese for the wife’s lunch, walked over to an empty checkout, and was out of the store in three minutes.

I drove across the street to the grocery store.  I should have been suspicious.  I got a parking spot right up front without the handicap sticker.  When I went inside, I thought maybe somebody was giving away free money on television.  I could have bowled down almost any aisle.  I got my stuff and got in line behind one woman, with three items.  Paid for my junk and walked to the car….and it’s 1:10.  The dentist is five minutes away.  What am I going to do for three-quarters of an hour?

Not anticipating a long wait, I didn’t bring a newspaper along.  I could just feel the brain-power draining.  By the time I left, I’m sure I was down 50 IQ points.  I read a copy of People magazine.  I should have read the National Geographic under it.  I joke about my “Seinfeld” blogs being about *nothing.*  This piece of tripe was 112 pages about even less.  People whose names I didn’t know.  People whose names I don’t want to know.  There’s a soap actor named Texas Battle!?  Just call him Alamo and get it over with.

Miley Cyrus and Elle Fanning, kids younger than BrainRants’ wristwatch, with more followers and more money than God.  People wore clothing, and said things.  Wow!  That goes on outside my door every day.  Housewives Of New Jersey??!  Four pages about *celebrities* whose only claim to fame is fewer brains and even less talent than the Kardashians.

Then I got called in for my cleaning.  Does every dentist’s office in North America have that TV set suspended over your head like Damocles’ Sword?  And then the tech hunches over you to work, and you can’t see half of it anyway.  She asked me if I wanted to change the channel.  I wanted to turn it off, but she said she could only turn it down.

I watched the Dr. Oz show, and if I never see it again, it will be three days too soon.  He had on Jenny McCarthy.  I said I’d watch the stripper slut.  The cleaner looked up and said, “Isn’t she a porn star too?”  I have no knowledge about that.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

A single mother, (what a surprise.) she spoke of her autistic young son.  He was having seizures.  She had heard of a group of Mormon women who would come to your house, if you had enough money and power, and pray the illness away.  She called.  They came.  They prayed.  The seizures stopped.  Seems miraculous, but straightforward.

Then she began discussing her health, and the health of her son with Doc Ooze Oz.  She told of having her son tested, and finding high levels of arsenic.  She spoke of changing their diet and cleansing the bodies, but she still gave credit for the son’s magical recovery to the mumbo-jumbo Mormon moms.  I think that, like many in the entertainment field, she believes too strongly in too many things.  She startled even the good Doctor, by claiming she takes 35 to 40 Vitamin pills a day.

Next up was a mother of two, who drinks 9 or 10 cups of coffee a day.  She says that when she goes to bed, she can’t fall asleep for an hour or two, and always feels tired the next day, so she drinks the coffee to keep her going.  Here’s a suggestion.  Drop the coffee. Get to sleep sooner.  Wake up rested.  Don’t need the coffee.  And for my next trick, I’ll invent cold fusion.  It’s not rocket surgery.

So what did Dr. Oz recommend?  Well, he told her to cut out the coffee.  Okay so far.  And replace it with an Energy Drink, like Red Bull or Five Hour.  Are you crazy Doc?  Why don’t you just admit that you’re being bribed?  One cup of regular coffee has about 63 mg. of caffeine.  One serving of energy drink can contain up to 450 mg. of caffeine, plus high levels of sugar for some nice weight gain.  One energy drink equals more than 7 cups of coffee.  How is she going to sleep?  How will her husband sleep, with her vibrating in the bed beside him?  How do you sleep after handing out advice like this?  And the all-women audience clapped and cheered.  Sheep!  Unthinking sheep, I tell you.

I was so happy when my cleaning was finished, and I could get away from one of the worst examples of why I don’t watch day-time TV.

15 thoughts on “Killing Brain Cells

  1. A kindred spirit! I’ve been accused of being anti-social, (I’m not, I’m merely highly reclusive.) and I haven’t owned a TV in 24 years. If I really want to watch something, I’ll go to the neighbors. It doesn’t happen often. There’s seldom anything worth watching.

    On the other hand, I pick up a few interesting facts, and quite a few good laughs, from my blogging friends.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Good post, Archon. We have similar thoughts on modern culture, it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. The Dr. Oz thing reminded me of a pod-cast I listened to on NPR this week. They interviewed the CEO of Red Bull in the wake of their sponsorship of the space-diving daredevil and one of the questions they asked him was about the pricing of Red Bull. They called it “premium pricing” because it’s 4 or 5 times the price of a cola and from all accounts it’s ingredients don’t justify it. OK, I found that part of the interview with Google. Here it is:

    MCDONALD: He insists that this is a drink that, quote, “improves performance,” whatever that actually means. And in making that insistence, he put a premium price on it. A Red Bull is about two bucks a can, you know, which is four or five times what you pay for a Coca Cola in a grocery store. And I asked him, I said, what gave you the brass to put a premium price on it out of the gate?

    And he looked back at me all deadpan and he said, how would people know it was a premium product if it didn’t have a premium price?

    How’s that for exploiting our culture? Doh.

    Here’s the link to the whole interview for anyone who cares.


    • Archon's Den says:

      It’s been that way for millenia. Medieval cities had laws about who could wear what. Someone might think the riff-raff were as good as the tophs. Found a new word recently, *fustian* fabric, heavy, cheap, for servants.


      • Archon's Den says:

        I should have included Lady Godiva and the Emperor’s new clothes, neither of whom were nude, merely stripped of all signs that they were special. In the Emperor’s case, (much) less was expensively more.


  3. I went to the dentist myself yesterday. Missed my exit – my dumb fault – but would have been on time if it weren’t for the idiot in front of me in the parking garage. People annoy me a lot too. Of course, if I’d not missed the exit I would have been early and I would not have minded that guy as much. Still.

    I can’t believe Dr. Oz said that. I don’t watch, but I thought he was a real Dr. Not what my real Dr would have said to me.


  4. kayjai says:

    *sigh* Oh, the dreaded Doctor. What shall we do? Ozzy has GOT to stop! Seriously, some people need to be taken out back and kicked. I swear….


  5. Archon's Den says:

    How do you catch a bear? You dig a big hole in the woods and build a fire in it. When there’s nothing left but ashes in the bottom, you spread baby peas around the rim. When the bear stops for a pea, you kick him in the ash-hole. I’ll gather wood. You get a bag of Green Giant.


  6. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Yep. I agree. Celebrity magazines, celebrity interviews, day-time t.v. all crap.


  7. Most people hate going to the dentist because they hate the dental work. But it sounds like the worst part of your experience was everything EXCEPT the actual dental work.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I had a bad dental experience as a kid, but new technology makes it so much nicer. Genetics has given me fabulous teeth. A couple of little fillings in the last twenty years, which is great, because they have roots like staples. Need to split the gum and cut one side. Heavier than normal saliva clears decay, but leaves plaque. I get scraped every three months. I’m SO thankful for a great retirement benefits plan.


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