One, Two, Three….Lovely

Oyez!  Oyez!  Oyez!

Attend, that ye may know that the ever-magnificent Archon, and his always-awesome, if slightly soporific blog-site, The Archon’s Den, have been the worthy and justified recipients of yet another iteration of the Lovely Blog Award.

This time I have Rick, over at to thank for this well-deserved honor.  Rick was born in Quebec, but later moved to the United States.  With two strikes like that against him, it’s a good thing that he’s a Hell of an author.  He provided me with training to be a proof-reader and editor.  It’s not that he planned to.  It’s just that I was fool enough to think I already knew how.

The fact that this award may have been hastily handed off, like a live hand-grenade, in no way reduces the grandeur of the awardee and his site.  Unless you just got here from BlogSpot, you probably know the rules of this game.  I’m supposed to thank the person who tossed this thing on my front porch.  In case you didn’t notice the wording above, Thanks, Rick, or as I say, Thanx.  I’m supposed to provide a link back to his website.  I took the technological shortcut but, Done, and Done!

I’m supposed to give five facts about me and forward the award to five more unsuspecting bloggers with better things to do than respond to my detritus.  My regular readers already know more about me than my proctologist….ew, ew, ew!  Let’s see what else I can reveal that won’t bring on police action or restraining orders.

  1. I am right-handed.  That may not seem like much of a revelation.  90% of the population is, but creative people, like many of my readers, tend toward being left-handed.  How about it, do you want to admit which way you swing?  No!  Not like that.
  2. I was a golf pro.  I knew shit about golf.  I gave no instruction, and I sure as Hell wasn’t paid like one, but for about four months, the summer I was 19, I was on the books at a Country Club as the pro.  It ruined my chances at a successful tour as an amateur.  No, it didn’t!  I’ll include a little more detail in a later post.
  3. The small town I was born and raised in had the widest main street in Canada.  Well, that’s what I was told when I was young.  I’ve since found a couple that are equal, but none wider.  Since the main street in my town wasn’t the highway, when it was laid out, instead of being 66 feet wide, it got to be 100.  There was room for angle parking on both sides, a lane of traffic in both directions, and still enough room to park transport trucks in the middle, for delivery to stores.  That was necessary because the alleys that ran behind them were barely wide enough for horse-drawn wagons.  It was nice to drive downtown, see a parking space on the other side, and just swing across and nose into it.
  4. A young man and his family moved to town just as I started high school.  We quickly became best friends, and thick as thieves, although we never got caught.  Despite my exposure to summer tourists from the big cities, he helped me become a bit more urbane, and less a dorky small-town kid.  After four years of school with him, my Dad revealed that his father and mine had discussed trading houses, and towns.  My Dad drove a half-hour to work at an RCA Victor plant, and felt he could cut out the commute.  It was well that they made the move before we actually traded.  Product lines and profitability changed, and Dad soon got another job in town.
  5. I used to love roller-skating.  I still would except for age, strength, balance and breakability, that, and the fact that it’s pretty much officially dead.  It used to cycle about every fifteen years.  It would be popular for five years, then it would die back again.  Inline skates seem to have driven the last nail in the coffin, at least in this area.  I just saw an advertisement on a Boston TV station for a roller rink.

There was one roller-rink in this city when I first arrived.  The city transit even had special buses from and to city hall, for skaters.  It was a bus driver who gave me my first E. E. “Doc” Smith science fiction book, and added his name to my roster.  Three more new rinks were built, and enjoyed the five-year frolic.  One of them is now a furniture store, one is a dance club, and the third is an auction warehouse.  Never a good skater, it was nonetheless my moves on the floor which helped convince my girlfriend to become my wife.

I don’t think that I’ll name five more bloggers to rope into this publishing Ponzi-scheme.  I’ve just about reached my saturation point for reading blogs.  Occasionally I try, and like, a blog I haven’t previously read, and add it to my list, but, at 30 to 40 posts a day to read, I’ve about run out of time and strength.

Pretty much any of the blog sites I frequent deserve a little recognition and pat on the back, I’m just not sure who wishes to be bothered with one.  If I’ve commented on your site, or even just *liked* you, and you’d like a pretty decoration for your wall, feel free to drop by and pick one up and spread the joy.

Last minute change of mind!  If anyone deserves this kind of recognition, it’s the erudite and entertaining John Erickson, over at his new blog   Welcome to the wolf pack John.  Feel free to howl!

16 thoughts on “One, Two, Three….Lovely

  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats on the award! If you get a moment today – I’m doing a Mad Libs post. Would love it if you could contribute a few parts of speech.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    Thanx, Nicole. I’ve dropped two words already, but, like the 11 questions I wasn’t asked on your site, but answered anyway, I could fill them all in, but felt I should leave some space for others.


    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for participating. Your answers were greatly appreciated. I had more bloggers stop and hit “Like” on the post than stop and drop a word to contribute so your 4 contributions were very helpful…and hilarious. Chick Sexer? Have you ever attended improv comedy shows?


  3. Mazel tov on your award, well deserved! I’m right-handed too. I know, big deal. I liked roller skating back in the day but I was terrible at it. So I’m not too sad that it probably won’t be making a comeback.


  4. Archon's Den says:

    Did you know that you can dislocate your ribs at the sternum if you fall on your chest? I didn’t either until I did it at about age 55. After two days of difficult, painful breathing, my massage therapist/osteopath manipulated them back, and I stopped skating forever.


  5. Wow, my first blog award! You like me, you REALLY like me! (Oops, sorry, went all Sally Field on ya there. 😉 )
    I promise I will take this honour with all the solemnity and dignity that it deserves. Actually, I WILL do this award the honour it deserves. Except maybe in the naming of other blogs, considering most of them have several of these little pieces of cr.. um …. criminally-under-valued awards. (Whew, that was CLOSE!)
    Thank you, good sir!


    • As so often happens, life intervenes – I will have to delay my reply to your blessing until the morrow. So, thank you for your patience, and look forward to Winning Wednesday! (Hey, I’m a AUTHOR now, I’s can take poetic license – specially since I ain’t got a driver’s license no more! 😀 )


    • Archon's Den says:

      Yes John, I, and many more, really like you. I am thrilled that you are even aware of me and willing to admit it. To be characterized as an August personage, even in October, is a great compliment. I’m happy that you finally got your own site up and running. I’ve seen your footprints all over the blogosphere, since I started following Rants, a year ago. In pawing through older files, I see that you have been handing out sage advice and cogent comments to the likes of aFrankAngle, and Jim Wheeler for years before that.


  6. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Congratulations on your loveliness! (I’m right-handed and I STUNK at roller-skating!)


  7. Congrats on the award! Visiting your blog is always a lovely experience for me.


  8. aFrankAngle says:

    Don’t hold it against me, but Erickson sent me here. Meanwhile, I do see other peeps that I know as well. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing the info.


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