Time Flies

Happy Blogiversary!

Has it really been a year since I started this silliness?  And you guys keep coming around to read it, even without a Community Service order!  You all deserve a big pat on the back.  Please take one each out of petty cash.  Just watch where you put your hands.

A whole year??!  Time flies when you’re making fun.  With BrainRants makin’ it look easy, and a daughter who pushed her creaky old father down the slippery slope, I thought I’d have a go at it.  The first thing I learned was that it wasn’t anywhere near as easy as Rants, and some of you others make it look.

Like so many other avocations, I find myself safely in the middle.  The authors, socio-political commentators and humorists among you show me levels to aspire to, though likely never achieve.  I keep up with the other raconteurs, constantly trying to throw in a small ration of humor, even among my rants, as well as interesting and educational, social and geographical trivia.

Never saddled with a need to publish, I started slowly, gradually increasing the pace until I was putting out a post every two days.  I cut that back to every three days when panic ensued about where new topics would come from.  Since I’m writing this before my actual blogiversary, I won’t know the exact count, but it should run about 125 posts in the last year.

Perhaps I’ve been fortunate, but I’ve only encountered a couple of blog sites that I would describe as terrible, one that was an admitted psychotherapy project for a young, female, drug-using runaway.  Another was about the adventures of a young woman trying to find Mr. Right, and too often getting Mr. Right Now.  It began to read like the script from year 18 of a TV soap opera, desperate for followers.  I finally had to give it up when the contradictions and fantastic co-incidences became too much to believe.

I’ve found sites with posts about Popsicle stick carving and salt shaker filling.  Though I see no followers, likes, or comments, there must be at least a few people who stop by to read.  I like to hold my head and my hubris high, and assure myself that, at least I’m not that boring.

Some bloggers post every day, a few, more than once a day, even if it’s just pictures of clouds and a few words.  I still haven’t learned how to insert pictures or videos.  My forte is the (electronically) printed word.  I try to make my posts about something, even when it’s not something important.  It just takes me a couple of days to find each new subject and put together a cohesive story about it.

I try to hold my posts to a maximum of a thousand words.  Even with an interesting post, attention spans and patience start to wear off quickly, much farther than that.  I’ve revisited some of my early posts, and found rookie mistakes, huge paragraphs, half a page long.  It’s a wonder that I managed to garner any followers at all.  I’ve learned tighter, more concise presentation

I liken myself to one of my favorite pop bands, Jethro Tull, the British band with the American name.  Like almost every other English group of the time, they thought they were a “Blues” band.  Their first couple of albums were lame, experienced out of context, and yet they’ve hung in for over thirty years.  They’ve travelled, had fun, made some decent money, and still have long-time fans.  If only I do a quarter as well.

My posts are all free, and I try to ensure that you get full value for what you pay.  What you have paid is, attention….and friendship, and comments and following, and guidance, and encouragement, and compliments, and inclusion.  As I’ve been told, and responded to, the measure of the worth of me and my site, is not in the great numbers of people who only comment, “Nice post.”, but the numbers of great people who have made me one of them, and made the last year a real hoot.  I thank you all – again!

When I published my 100th post, my insecurity had me worrying about where to find grist to mill out a few more.  More and more I feel I’m mostly past that.  I now have about fifteen unpublished drafts ahead, and new thoughts pop up from time to time.  Some of them may seem chronologically misplaced, like when I post about a late September trip in late November, but you guys seem patient with the old fogy.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have found such a circle of great thoughts, in great blogs, by great writers.  I am not what I was a year ago.  I am much improved, and I hope to use your support and guidance to further improve me in the next year.  I hope that my meager offerings have improved my readers’ lives in some small way, and plan to try to increase the dividends.


15 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Sightsnbytes says:

    There is a new religious sect expanding across the nation. They call themselves The Followers of Archon. Each day, the devout fans tune in to a blog known as Archon’s Den, and taking the knowledge they gain from the author’s insight, they work to spread the word. Great job on the blog, I have witnessed so much growth in the past year. Keep blogging, and I will keep reading. As for The Followers of Archon, I heard that they got arrested for throwing rotten tomatoes at the Queen. Go figure!


    • Archon's Den says:

      It was a tomato sandwich, ’cause she looked mean and hungry, but Archon can’t throw straight. Good thing KJ’s hubby wasn’t one of the arresting officers, or Archon would be doing HIS Community Service, mowing her lawn.


  2. kayjai says:

    I enjoy popping in for a visit even if it is a one-sided chat at times. It’s nice to know you’re in my home and native land…makes me feel still a little connected. Keep posting and I’ll keep visiting. Say ‘hi’ to the wife and kids for me. Winter is on it’s way so lots to keep ranting about. Take care, friend.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I salute every time I drive past Chatham. ‘Course, nobody can see that for all those darned wind turbines. My virtual drive thru your adopted neighbourhood shows some nice country too. If only I could drop in for tea and scones….or that box of red wine.


  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Cheers to your successful first year and to a great reflection about blogging! …. and worthy of Freshly Pressed.


  4. whiteladyinthehood says:

    awww, you little Teddy Bear! That was such a sweet and humble post. I just love when the writing seems to flow from the heart. (I’m a sucker for it!) Congratulations on your blogiversary – you do a great job, Archon! I laugh at your humor, am surprised by the things I learn from you about religion, and smile at your devotion to your family – since you like mean ole Rants so much, I’ll give you a rating of “awesomesauce.”


  5. Archon's Den says:

    The wife has quite a collection of teddy bears, and other stuffed animals. I’m the only one that’s too big to stick on a shelf, although I think she’d like to some days. Keep laughin’ with me, not at me, and I’ll keep dispensing my wit and wisdom.(?)


  6. You have proven to be quite the inspiration, my friend, whether reading your blog (which, despite my multiple attempts to subscribe to, has only recently become automatic) or enjoying your comments on others’ blogs. Here’s to another year, and many more, of all your wonderful wordy wanderings, and think of it this way. “If you can’t serve as a good example, serve as a terrible warning”. You take the first half, and I’ll handle the second. Deal? 😉


  7. Nicole says:

    Nice Post.

    Sorry, just had to do that with this post. In all seriousness, congratulations on making it through a year of blogging.


    • Archon's Den says:

      A joke! A veritable joke, and then a load of IQ and personality to prove it. I should call you Nic(ol)e. It’s easier to pronounce than NMNPHX. I thought you might be related to my little buddy Joe Bfytzplk.


  8. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I am so glad we ran into each other out here in this big blog world. I’ve enjoyed your ranting and sharing in your travels and I’m looking forward to year two!


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