Damn!  I appear to have invented a neologism, a new word.  Ana is a collection of miscellaneous facts and information about any given subject.  To add it as a suffix to a proper noun identifies what the information is about, like Americana.  Look out folks!  Triviana simply means another serving of Seinfeld, a blog about a bunch of things in general, and nothing in particular.

During the recent American election, I saw several ads on my Detroit-based American TV channels, decrying the intention to build a second bridge to link Canada and the USA there.  The ads said that traffic is down, and so is the economy!  But the economy should rebound, and the time to build a bridge is before you need it, not after it’s too late.

After the elections, it was revealed that the Arab-American who owns the Ambassador Bridge had spent $300 million, to produce and air ads to convince Michigan voters that they couldn’t afford another bridge.  Saner heads prevailed, and they voted to go ahead anyway.  If he could afford to spend $300 million to try to keep a monopoly, imagine how much he must rake in, just from that bridge.

The son now works in the same building that I did, forty years ago.  The company I worked for is long gone, and his company now occupies it.  I had to pick him up after work one Saturday morning, and he convinced the plant manager to give me a short tour.  It’s the same….only different.

The plastics-parts company he works for provides bits and pieces to a company 15 miles away, which produces 4-, 6-, 8-wheeled and tracked, amphibious ATV type vehicles.  They have a contract with the American government to design and build a Lunar Rover, for an upcoming mission.  None of the parts the son produces go toward that vehicle.  Those are one-of-a-kind, specialty parts.  Still, it’s impressive to look up and think, I have a tenuous connection to that thing.

The bitchers try their best to make it simple and straightforward, and it’s never their fault.  Almost inevitably, there is layer after layer of complexity, and usually there’s guilt and responsibility in every direction other than the one the accusing finger points in.

A Toronto couple had their 25-year-old son move back in with them.  They took him to the hospital, and he came out dead.  They want to sue the emergency ward doctor who didn’t get him to ICU quickly enough.  They want to sue the ICU physician who didn’t administer enough of the correct medicine soon enough.  They want to sue the administrator who placed him in the regular ICU, rather than the Cardiac unit.  They say that they want to know why their son died.

Maybe it’s because he was a drug addict.  Maybe it’s because this was the third time this year that he’d been trucked to a hospital with an overdose.  Maybe it’s because his internal organs were so damaged that they were shutting down.  Maybe it’s because they didn’t put him in rehab.  Maybe it’s because they didn’t check on him in time.  Nah!  It must be somebody else’s fault!  Lawyers ho!

The case of the young man who fatally stabbed a gun-toting Negro in the park has finally ground to a halt, and gone away.  It would have been nice if the authorities had declared him innocent, or stated that his self-defence was justified.  Instead, the Crown Attorney’s office released a statement that, “The Crown does not feel, at this time, that they can proceed with a case, with any assurance of a conviction.”  So, it’s not about any real-world justice, it’s all about lawyers’ Win/Loss Ratio.  Thanks for thinking of us.

They let Justin Bieber perform at the half-time show at the Grey Cup football game.  That’s the end of Canadian football for this year.  Even with domed stadiums, we can’t keep playing as long as the American league.  Bieber got thoroughly booed.  To be fair, the booing was more about the choice of entertainment.

They may have been trying to attract a wider viewership, but the mostly over-thirty male audience was not impressed.  Poor Justin.  He was so upset that he had to accept some meansnothing award from the Prime Minister, half-wearing a pair of denim overalls.  You can’t take the yahoo out of the boy, but you can take the yahoo boy and get the Americans to pay him to live there.

Two local families, each with a twelve-year-old female Bieber-maniac, went on-line and spent $450 to get them tickets to a Justin Beiber concert.  They carefully checked everything, and downloaded and printed the bar-code confirmations.  It wasn’t until the two were giddily racing around one’s house, spelling out their hero’s name in song, B I E B E R, that the parents realized they’d been scammed.  The companies each father worked for donated money to get them valid tickets.  Damn!  I’m disappointed that they’re not.

Just when you think that political correctness has reached its peak, or nadir, someone takes it to a new ridiculous level.  A local mother, whose son has a nut allergy, is petitioning the city to cut down the oak trees in front of, and near, her son’s school – with no proof that acorns affect him.  To remove these trees would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and would set a precedent which could force the city to remove all oaks at all city schools and parks, at a cost of millions.  Can you beat the stupid and entitlement off someone??  Where’s that shitty diaper and my ski-mask?

6 thoughts on “Triviana

  1. benzeknees says:

    Interesting trivia. Your kid has a nut allergy? There are acorn trees near your son’s school? Change schools!


    • Archon's Den says:

      What??! You expect me to be responsible for me and mine? I’m busy (Whine, whine), and important. I have to throw my cigarette butt out the window of my Hummer, and then drop my plastic water bottle and Tim Hortons cup on the ground when I get out, on my way to a demonstration against how dirty and smoggy this city is. Public servants serve, don’t they?


  2. Sightsnbytes says:

    speaking of Justin, did you hear the news? a convict with a crush on beiber (he even had justin beiber’s face tattooed on his body) hired two guys to strangle JB with a Paisley neck tie, and then castrate him. The price of stardom I guess…scary though


    • Archon's Den says:

      Other than not wanting to see or hear him, I’ve got nothing against the Bieb. He’s not old and mature enough to have started any charity stuff, except to buy his BFF a Corvette, but the plebians DO need their bread and circuses.


  3. California is on the cutting edge of all things green. They’ve had tighter auto emissions regs than the rest of the country. So when they get one of the Shuttles to display, what do they do? Jack the thing up? Use alternate routes? Nope – cut down EVERY tree along the route, because “it wasn’t practical to remove the wings”.
    Son, it’s never gonna fly ever again. Cut the flippin’ wing tips off, then glue ’em back on, then have a state-wide lottery to get 100 kids to glue on the original tiles. You make a bucket of money, and your trees aren’t chopped down (and then ground up – no firewood or building timbers for them, nope), AND you get a Shuttle.
    Sorry to hear about the Toronto hospital lawsuit. We’re not doing a very good job of keeping the American idiot-weed outta your yard. 😀


  4. Archon's Den says:

    I read a couple of newspaper stories and watched a video of part of the shuttle haul, and my eyes almost fell out. They dragged it how far? 40 miles? But had to stop in the middle, lift it off its truck, transfer it to the only transport vehicle licensed to carry it over one bridge, and then do it all again in reverse. You had a great suggestion. Its only drawback was that it made sense. Insanity, thy name is Bureaucrat.


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