‘appy Bleedin’ Birfday!


So, there I was, lying on the couch, moaning about how shitty this cold was making me feel,  taking the occasional hit from the 55 gallon drum of cough medicine that I got at Costco.  Suddenly the computer beeped, and I found that I had an email from the great and glorious    H E Ellis.  The Princess of Party Organisers reminded me that April 15 was the birthday of the young Beauteous Brit, Megan Stephenson, over at Very Normal.  Suddenly, the sun shone, and I felt much better.  Americans have to pay their income taxes today, but I still have two weeks.

Today, Megan achieves official adulthood.  Since we all know that she would never illegally imbibe alcohol, we thought that each of us could concoct a mixed drink to help her celebrate this momentous occasion.  Madame Booze and I have been divorced for a long time.  When we separated, she got custody of half my working brain cells.  In a cough-medicine-enhanced haze, I have devised;


The Maudlin Megan

1 jigger rye whiskey

1 jigger Navy rum

1 jigger Beefeater gin

1 jigger grain alcohol

4 jiggers grape juice

Mix well, pour over crushed ice, serve in an ale tankard.  Subsequent drinks may be served in a dog’s bowl.  You’ll be face down on the floor anyway.  🙂

This stuff will guarantee to help you forget some inconvenient truths, like birthdays.  You may double the quantities if your misery loves company.  A few of these will put hair on your chest.  It might be Last-Call Larry’s toupee, but, at least you won’t spend your birthday night alone.  Welcome to adulthood, Megan.

For such a seemingly callow young-‘un, she publishes a surprisingly mature blog.  It would be well worth your while, and hers, to click on over and wish her a very happy British birthday in person.  Click on the link above, and enjoy!



17 thoughts on “‘appy Bleedin’ Birfday!

  1. I know I’d be face down on the floor after that drink! Well done, Archon, and Happy Birthday , Megan!


  2. I will crawl to bed after that but anyway whats the fun in walking 😉 Thanks Archon!


  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Dang … Just returned from 3 drinks at Guapo’s, and now this … Happy Birthday Megan.


    • Archon's Den says:

      This gettin’ up before breakfast, and workin’ between meals interferes with Party Time. Good thing it’s Megan’s birthday. I couldn’t blow out birthday cake candles. I can barely handle a cupcake. 😀


  4. H.E. ELLIS says:

    OMg…Im stumblingg over to you blog becasueiamsodrunkk….


  5. Happy Birthday, Megan! Nice drinks, Archon…


  6. ladyryl says:

    Ew dad… you are blitzed on cough medicine, you are throwing her a purple Jesus party in a glass 😛 LOL


    • Archon's Den says:

      Curses! Caught again! I need about 12 more PSI in my Imaginator. A little real TLC, and a little imaginary painkiller, and I hope Megan feels cared for, and cared about. 😀


  7. El Guapo says:

    I think I just felt all the enamel on my teeth dissolve.
    But sooo tasty.
    Happy birthday, Megan!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Thanx for stopping by, Guap! Feel free to do so any time. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like Blog-home.
      I researched the old song Pipeline by the Safaris on You-tube. One of the videos is just a guy surfing a (THE?) Pipeline. He starts to climb the wall, when it closes like a mouth. I was sure he took gas, but he scooted out the tiny, frothy hole. The only way I can think he pulled it out, is to have gone 360 over the top, and off the inside of the curl. Thought you might have an interest, both for the surf, and the music. 🙂


  8. Sounds like a hell of a drink, Archon. I’ll stick to rye and coke though, if you don’t mind. Even if you do mind.
    Happy birthday, Megan.


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