Strange To Be Headed Home

No-one can sleep late in a motel.  All the early risers wake those who wish to sleep-in a bit.  On the morning of our third and last day in Detroit, the son and I had juice and pills, packed our stuff, double-checked the room, loaded the car and checked out by 11 AM.

Normally, we would have returned the plastic pass-keys.  The electronic code on the door is changed, so you can’t use them to get back in later, and they cost the motel less than a dollar to replace.  This time however, instead of two white cards, with “Red Roof Inn” imprinted on them, we got one advertising Hungry Howie’s restaurant chain, with the telephone number of the new one up the street near the Tim Hortons.  I’ve seen them in Florida, but I guess they’re moving north.

Corporate America never misses a chance to promote itself.  Recently someone commented that, soon, they’ll have advertising in washrooms.  Sorry old fellow.  Even out here in the boonies, I’ve seen ads above urinals for twenty years.  Some of the newer places have even installed flat-screen monitors above, beside, or even in, washroom mirrors.

After we ate our bacon breakfasts, and watched the floor show at Denny’s, we drove a couple of miles up the side road to gas the car up, ready for the trip home.  Here in Canada, it’s unusual to see even two-tenths of a cent/liter difference in price between nearby stations.  In Detroit, we saved 9 cents/Am. gal. by driving two miles off the interstate.

The Gibraltar Trade Center sits right beside I-75.  We returned and went in.  The son hasn’t been there for ten years, so he was more interested than I was.  He found, and I purchased, the last pancake batter pitcher they had, that the wife told us to keep an eye out for.

I’ve been through the place maybe twenty times.  I’m getting bored with it.  I saw a TV ad for another Trade Center, further north, that we may try next time the wife and I go down.  It also has a Red Roof nearby, I-94 access, and less driving south, then north, to get to the knife show.

We wandered the main floor for a couple of hours, then had some late lunch.  Sadly, my lack of physical labor in retirement has cut down the amount I can eat.  All I had room for was a plate of chilli-cheese nachos.  All that great food available, and nowhere to put it.  The bridge said “Thanks!”

We paid our way into the gun and knife show in the show area and looked at some interesting firearms.  We each were allowed to handle a “Dirty Harry” .44 Magnum pistol, and a huge .50 caliber handgun.  Special note to RCMP officer’s wives who might read this; none of them managed to follow us home, and we left all anti-social tendencies at the border, for the Americans.

At both shows, all entrants were given a half-sheet printed notice which read; ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: When bringing firearms into a Gun and Knife Show, please follow these simple steps:  Bring firearm in with no ammo in firearm (no exceptions). Have firearm inspected and safety-strapped by security at entrance.  We will not allow firearms to be unloaded at door.  They must be unloaded prior to entering the facility.  There simply is no room for error in a show of this size.  This policy is for the safety of all.

Finally, about 4 o’clock, we climbed into the car, got our snacks and drinks for the drive arranged, dug out American money for bridge-fare, and our passports, and headed back to the sane side of the river.  Late Sunday afternoon, the bridge didn’t seem busy, but when we exited to the customs plaza, all 18 lanes were backed up.  Still, the lines moved well.  We didn’t creep forward for more than ten minutes.

We each delivered our well-rehearsed lines about how long we’d been gone, and how much we were bringing back, to a happy, overly-polite Canadian Customs official, and were soon on the highway heading home.

If all goes well, with the wife’s assistance, I’m including some photos, and possibly a video of the big wind-turbines we took last October, as well as a shot of what Heaven looks like from the Canadian side.

Wind Turbine


























17 thoughts on “Strange To Be Headed Home

  1. BrainRants says:

    Who would have thought that Heaven has wind farms, don’tcha know.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Henry Ford did more, beginning in 1914, than merely facilitate travel for the average person. The automobile is a security capsule that separates us from our accustomed routines and somehow justifies behavior outside normal bounds. What better excuse for consuming fast food than leaving the familiar behind, eh?


    • Archon's Den says:

      Got a post about the development of road travel coming up. I’ll see if there’s room to plant a few A&Ws, or Burger Kings in it. Roller-skating car-hops are gone. America’s greatest achievement is no more. 😦


  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Hungry Howies has been in Michigan since I was a little kid. Since Detroit is home to two pizza moguls, it is no small feat. HH signature is the flavored crust. They haven’t made it to Illinois, though, that I can tell. I still wish Tim Hortons would stake a claim in IL. People don’t know what they are missing.

    LOL at the floor show at Dennys as well as returning to the sane side of the border.

    Beautiful pics.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Thanx for the pics kudos and the restaurant lesson. Glad you enjoyed the floor show. I don’t know if/when Tim Hortons might move into IL, but it’s geographically, if not temporally, close. Perhaps I should have opted for calm, instead of sane, or even just bland. 😉


      • 1jaded1 says:

        Sane is the perfect word. When I lived in Detroit, and before needing a passport to cross, I would go to restore sanity. I just learned there is a card one can get to travel through North America, without getting a full fledged passport. Interesting.


      • Archon's Den says:

        We got our passports first….then they offered the Travel Card. Now there’s an even more secure RFID passport version coming out. 😕


  4. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Sounds like you had a nice trip, Archon.


  5. Kayjai says:

    Of course, the wind turbines are my fave…I wonder why?? Hmmm…..and as one of those aforementioned wives, I never would have thought you were bringing back a ‘Dirty Harry’ to our beloved Canadia, anyways….


    • Archon's Den says:

      Couldn’t find the video file. It’s in another folder, somewhere, so I/we went without it at 4 AM. Perhaps another post. Unwarranted assumptions are often made. Many believed OJ must have killed his wife, just because he collected knives. I’m a gun-nut, just not a homicidal one. 😉


  6. benzeknees says:

    We stayed in a Red Roof Inn when we visited my daughter in North Carolina. I was a little disappointed in the quality, but like the price of the room. Sounds like you had a good time in your trip south.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Most Red Roofs are very basic. We just need a place to sleep and warehouse our junk, not someone to bow and scrape. We stayed at one in NC that had a heated swimming pool and Continental breakfast. Just south of Fayetteville, next to Rants’ buddies at Fort Bragg. Remember exactly where yours was?? They’re fixing/rebuilding quite a few. Your next stay could be better. 🙂


  7. All that artillery on display, and you show WIND TURBINE pictures? Really?!? Bloody Canucks! :p 😀
    And believe it or not, those flyers at the door don’t help. I’ve lost track of the number of stories I’ve seen of people accidentally shot at gun shows. Shoot, there was one recently where a DEALER handed a loaded gun over, and the buyer shot himself AND the dealer with the live round! 😯
    Remember, there’s only one real problem with guns – one little loose screw. The one holding the gun….. 😉


  8. Archon's Den says:

    Bloody Canuck politicians and bureaucrats!! We’re not even allowed to point a finger and say “Bang!” I figured I was chancing it with my readers, just with knife photos. An Ontario police officer speaking to a Grade six class in an auditorium, put a slug in the hardwood floor. A Toronto police Sergeant, lecturing recruits on gun safety, shot himself in the leg. 😦 At least the notice reduces the risk, slightly. 😕


  9. Daniel Digby says:

    This is for your readers who wanted to see those wussy little .44 and .50 magnum pistols. This is the manly man’s .600 Nitro Express being fired. And this is the cartridge

    Just for the record, that’s not the most powerful handgun available. If you really want to break your arm, .50 BMG pistols are also being sold for people who like bragging rights.

    Liked by 1 person

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