My Sauce Got Goosed

Here in Southern Ontario, we recently had two men charged with terrorism.  They were Muslims who had immigrated here, gone to the trouble to become citizens, and then allegedly plotted to load a train passenger car with explosives.  The Big Bang was to occur when the train was half-way across a railroad bridge above the Niagara River, on its way to the United States.  The loss of life and property damage would have been horrendous.

Fortunately, police got wind of the plot, and arrested the two before they could proceed.  One of the pair immediately lawyered up, and denied the whole thing.  The other genius is demanding a lawyer who will argue that he should be tried under Sharia law.  He claims that the laws of the country should not apply to him, and that the Koran should be the only book to judge his actions.  Good luck with that!  Even Muslim lawyers are backing away, because they know that the Canadian Penal Code must be the one to apply.

Opinions online, and in op-ed letters are unanimous.  How dare you think that you can use your religious beliefs and your holy book to justify illegal activity!  You live here in Canada.  You have to obey the laws of Canada!  Okay now, come along with me.  We’re going to take a little trip to visit KayJai, in Newfoundland, for another lesson in religious entitlement and intolerance.

Several years ago, the Province of Newfoundland did away with Catholic separate schools.  They were rolled into an all-encompassing Provincial school system, and the pertinent laws stated that no religion would be allowed to display any religious symbols in the now-secular schools.

Recently, a parent filed a request to the Provincial School Board, to have a Christian cross removed from above the door of a previously Catholic school in St. John’s.  Saint Matthew’s School, if you care.  The school board has acceded to the legal request, but, oh, the howls of Christian anguish.

In an attempt to stick a finger in the dike, to keep special religious treatment and benefits from leaking away, the female spokesman       (-woman?, -person?) for the parents association has started asking stupid questions.  “What harm is a cross doing to the student, or the complaining parent?”  The same, but opposite harm that taking it down would do to you.  The complainant does not have to give a reason, but you must obey the law.

“Why do we have to take down our cross, when only one person has complained?”  For the same reason that I have to stop robbing banks, even if only one bank manager has complained.  It’s against the law, and you don’t get to obey just the laws that you like.  “What’s next?  Will we have to take down our Saint Matthew’s name, too?”  Well, if you keep bitching and dragging your feet on this request, that might indeed be next.  Cut your losses and play nice with others.

I’m not saying that hanging a cross and blowing up a bridge are equally serious offenses, but they’re both firmly planted on the Yellow Brick Road of religious intolerance and social disobedience.  If attitudes and actions are not modified, it doesn’t take much to proceed from one to the other.  I am reminded of the book-burning scene in the movie, Footloose.

I am both amazed and disgusted that Good Christians will decry and deny application of Muslim sharia law, and the validation of the Muslim holy book, but will haul out Catholic benefits and the Bible to justify their own selfish and illegal behavior.  They both equally feel that the laws of the country should not apply to them, and their holy book should supersede Provincial legislation.

The Bible may be a great book, and Christian principles may be grand, but, they don’t hold a monopoly.  They should not be shoved down others’ throats, just because they’re nice.  Everyone has the right to go to Hell in his own way.  In the Bible, Jesus ordered that we are to “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s.”  Cast off your feelings of inferiority and insecurity!  Live, and let live!

End of yet another anti-bureaucratic religious rant!  We will return you to your regularly scheduled program of fun and foolishness in a couple of days.

In a sad post script, a Good Christian couple in Pennsylvania believe in “Divine Healing”, but not in obeying Man’s laws.  They have caused the death of a second son in three years from pneumonia, by not taking them to a doctor or hospital.  Accommodation of religious beliefs does not extend to allowing the death of children, even your own.  They have been charged with third degree murder, for failing to provide the necessities of life.

13 thoughts on “My Sauce Got Goosed

  1. shimoniac says:

    The really wacky thing about the Canadian-Muslim terrorist is that as far as I know, there is a passage in the Quran about doing away with those who disrupt the social order. Let alone the Muslim punishment for committing murder, but then he wouldn’t think of it as committing murder.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Almost every religion in my experience exhorts its members to embrace its tenets fully and employ them in every facet of daily living. Thus, conformance to ideology supplants reasoning and breeds intolerance. ‘Tis the nature of the thing. Religion and intolerance might as well be synonyms because religion, uh, tolerates no exceptions.

    But of course life’s complexities regularly demand interpretation of dogma. It doesn’t help that the Bible is a patchwork of often-conflicting admonitions, examples, parables and myths in arcane language. The fact that it’s so malleable is what makes it such an easy tool for TV evangelists and flaming imams. (I assume the Quran is the same.)

    It’s worth noting in the same context I think that this issue is precisely what is motivating the bloody riots in Turkey now. The rioters are protesting the imposition of religious values on an evolving secular society. The thing can go either way and Iran stands as an example of how it can readily go the wrong way.


  3. BrainRants says:

    All of this is precisely why I have little use or interest in religion.


    • Archon's Den says:

      My only interest in religion is, why otherwise intelligent people so blindly “believe.” I attended church early in our marriage, when the wife still needed to go. With as little research as I’ve done, I couldn’t understand how a priest or minister, who had taken seminary study, could say such things to a congregation, without bursting into laughter. 😕


  4. Kayjai says:

    There are peeps around here mighty upset about the cross debacle. Lots of Catholic blood still runs strong in these here parts and everybody is appalled that a suggestion of taking down a cross even be made. Leave it up, take it down makes no difference to me. It’s merely an ancient symbol….


    • Archon's Den says:

      Yes, and it’s a symbol of many things the Good Catholics don’t know, or won’t admit – sexism, oppression, torture, murder, racism – the list goes on and on. Stand well back from this one, and offer no opinion. 😉


  5. Daniel Digby says:

    Are you saying that when I visit Canada, I have to obey Canadian laws? That’s totally inappropriate, and I should be able to choose whatever set of laws I think apply. …And good Christians should get to demand that everyone should live under the laws of Leviticus and Deuteronomy (plus whatever else their sect wants to make up).


    • Archon's Den says:

      Canadians are very polite (except for the imported Muslim terrorists). If you come up to Canada, you can live under the rules of Sesame Street if you want. Ooooh, cookies! 😀


  6. aFrankAngle says:

    Interesting points about the similarity of two points that vary with viewpoints. I didn’t know about the interesting law in Newfoundland. Wow!

    i must also add that the two arrested are not representative or all Muslims, …. just as the other isn’t representative of all Christians … or even of all nonbelievers via the comments … because there are those on all sides that are tolerant.

    BTW – at least your goose didn’t get sauced.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Yes, sadly, all the news that gets printed/broadcast is about the unusual, although actions and attitudes like these are more common than we would wish. At my age, neither the goose nor I is allowed to get sauced. 😦


  7. benzeknees says:

    I agree, apply the law of the land (Canada) to all, equally!


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