I Can Read You Like A Book

I’ve read books all my life.  As I saw myself getting near to retirement, I laid in a stock to keep me interested, and my time filled.  There must be 25 or 30 lying around the house that I haven’t got to yet, with more arriving all the time. I promised poor Art Browne @ Pouringmyartout, that I would read his eBook by October, and here it is January.

I discovered blogging, and, composing my own pitiful output, as well as reading and commenting on what you guys write, has cut down on my book-reading somewhat.  The busiest year I ever had was 1977, when I read 72 books in the calendar year.  Usually I read about a book a week, or about 50 a year.  This past couple of years, the totals have been less.  In 2013 I read 31 books.  The following is a list of how I spent some of my time.

The first two batches are the community writing I posted about.  They are credited to a “James Axler”, but no such author exists.  Instead, 8 or 9 writers for each series, rotate publishing a book a month.

Deathlands Series:  Hell Road Warriors1-Hell Road Warriors

This is the book I had the most trouble with.  The action scenes are fine, but the story starts 50 miles from my home town.  Early in the book I was already saying, “That highway doesn’t connect to that one.”  Then it goes north across Lake Huron.  This is the passage where they got there early to get a good birth on the ferry, but forgot to chalk the wheels, and the breaks failed.

Then they went through the Soo Locks, to get into Lake Superior.  The “locks” are giant log and steel constructions, pulled across the river by 40 pairs of oxen, to prevent unpaid passage.  This ignores the 21 foot difference in water level between the two lakes.  Every chapter, sometimes every page had a word misusage.  This is probably the straw that broke this reader’s back.

2-Palaces of Light 3-Wretch Earth 4-Crimson Waters 5-No Man's Land




Palaces of Light – Wretched Earth – Crimson Waters – No Man’s Land


Outlanders Series:

1-Dragon City 2-God War 3-Gensis Sinister





Dragon City – God War – Genesis Sinister


One Day on MarsTravis S. Taylor – One Day on Mars


1-Grantville Gazette IV 2-The Eastern Front 3-The Saxon Uprising

Eric Flint – Grantville Gazette IV – The Eastern Front – The Saxon Uprising


4-The Tangled Web (Virginia DeMarce)

Virginia DeMarce – The Tangled Web


5-The Papal Stakes (Charles E. Gannon)

Charles E. Gannon – the Papal Stakes


1-Overkill 2-Undercurrents

Robert Buettner – Overkill – Undercurrents


1-Killing-Floor 2-Die-Trying 3-Trip-Wire

Lee Child – Killing Floor – Die Trying – Tripwire


1-Sinai Secret 2-Voodoo Fury

Greg Loomis – Sinai Secret – Voodoo Fury


Fire Ice

Clive Cussler – Fire Ice


1-The Knowland Retribution 2-The Lacey Confession

Richard Greener – The Knowland Retribution – The Lacey Confession


1-Tinker 2-Wolf Who Rules 3-Elfhome

Wen Spencer – Tinker – Wolf Who Rules – Elfhome


1-The Human Division

John Scalzi – The Human Division

This book was originally 13 long chapters, essentially short stories, published in an on-line journal.  They have the same general group of people, on and off the same interstellar spacecraft, but the paper and print compilation seems somewhat disconnected.


2-The Inquisitor's Key

Jefferson Bass – The Inquisitor’s Key


3-Deep Fathom

James Rollins – Deep Fathom

This is the first in a series new to me.  There are eleven more, and all available at no cost from an on-line library – if I can wrestle the Kobo away from the wife occasionally.


4-The Righteous Mind

Jonathan Haidt – The Righteous Mind, Why good people are divided by politics and religion

This is the deepest and most educational book I read all year.  The author explains how and why people make certain thoughts and ideas “sacred”, even when others, or the evidence, don’t agree with them.  It gave some nice insights into puzzling behavior.  I’m almost proud of myself for reading this one.

We all read, because we all write.  Anybody else want to brag about a book or two you’ve recently read?

13 thoughts on “I Can Read You Like A Book

  1. Daniel Digby says:

    I can hardly wait weight to get my hands on the Deathlands Series. It sounds as exciting as the first couple weeks of American Idol Idle.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Because of the committee writing, some of them are fairly good, if you like mindless men’s action books, and I do. Mars Arena rivals Clive Cussler, written by the equivalent of Rick Castle. 🙂


  2. Daniel Digby says:

    I see that strikethroughs don’t work well in the comments.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I see stuff in comments that I can’t do, strikethroughs, bold, etc. I guess I need to contact my I.T. guy. I suspect it’s done in a Word file, and then inserted, but that seems awkward and time-consuming. 😦


  3. BrainRants says:

    I’m still struggling through a dense biography of Washington.


  4. Sightsnbytes says:

    wow! teach a guy to post images and look what we have..think I created a monster….just kidding. great article, think I will search out some of those titles. just finished reading the Fargo series by Clive Cussler


    • Archon's Den says:

      I can take no credit for the images except for the whining and begging to get the wife to do them. You taught her well. I’m lucky if she lets me watch while she does it. I’ve We’ve got another one about Christmas cookies soon, and one about garden ornaments in a month, to make us all feel warmer. 🙂

      I’m reading another Cussler now, and have 8 more in that backlog I mentioned, but they’re all old ones that I hadn’t read when they first came out.


  5. whiteladyinthehood says:

    I’m reading a book called, “Thirteen Moons” (Charles Frazier). It’s about an orphan, who basically gets sold to a man that sends him out to run his trading post (all alone at age 12) at the edge of the Indian Nation in the fairly early 1800’s. It’s good so far!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Sounds like an intriguing book. You’re another proof of my theory. Readers who don’t write anything are common, but writers, even just bloggers, who don’t read, are hens’ teeth. 🙂


  6. benzeknees says:

    You got a lot more reading done in 2013 than I did, I spent a lot more of my time reading blogs. I have been struggling with my e-reader all year as well. I was lucky enough to win some books at Christmas this year & cannot get them to download to my reader. I am so not technical!


  7. Archon's Den says:

    I’ve got 40-ish son and daughter, and 20-ish grandson and fiancé to go to for tech assistance. You might ask Ted, at SightsNBytes, for guidance, but someone on your end needs to know what the answers mean. Libraries often have a tech-savvy clerk. Best Luck! 😀


  8. […] display of what I read in calendar year 2014, along with my usual comments and trivia.  I exceeded 2013’s displayed list of 31, and managed to finish […]


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