The Pace Of Friendship

Several years ago, to increase sales by getting more people to eat TexMex type food, there was a salsa commercial.  It resembled the eat-beans-and-fart scene in the movie, Blazing Saddles.  Five or six Stetson-wearing good-ole-boys, sitting around a campfire, alternately dipping salsa from a bowl, with tortilla chips.

As the salsa bowl neared empty, one of them commented, “We’re almost out of salsa.  I’ll go get some more from Pecos.”  “No, no, don’t do that!  This here’s PACE salsa, made right here in San Antonio.  Pecos buys salsa that’s made by a company in New York City.”  (All together) NEW YORK CITY??!!

Somewhat more recently, the wife went into La Commida Latina, a small bodega, specializing in south-of-the-border food, to get Ceratex flour to make some Salvadoran pupusas.  Before we got out, she had adventurously purchased a bottle of Goya Salsita Ancho Pepper hot sauce.  She found she loved it, although Shimoniac stays with Rants’ Sriracha, and I like a Chipotle BBQ sauce.

When the bottle ran dry, and we tried to get more, we found several stores which carried the Goya brand, but not the Ancho flavor.  In doing a web search, I found that it is bottled in Secaucus, NJ.  Not exactly New York City, but still a somewhat unusual place to find “Mexican” spices.

Several months ago, I shipped a Loonie and a Twoonie, Canadian one-dollar and two-dollar coins, to Madame Weebles.   She’s a born and bred New York City gal, and proud of it.  She moved over the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey before Chris Christie shut it down.  She says that she crossed the river to pursue employment and a marriage.  Weebs is a sweetie, and a wonderful lady, so I’m ignoring the rumors of villagers with torches and pitchforks.

She lives close enough to Ellis Island to look up Lady Liberty’s skirts.  She asked if there was anything she might do to repay my tiny gift.  I jokingly said that she could drive a few miles over to Secaucus and get me a couple of bottles of the Ancho sauce, but insisted that I could not have her doing my shopping for me.

Imagine my pleasure and surprise, when I recently received an email from her, saying that she had been able to locate two bottles of the sauce, and was sending them to me by mail.   Finding two coins to send to her was as quick as sticking my hand in my pocket, and mailing them almost as easy.

Finding two bottle of hot sauce meant shopping, something I’m not much better at than most guys.  Shipping them meant carefully packing them first, and the cost of the sauce, as well as the freight, was well beyond what I had expended.  I am humbled to receive consideration like that from someone who only knows me long-distance, from reading a few of my posts, and a few of my comments on hers.

Used to years of loner-ship, it was a pleasant startlement to be treated so kindly, by a stranger, who is a stranger no more – and then my received kindness/friendship doubled.

White Lady in the Hood had read my post where I patted myself on the back for donating a couple of coins, and knew that I had not managed to complete my set of the 50 US State quarters.  I take so much US coinage back, on our infrequent visits, that I don’t receive enough in change to find the ones I need.  After over five years, I still needed three.

WLITH now handles the book-store at the elementary school where she works, and sees lots of coinage from kids buying small school supplies.  When I told her that I needed ones from Arkansas, Hawaii and Kansas, she replied within a couple of days, saying that she had the A and K, and had seen H, and would keep an eye out for it again.

Her email request for a mailing address mysteriously fell into the delete file.  I suspect the cats were ordering pizza online again.  Feverishly digging it out before it disappeared into the ether forever, I responded affirmatively, and the two coins have now made their happy way to me.

By the time I published this post; she has also found and mailed the Hawaii quarter – and “something else interesting, just for luck.”  I am excitedly looking forward to it, but I have so much good luck, having friends like this, that I don’t know where I would keep any more.

Having cultivated an almost solitary lifestyle, I am seldom treated badly, but the chubby old word-spewer is seldom treated so well, and by two lovely ladies, nearly simultaneously.  These demonstrations of blogoverse friendship just take my breath away, or maybe it was the second trip downstairs for ice-cream, to celebrate.

Let’s have a round of applause, in appreciation for what these two gals have done for your favorite old Archon.  They are both competent and entertaining writers.  If you haven’t already, click on the links above, and give their sites a visit.

While neither of them is exactly a “stranger”, do any of you have a tale of someone you didn’t really know, who went out of their way to help, or do something nice for you?  Perhaps the “Me” generation hasn’t completely taken over, and there’s still a spirit of goodwill out there.      😀

14 thoughts on “The Pace Of Friendship

  1. BrainRants says:

    Admit it – Erickson wanted you to try and import rare weapons for him.


    • Archon's Den says:

      No worries at the border, because he’s on your side of the line. He did ask me to drop off a couple of strangely-shaped packages at his place in Ohio. He promised me some Amish perogies as payment. 😕 🙂


  2. You left out the most important part of the story: what flavor ice cream did you have???

    I was so happy to be able to get those bottles for you—I wanted it to be a happy surprise for you and your wife, so mission accomplished! And WLITH is a primo broad—my hat’s off to her.


    • whiteladyinthehood says:

      Thanks Weebs! Right back at ya!


    • Archon's Den says:

      It speaks to my will power/weight/diet, that we have four flavors in the house, during the winter. The first bowl was black cherry. The second, single scoop was French vanilla. The wife has a small tub of Cappuccino which I can’t touch, even if I liked it, and the son rewards himself with a bit of chocolate/peanut butter. My grandfather occasionally put ketchup on (vanilla) ice cream, but nobody here is adding hot sauce. (yet) 😀


  3. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Hawaii went out in the mail today, but you have got to let me know when the others arrive! I thought it would take about seven days….


    • Archon's Den says:

      I posted this at about 2 AM, but the mail doesn’t get to the Super Mailbox till about 2 PM. Your lovely card, and the gratefully received coins were there when we got back from some shopping. I edited the post to reflect that.

      My package to Weebs only took $1.50 Canadian postage. Yours??! Seven stamps? Are they all First Class? They don’t have values printed on them. I guess that makes it easier to raise rates.

      Canada’s postal system is like the US hub airports. Your card, and my knife magazines from California, went to Montreal, for sorting, then to Toronto for trans-shipment, and finally to Kitchener for delivery. Erickson can’t mail himself to me. He’d die of starvation. 🙄


      • whiteladyinthehood says:

        I had to come back and read the post again! Okay – they made their happy way to you (duh)…I was so worried they wouldn’t arrive – I misread that. (I put eight stamps on the last one!) LOL.
        I buy books of “Forever” stamps. If the price of a stamp is 49 cents and they raise the price to 50 cents, my forever (49 cent ones) are still as good as the 50 cent ones. At least I’m pretty sure that’s how it works!

        Hawaii has no pineapple on it – (I must have been totally stereotyping people from Hawaii)…At least your collection is complete – most important part!

        On a side note, I almost sent you back a Canadian dime. It kept ending up in my pocket and I kept trying to use it in our Coke machine. Twice! There must be something different about the weight because it kept spitting it back out at me. I thought, “Damn Canadian change! You’re not going to make it in America if we can’t use you in a vending machine!”


  4. runningonsober says:

    I love both Weebs and White Lady–and if they love you, then I guess I love you by association. Or something like that.
    Nice to meet you–glad White Lady linked to you…


  5. benzeknees says:

    I would like to make special mention of Beth Ann Chiles from – I won a contest she had on her blog. Knowing the cost of postage from Canada, I suggested she donate the prize to the couple she had been trying to raise funds for. While she very much appreciated my thoughts she insisted on sending my prize & every day I use some of the items (coasters) from the prize pack! I also have to point out Zoe from She is so understanding & supportive of anyone who has been abused. In the meantime, although we’ve never met, she’s also become a good friend. We are helping each other with disability paperwork & she’s been very supportive of my mood swings as I deal with the recent diagnosis of COPD! Absolutely the most amazing people!


    • Archon's Den says:

      So nice for you to have Beth Ann and Zoe to mention, and Zoe mentions Merry. We are a nice, helpful bunch, aren’t we? Even I could get an honourable mention for rescuing you from WordPress Purgatory. I have found that comments with a couple of links in them get sent to the penalty box. 😦


      • benzeknees says:

        Oh, thank you for rescuing me! I didn’t know about comments with links in them being a problem!


      • Archon's Den says:

        I didn’t either, until about a year ago. Jim Wheeler, as he often does, sent a lengthy comment with several links to articles and blogs. When I didn’t reply to it after a couple of days, he questioned me. That’s when I found it floundering in the spam filter, which I hadn’t cleaned out for over a week. They show in the comments queue, but have to be released to the subject post. I guess several links makes WordPress’ program think they’re spam. Are you ready for spring (flooding)?


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