Flash Fiction # 17







Seinfeld Script

Once upon a time, there was an arrogant old geezer who felt he could write because he occasionally strung a few words together.  He saw a pretty picture and said, “I could compose a Flash Fiction about that.”

The more he stared, the harder his brain cells ossified.  What was that thing?  He was like Curly the Stooge, “I’m tryin’ to think – but nuthin’s happenin’.”

He read what several others had written, but that just gave him a dozen themes that he couldn’t plagiarize.  “It’s useless.” he said, “I’ll never get a 100 word story out of this.”

The end.


Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site, and use her Wednesday picture as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story.


26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction # 17

  1. Anita says:

    Now this is such an honest take.
    We start out like that, but we have a great story at the end 🙂


  2. You could have written that about me! That’s why I’ve never tried to write a book.


  3. LOL! 😀

    I read these things for about four or five weeks before I started doing them. I would look at the picture and couldn’t think of anything at all, and then read some of the entries and think “where the hell do they come up with this stuff?”


    • Archon's Den says:

      I know. Me too, but it’s like the Thoreau quote on Rochelle’s site. It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see. A hundred Fictioneers, and a hundred different viewpoints – some Sci-Fi, some poetry, some horror, some romance. I began to suspect recreational medication, but in an old movie, just last night, Charlie Chan opined, “Line between genius and insanity, very thin.”

      Keep trying. It’s good mental exercise. Sometimes, like this attempt, the failure can become a success. 🙂


  4. hugmamma says:

    ha, ha…very witty. Personally, I think you nailed it!


  5. It always helps/works (at least for me) to write what is actually going or not going on inside of us. It’s still writing. I’m doing it right now myself.
    Nothing wrong with writing a reaction and have it be a story.
    Can tell that I read every one of your 100 or so words. You don’t sound arrogant.
    Larry (Moe will be the next one to comment)


  6. Listen Useless.
    Why I ought smack you and Larry between the eyes.
    Now get back to work – the both of you.
    And don’ t”But Moe” or “Nyuck-nyuck-nyuck” me.



    • Archon's Den says:

      But Moe….
      why can’t you be nice to me like Larry? I di’nt say nyuck-nyuck-nyuck.

      Okay! Okay! Back to work, back to work….
      uh, Moe, was I comin’ – or goin’?? 😕


  7. draliman says:

    Very clever! 100 words out of never being able to write 100 words 🙂


  8. Turning writer’s block into a story. Perfect. That must make this photo “your brain on Friday Fictioneers.” 🙂 Clever.



  9. This is more than perfect. In 100 words you nailed what many of us probably thought when we saw this prompt. BINGO!


  10. Archon, that was really clever. I’m glad when I saw it that I didn’t know what it was (it’s a cut grave vine given in a comment by Madison Woods). That way my imagination could take off easier. Even knowing what it is still doesn’t make it look any less yucky. Creative and well written. 🙂 —Susan


    • Archon's Den says:

      I read Rochelle’s version first, so I knew what it was, but I just didn’t seem to have anything to say about festered grapes, and the photo didn’t seem to spark any no-grape thoughts either. For no obvious reason, I thought of the old TV character, Edith-Ann, in grade three. “And that’s the truth, The End, Ttthhh. I anchored the “The End” to a story about not being able to write a story, and people think I’m a genius….uh, creative….uh, not too senile?? 😕

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Hm, smart…and now I’m out of one of my backup stories. 😀


  12. jwdwrites says:

    Ha ha Archon, I know that feeling only too well. Of course next time you will have to come up with something else! 🙂


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