The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode One









This is where it all begins – again. I told the daughter, LadyRyl, that I wanted to get some lollipops for Cordelia, and her Mom.  I envisioned a couple of the big, patterned, disc-shaped, sugar-type suckers, and a bouquet of the smaller, ball-type, suitable for making porn with.  Smarter than her Dad, Ryl suggested that nothing says Canadian, like Maple Sugar, and I should take along Maple lollipops to the American ladies.

I recently saw an article on, which listed The Five Farmers’ Markets in Canada, which you just shouldn’t miss.  One was the Jean Talon Market in Montreal.  Another was in Vancouver.  The third one listed was the St. Jacob’s Market, actually located at the northern edge of Waterloo, ON., our Twin City.

Say Hello to my little Maple – anything you want. So, off to the market we went, to get some Maple lollipops.  The above picture, and the right-hand one below, is of the original, 30-year-old market building.  It was made of BC Douglas Fir – but before fire sprinklers became mandatory.  Last Labor Day it burned to the ground.  They still have not determined the cause.

Management quickly assembled a canvas-clad Quonset-hut type building, and began plans for a modern, safe building, elsewhere on the site. Totally uninteresting from the outside, here are some crowd shots, some from the outdoor, vegetable sales area, and a couple from the crowded interior.  Note the 20-foot, helicopter-rotor ceiling fans.










SDC10652    Farmers Market - long








If you want Maple anything, especially lollipops, this is the man to see. New-Order Mennonites, Edgar and Irene Gingrich own a nearby Maple woodlot.  Two or three days a week, depending on the season, he is at the market, as well as making farm-gate sales, and distributing to local stores.  The world map on the left of the photo is for people to put pins in, to indicate their home towns.


This sucker bought his American-bound suckers, elbowed a couple of gawking tourists out of the way, and escaped the rush, now (more or less) ready for the trip. Here’s a couple of shots, proving how sweet Canucks can be.  I hope the ladies agree.  Stop back to find out.  Coming soon to a website near you – Star Drek, Episode Two – The Wrath of Archon.

SDC10656                         SDC10657






As you can see, I’m taking and posting more photos with my little digital camera. The first digital camera we owned could only take and hold 8 photos, until you bought and installed a chip which allowed it to hold another 64.  I knew that there were a bunch of shots on the camera, the last of which the wife downloaded for this post.

I wondered if we (she) should eliminate most/all, to give me room to take lots of pictures during this trip. I must remember to take batteries, but I did not want to run out of space.  The wife just pointed to the monitor screen.  There were 79 pics on the camera, but that only took 3% of the space.  Ain’t technology grand??!

11 thoughts on “The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode One

  1. BrainRants says:

    I’m glad you abandoned the camera with the reel-to-reel digital storage. That cart must have taken up a lot of trunk space.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Relative to maple candy, your post reminds me that sugar has an unfair reputation as a bad thing. I read recently that artificial sweeteners have been shown to promote diabetes as much as sugar does. Now we’re back to common sense, it seems: all things in moderation. 🙂


  3. I love maple sugar, and my mother-in-law and I are so looking forward to meeting you and your wife. (Cordelia, the little snot, had to back out due to her overloaded freelance schedule – she’s one of the bloggers who actually did make it into the paid-to-write world!).

    Anyway, I’m feeling pretty special that you’ve gone to all that trouble to find the lollipops. Perhaps your readers would like to read how this whole thing came about:

    See you soon.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I thought the judge had all the evidence sealed. 😦 😯
      Oh well, it all had to come out sometime. 😉
      I hope this is as much fun in person, at a restaurant, as it is anonymously, at a keyboard. 😀


  4. garden2day says:

    Sad to hear the building burned…it was a beauty in the pics. I’m not sure why people don’t add sprinklers rather than just grandfathering the buildings in–not sure if that was what was done but I have seen it here. The point is to save the property and protect people, etc.–so I thought–but I know it costs extra. Oh well, onto bigger and better I guess.

    Loved learning about lollipops but wish I had not read the porn reference–will keep my thoughts mostly to myself but I had to chuckle 😀 . Translation: I can’t share my thoughts 😀 .

    Wishing you good and safe travels. Hopefully the weather will be good.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Nobody ever thinks, Fire could happen to us, I’ll add sprinklers. It’s not just the installation cost, but the disruption to an ongoing business – the Devil you know vs. the Devil you don’t. Construction on the new building is well underway. I’ve seen the artist’s drawing – it looks good, and should be ready by late spring. I’ll slip in a photo when it’s open.

      I see those late-nite chat line commercials, and the girls have the ball suckers….it looks so innocent.

      Thanx for the kind thoughts. The five-day forecast looks good. I’ll work more episodes in once we return. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Maple flavor is awesome … especially as icing on donuts!


  6. […] they may have simply forgotten to put the darn things in their car when they left Canada.  G.O.D.’s own post told the story of shopping for my lollipops, so I was sure it was just an […]


  7. benzeknees says:

    I used to love these types of markets when I could get around better. In Winnipeg, they have a great market at The Forks where I could get one of a kind items, like the most delicious fudge I ever tasted!


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