The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode Three







Day 1 – Beautiful Buffalo

Okay, I wrote the above, and the computer didn’t explode, so, on with the post.

With five hours of sleep, and adrenalin coursing through my veins, I was awake to greet the son as he got home from work at 7:15 AM. By 8 o’clock, I had much of our supplies loaded in the car, when the alarm woke the wife.

With this head start, and only a little chivvying on my part, the wife was beautiful enough to leave by ten to 10, instead of my feared ten after.  We took along little snippy Miss GPS, who the wife has named Ethel.  We had three choices to cross the Niagara River, to get to Buffalo.  I had decided on the furthest south, at Fort Erie, even though it meant turning back north on the American side.

Ethel said, “Turn here, to cross at Lewiston.” I said no.  RECALCULATING!  She said, “Turn here, to cross at Niagara Falls.”  I said no.  RECALCULATING!  We pulled into the duty-free, and phoned the son, to tell him we had safely reached the border.

We called Cordelia’s Mom, and told her we were about to cross over. She said she would pick up her mother-in-law, and meet us at the restaurant.  It was just past noon.  We crossed the Peace Bridge, and Miss GPS ordered that I “turn left on David Street”, only, I couldn’t see David St.  The impatient guy behind me honked, and the wife insisted that we proceed, even if it was in the wrong direction.  It was!  RECALCULATING!

We went down to the next exit and reversed direction. Now, Ethel was happy.  She quickly got us to the restaurant.  We had just parked when a silver sport-ute came careening in off the street at high speed, on two wheels, one woman driving, and an older lady passenger desperately clinging to the door handle.

Sure enough, it was CM, who came breezing out of her vehicle like a little whirlwind of happy, helpful good humor.  I don’t know where such a small person packs all that personality.  She soon led us astray into a lovely Greek eatery.







Since the lunch crowd soon emptied out, the staff was happy (enough) to ignore us, while we had an almost two-hour meet and greet. The time just flew by.  She comprises such an enthralling Presence, that it compounded and concentrated my senility.  I’m sure that I forgot at least half of the things I wanted to say, and ask.

Hoping to get some Nestle Italian Sweet Crème Coffee Mate, which is not available in Ontario, I had asked CM to keep an eye out for it as she did her own shopping, to tell me where to go to buy it.

Then I compounded my sins, by asking her to look for the Goya hot sauce that Madame Weebles had been so kind to send. While not yet totally consumed, it won’t last forever.  We can’t find it in the Detroit area but, since it’s bottled just outside NYC, I thought it might be stocked in Buffalo.  It was, YAY!

Then I had the effrontery to ask CM if she would purchase these items, to save me the running around, and I would repay her.  The nerve of some people’s kids!  She did – at two different stores.  It’s not my good looks; it must have been my glib tongue keyboard.

She carried a stuffed Teddy bear, and we had a stuffed Lamb, as identification. She showed us a good time, but nobody took any clothes off.  With what she claims is ‘Buffalo’ hospitality, first she treated us to a lovely lunch.  I got suspicious when she hauled out a gift bag.






In it were the Coffee Mate and the Ancho Sauce, but she had also added a box of ‘Buffalo’ sponge candy, and a bottle of Buffalo Wing sauce. When I asked her “How much do I owe you?”, she insisted that these were all presents.






She asked where we were staying, and I told her at a Red Roof Inn, but way out by the airport. She refused to let me rely on Ethel GPS, and insisted that she would lead me, fifteen miles, and most of an hour, there and back, out of her way, across town – if I could keep up.  With her responsible for where I was going, I had a chance to look around and discover where I was.  That will be important, later.

She led me right to our motel, with a quick, unintended stop at the Bob Evans out front, and did everything except book me in. We gabbed for a few more minutes, and I effusively thanked her for her many kindnesses and generosity.  The wife says that she confided that she was somewhat relieved that I had brought her along, instead of son Shimoniac, The Bear.

I shook her tiny hand and, with tears in my eyes, sadly waved goodbye, as she drove away. Still all misty, I turned back to look at my car – and THE LOLLIPOPS, which are the very center of this tale, still in the back seat.  She had told her mother-in-law about the candy, and a couple of blocks away, MIL asked, “But where are the Lollipops??”

What will she do about them?? What will Archon do about them??  Will we return to Ontario –eventually – and mail them to her?  Will I just say to Hell with the diet (again), and eat them?  Tune in next week to find out.

My only complaint is that she says she does not find me as grumpy in person as I seem on my blog site. I don’t know how that can possibly be.  I see that she has started referring to me, the World’s Champion Grumpy Old Dude as G.O.D. – not to be confused with God.  I have more power, authority, and ill temper.


I have a poll for my readers.  There are several more of these episodes.  Would you prefer to be bored all at once, sequentially, or would you rather have me insert the occasional rant?

19 thoughts on “The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode Three

  1. BrainRants says:

    You are a grumpy old dude. That’s why we like you.


  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Yay that you had a good time. Read her side of the lollipop story and will wait to read yours.


  3. 1. String the stories out – I love the attention, even though I know I’ll only be in one of them.
    2. I haven’t been called “tiny” in a very long time – I think I love you.
    3. I did not come into the restaurant lot on two wheels – that was the OTHER silver SUV. And you must admit that I drove quite sedately from the restaurant to the motel – I didn’t even take you through the even more scenic side-street route. And I noticed that you were right on my bumper pretty much the entire way, even when I accidentally pulled into the Bob Evans lot instead of the motel lot.
    4. I love the way our separate posts tell the same story, but with different viewpoints and details. Almost makes me wonder which one is truer, and I was there!
    5. Let’s do it all again sometime. I didn’t have enough time to really chat with Mrs. G.O.D. (and you, too, of course). I may have to take back some of what I’ve said about Canadians.


    • Archon's Den says:

      1. Oh no! You feature strongly in the next episode too, and receive honorable mentions in a couple more. We can’t have you die before the opening of the second act.
      2. I showed your photo to one of my garden gnomes, and he’s strutting around, filling out an application to the NBA.
      3. Yes, you’re right. It was that ‘Honda’. I had to stick to your bumper, like the draft area behind a semi, or Paul’s gravatar’s fighter.
      4. Truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Your version is probably truthier, because I wasn’t all there.
      5. I’m already taking back beer bottles, and searching pay-phone chutes, to save up for next year. She Who Must Be Obeyed was also enthralled with you, and looks forward to a rematch. Have you said things about Canadians?? Now you have my respect and love. 😆


  4. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:
    Archon’s version of our blogger meet-and-greet. Of course, MY version is the accurate one – except for where he describes me, which is way better than anything I could say about myself. Grumpy Old Dude, indeed – what a crock!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Paul says:

    I believe CM was on two wheels – she seems like that type of person. Ha! Cool post G.O.D.- I followed over here from CM’s place. Nice to meet you.


    • Archon's Den says:

      She’s an even quicker and more assertive driver than I am. She could probably wheel the big-rig for you with no problems. 🙂

      Welcome to my patch of insanity. I’ve already read a couple of your guest posts on CM’s site. Thanx for signing up. I already have a couple of followers from The Rock, a lady in St Johns, and a fellow from Stephenville. 😆


  6. aFrankAngle says:

    What an awesome visit, so cheers to your host (whom I don’t know). Regarding your poll, do what you want to do, after all, no matter the topic, all posts contain a touch of Archonion … Besdes, I look forward to the skewing of Erickson. …. Speaking of hot sauces, here’s a treat for you.


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  8. […] was full(?).  Then they carefully removed the clips.  To a guy whose idea of presentation was to leave some suckers in the paper bag I got them in from an old Mennonite, this just awed me!  (And I’m odd […]


  9. […] out USA, you’re under assault. The Meet-The-Blogger Tour went very well last year, beginning with Cordelia’s Mom, in Buffalo. She even invited us back. […]


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