The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode Four

Day 2/Part 1 – Forgetful Follies and Awful Aftermath

Since it was the son, Shimoniac, who was originally to accompany me on the Blogger Safari/Pilgrimage, I had not informed the wife about the lollipops I’d obtained, and forgotten to give to Cordelia’s Mom.  After we were in our motel room, I admitted my senile oversight, and we slept on what to do to correct the problem.

The next morning, the wife said that she felt well enough to drive back across town, to deliver them to CM’s house.  With a little help from Ethel GPS, and the knowledge I had obtained during yesterday’s high-speed chase, we made it safely.  I called her private cell phone because I didn’t have her work number, to tell her what we planned to do, but had to leave a voice-mail.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a guy. Men and women do things differently, as CM noted in a recent post.  I was just going to present the suckers in the plain white paper bag that the Mennonite vendor had put them in.





The wife was horrified! Soon, we were in a WalMart, buying a small gift bag, and a Thank You card, and rainbow colored tissue paper.  The wife did all the social stuff, and soon had a pretty little package, almost as nice as the one CM had given us the day before, while I dragged my club around, bopping the occasional sabre-toothed tiger or woolly mammoth.

Judy's Manor





Using my Stalker Senses, I soon had us at the front door of CM’s modest little suburban cottage.  The turbo-charged soccer-mom van from yesterday was in the driveway, but I didn’t know how she commuted to work.  I pushed the doorbell, but heard neither a ding-dong, (Oh! – He was outside.) nor any movement.  I carefully placed the package between the doors, and headed for the car.

Suddenly, the front door flew open, and Tasmanian Niceness Devil came swirling out to meet us. She comes home for lunch each day to let new puppy, Cody out.  She’d called the motel, but we’d already left, and she just hoped to be there when we arrived.  The woman makes me tired just watching her.  She gets more done by nine AM, than I procrastinate all day.

We had another lovely get-together, which was sadly cut short because she had to get back to work, and we had a long way to go, and a short time to get there, and needed to be on the road. CM directed us on how to reach the Interstate, by telling us to go down her street for “a couple of blocks, and turn right on Delaware Road.  It’ll take you right to the up-ramp.”

A couple of blocks down the street, it was crossed by another narrow, ordinary, residential street, at an odd 60 degree angle, rather than 90, proving that not just Kitchener has strangely laid out roads. I couldn’t see a street sign, but, it seemed hardly the type of road to feed an Interstate onramp.  A ‘couple of blocks’ further on, I could see a big, six-lane road – that must be the one. Sure enough, I turned right on Delaware Ave, and a half-mile later, I sat at a traffic light at the base of the Throughway ramp – waiting for the traffic coming up Delaware Road, where I could have been, if I’d just paid attention.

We’d had toast and juice for breakfast, but now it was approaching 2 PM, and we needed to shake out the kinks, and consume some protein. We did this at a service center at Angola, a small town west of Buffalo.  Here, deep troughs were dug, about a quarter-mile apart, for the east-bound, and west-bound Interstate traffic.

Buffalo Rest Center

Angola Travel PlazaAngola Travel Plaza 3Angola Travel Plaza 2







The single service area perches on the top of the hill in the middle. There are parking areas on either side, and enclosed overhead pedestrian walkways out to the center.  I have encountered only one other such middle-located service center.  It’s on the Florida Turnpike, just north of Miami.  People can pass through the buildings, but barricades keep the toll-paying automobiles moving in the correct directions.

It’s another 4 to 5 hours of driving to our next motel, so I’ll relate the details of that in the next segment.  🙂


13 thoughts on “The Fellowship Of The Blog – Episode Four

  1. Paul says:

    Ah, the famous lollypops. Did you know Archon. that as soon as CM blogged about the lollys, I asked her to share and she told me that she had already eaten them all. What do you think of that?

    Ha! She seemed to enjoy your visit immensely.

    Fun Post. Thanks.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I’m pleased that she did, and I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. Are you up particularly late – or particularly early??

      I still have half a box of that ‘Buffalo sponge candy’. Do you do long hauls to Ontario? 😕


      • Paul says:

        It’s been some years since I’ve trucked Archon. I’m a dialysis patient and slept during treatment last night. I get home around midnight and usually use the early hours to check and answer e-mail. I’ll have another nap around 7 am – so my day is sort of split in two.

        I did some trucking in Ontario in the last half of my driving career. I did over dimensional out of the Maritimes and then was transportation Manager for Giant Tiger for 8 years and then hauled B-train tankers delivering fuel before becoming Safety Director. Lots of stories. i’d likely still be in the business but for my health – first cancer and then kidney failure. I’m on disablity right now and am using the time to do some writing – something i’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. There’s a silver lining in every cloud. 🙂

        Have a great weekend Archon. Interesting blog, I enjoy reading your posts.


  2. Golly, G.O.D., you make me tired just reading your description of me. If you only knew what I’m really like when not receiving unexpected visitors at my dilapidated house (but thanks for the picture of someone else’s mansion – I can only dream).

    You actually visited that Walmart on a GOOD day – on weekends, I won’t even go in there without a bodyguard.

    For the benefit of our readers — I remember when that Angola rest stop was new. I was a very little girl, and my dad took my brothers and me there for dinner (at that time, it had a real restaurant), simply so we could experience walking across that enclosed bridge over the Thruway traffic – what a thrill it was for us seeing those semis rush right under our feet!

    Someday when the weather’s warm and it’s not snowing, maybe I can drive up to your neighborhood. I have my passport – and my American attitude, so crossing the bridge wouldn’t be a problem. Something to look forward to during the long upcoming Buffalo, NY winter.


  3. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:
    I imagine most of my readers also follow Archon’s Den, but in case you don’t, here is Archon’s next installment of our meet-and-greet story:


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  5. Archon's Den says:

    I can understand you making bail – but not that attitude. Have you ever strained your back, carrying around that much EGO?

    OK, you can join is at the next weenie roast, if you promise to play nice.


  6. benzeknees says:

    I’ve never seen anything like that service centre. But I guess it would only make sense – to be able to serve both sides of the freeway, instead of building one for each side. What a neat idea!


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