Fellowship Of The Blog – Epilogue


Collecting My Thoughts






We had barely stepped from the car in Buffalo, when the wife found a bright, shiny, good-luck penny.  This pattern continued – five days, five pennies. We took it as a continuing omen.  Despite our Exhaustive and GPS adventures, all finally worked out well.  We brought the pennies home as a memorial of a fun trip, and used them to start an optimistic new collection for next year.

I gave the previous year’s coin collection to the wife before we started.  Women seem to be able to get rid of coins quicker and easier than guys.  She doled out a handful, including several pennies, to the young cashier at Cracker Barrel.  We explained that Canada had discontinued minting pennies.  She seemed to have a problem grasping the idea of round up/round down.

We told her that Canada had also changed its dollar, and two-dollar bills, to coins, and showed her one of each.  She cooed that she collected American coins, but had never seen these, so we gave them to her.

I was talking to a room clerk, and said that she must encounter lots of loud-mouthed assholes.  She told me of an afternoon when a man came in, with a cell phone jammed in his ear.  She already had several customers, and this guy was loud and obnoxious.  Apparently talking to someone about a girlfriend, every second word started with F…

When he stepped up to the counter, he was still ranting, and demanded a F…ing room.  She told him that she would deal with him when he was finished on his phone.  “I can F…ing handle booking a room.”  “Well, I can’t sir.  I’ll deal with you whenever you’re finished on the phone.”  Still bitching and F…ing, he stepped outside.  While he was still turning the air blue, another man stepped in, and asked to book a room.  “There you are sir!  Congratulations, you just got our last room.”  I can feel the Karma from here.

We took the wife’s laptop with us, because free Wi-Fi hotspots are now everywhere.  We could access the internet from our rooms, everywhere except in Buffalo, where we had to go to the office to connect, and sent emails back to the son and daughter.  We didn’t use the laptop, or request that Red Roof book us a room in Taylor (Detroit), and we were the ones who got the last room, and only because some guy phoned in and cancelled while I was standing at the desk, whining and crying.

After driving across the meadow in Ohio, when we were seriously lost, (it can be seen in a bird’s eye view on the map program, complete with cow shit) we suddenly came upon a hard right, 90° turn, which led us to Horst’s farmyard, house on the left of the road, barn and sheds on the right, and two teen boys playing in the road.

This track has run for 10 or 12 miles.  It can’t just be a farm lane! They looked at us like we were space aliens.  We had not seen another vehicle.  I don’t know what we would have done if we had.  This was the first spot big enough for two cars to pass, much less turn around to go back.  Peering past the boys, and a small knoll, we realized that the road took yet another hard left 90° turn.

Flying Saucer






I eased forward, and rolled down the window, and they approached the car.  “Excuse me; we seem to be really lost!  I’m looking for ‘Dog’s Body, Ohio.’  “Vell, vee arrr nut vrum arount ear.”  Of course you’re not!  I should have noticed the crop-circle landing spot in the pasture, for the UFO that I can zee see in the barn.  You’re the space aliens.  😯






Every Red Roof uses a decorative border of stones.  At each one, we picked up a small, interesting one as a memento.  Ohio’s geological range of rocks possibly exceeds Southern Ontario’s.  They all went into our decorative terrarium, sitting on the ‘singing sand’ we brought back from Myrtle Beach.

With the current collapse of oil prices, the cost of gasoline in the US ranged from a high of $3.89/gal = $1.13/liter, down to $2.81/gal =     Ȼ 81.7/liter.  When we returned to Canada, prices had dropped – all the way from $1.18, to $1.16/liter.

I forgot to check beginning/end odometer readings for the trip, but gasoline receipts indicate that we traveled about 1200 miles.  This is about the same as BrainRants’ recent ‘Big Move’, but where he did it all in one nail-biting, nerve-jangling 17 hour dash, we took five days, although there were some nail-biting, nerve-jangling moments.  We completely circumnavigated Lake Erie, something we’ve never done before.

I am pleased with those who have accompanied us on our virtual voyage.  I am happy for those who have visited, and read, and liked and commented.  I am most happy with those who have shown polite restraint, and not lobbed over-ripe fruit and vegetables.  I hope that Jim Wheeler has seen some, or all, of these accounts, because he is intrigued with the social aspects of travel, but is a bit restricted.  Thanx to all!  New subject coming up.   😀


16 thoughts on “Fellowship Of The Blog – Epilogue

  1. Paul says:

    Gotta love those Farm lanes that stretch for miles without any indication they are not a road. Cool Post Archon.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Single lane, dirt road, except where it crossed a meadow, but both the GPS and online maps insist that it was a ‘highway’! 😯
      It only looked like it disappeared into a farmyard. 😦
      And I still owe you further explanation about Religism. 🙄


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.


  3. The beginning of this post gave me chills. I went through a stretch a couple of years back when I was finding shiny new pennies everywhere I went – I even found one inside the trunk of my car, on the edge where the trunk lid meets the vehicle.

    I’m so glad I was able to be part of your journey.


  4. BrainRants says:

    I assumed the UFO pic was taken at Erickson’s house.


  5. aFrankAngle says:

    I’ve stayed at the Red Roof in Taylor … and hey … I didn’t think John could drive any more, and the pic has caught him in the act!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Then you’ve met Donna, and/or perhaps her daughter, Leah. Donna’s been there for 28 years, and we’ve stopped in for about 25 of them. She’s room clerk on days. Her daughter works a few afternoons and weekends.

      I didn’t let John drive my car, but I had no reason to think he wasn’t licensed to do so. He spoke of ObamaCare covering part of the cost of his meds, but it only authorizes immediate need amounts, like my retirement plan does. He only gets a month’s amount at one time. I understood him to say that he drove himself up to Sugar Creek every thirty days, at least getting him out of the house to meet real live people a little more often than previously. But he’s gone silent on WordPress again. 😕


  6. benzeknees says:

    I’m sorry to see this is the end of the Fellowship of the Blog series – this was very interesting to a person who is pretty much home bound now.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I think we’re off to Detroit again in late April. I’ll try to bring back stories that don’t include arrests or bloodshed. White Lady In The Hood always admonished me to be careful. 😀


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