Flash Fiction #41

Deep Freeze







Deep Freeze

Everything was black and white.  He was right, and that’s all there was to it.  He’d be damned if he was going to grovel and apologise.

Everything about their relationship had become frozen, coated with icy exchanges, every detail covered with the rime of discord.

“Honey?  I’m sorry!  I shouldn’t be so rigid.  You have the right to your opinions too.  We should learn to compromise and get along better.”

….and the sun of their former love began to shine again, bringing back the warmth and glorious colors of their past.  He could visualize a bridge back to former happiness.


Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story.


28 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #41

  1. Dear Archon,

    Nice metaphorical use of the prompt.




  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Archon,

    A wonderful fantasy. I hope the sun keeps shining for them.




  3. Great metaphor, and a great happy ending, Archon. 🙂 — Suzanne


  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Metaphors? Yes. Fairy tale? Yep. Well done? Yes. Archonan? Definitely.


  5. karen rawson says:

    The picture as a metaphor 🙂 Nice use of the prompt!


  6. Sightsnbytes says:

    a deep, meaningful piece from the grumpy one! Bravo!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I get lucky once in a while. Thanx for stopping in. 🙂
      I met another female from Stephenville today, at the doctor’s. Late 20s, family name Young, thought she knew you, but described a younger guy with a boy and a girl. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! 😯


      • Sightsnbytes says:

        we are taking over….as for knowing me, most do. I work as a mobile DJ all over the area. and I introduce myself to the crowd. From there, everyone in every audience calls me ‘Ted’ afterward….


  7. BrainRants says:

    Apt use of our winter situation here, Archon.


  8. Amazing how a small apology will bring about a thaw.


  9. draliman says:

    Nicely written. We both used the frost/sun part of the picture this week, though yours was more metaphorical.
    I’m glad they reconciled, I can imagine enduring the sort of relationship you describe so beautifully in your second paragraph.


  10. Isn’t a wonderful thing how much happier things are when we swallow our pride?


  11. mjlstories says:

    I should think most people in a long relationship have had, to a greater or lesser degree, times like this. Building bridges is so much better than being right but – hey – humans can be stubborn. Nice piece!


  12. Margaret says:

    I like the ‘rime of discord’ and the idea of a bridge that leads back to former happiness. Powerful words – ‘I’m sorry’. Nice story.


  13. Maybe that bridge will work.. nice metaphor.


  14. Apologizing can make all the difference. I hope it works for them and for anyone else in that type of situation.



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