Check My Bitchy Office


You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.  Please remember to wipe your feet – on the way out.

HEEllis recently treated us to some photos of her pristine, well-organized office.  If she weren’t a great little writer, (double accent on little) and the second nicest person in the world, right behind me, I might think that a neat, clean office is a sign of a diseased mind.  (Could still be right.) 😯

I recently stepped into my office to begin a post, this one as it turns out, and looked at my private pigsty.  The wife has given up on it.  I am only visited by wild animals.  It started life as a small, third bedroom, and has devolved into the recent cover photo of Mess & Clutter Magazine.  Work in there??  I don’t know how I even think in there!

This is a craft table, which can’t be accessed, because it is topped with two thrones of the Alien Overlords who rule me.  Oh look, one of them has beamed in.







Many of my ideas do not work out, and much note paper is thrown out.  I really need the cute garbage pail the son produced at his plastic parts plant.







A paperless society, indeed.







This is where neurons flux, and ideas flow – when I get back with a sandwich.  You may have noticed, I file by the sedimentation system.  Oldest papers on the bottom.







When I can’t convince a cat to vacate my Captain’s Chair, I sit in the Navigator’s Chair.  It affords an alternate viewpoint, which I have to share with dirty laundry.







Just a little business humor – which sadly has carried over to blog themes.


There’s a floor down there somewhere, shared by a sewing machine and hassock, and a crosscut shredder to guarantee destruction of any documents with names and addresses.  Hoodoo, voodoo, identity thieves.







The wife’s hand-tatted lace doily, made from bequeathed crochet cotton that her aunt bought, along with the antique pattern it was made to, in the 1940s.


One of Granma Ladybug’s ladybugs clinging to the wall, beside a shadowbox full of visual drivel.







A couple of her stuffed mascots, guarding wheat bags which are heated in the microwave, to ease arthritis pains.








Maybe not a typical man-cave, but I’ve taken it and made it mine a mess.  Perhaps you can now understand the strange and varied mix that gets spewed onto my blog-site.

14 thoughts on “Check My Bitchy Office

  1. Funny! I just attempted a “spring cleaning” on my office but got lost in the clutter myself!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I can get lost in thought – it being unfamiliar territory. Cats can get lost in there, but there’s not enough room for me, except on my chair.
      I had to put a wedge under the door to hold it open, because my little Lady-Cat has learned how to stand on hind paws and push the door closed – and then yowl in panic when she finds herself ‘locked in.’ 🙄

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  2. BrainRants says:

    My office is a hot mess as well… what’s important is that you can accomplish stuff in it.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I do manage to turn the occasional phrase in there. 😕 I am surprised at your messy office. Work protocols don’t intrude at home?
      I had a boss who insisted that all paperwork had to be put away at the end of the day, and my desk left completely bare. I think we were trying to impress the cleaning crew. Then next day, I wasted 10 minutes pulling it all back out.
      One plant manager had a sedimentation pile 6 to 12 inches high on his desk, yet knew where every form and letter was, in it. 😀


  3. My “office” consists of a corner of the living room and comprises a computer stand, computer, printer, and chair. Period.

    But as you and I both know, it’s not the size of the office that matters, it’s the writing that comes out of it.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I totally agree, and yet…. This morning, the son’s plant was toured by a potential customer. It doesn’t affect the quantity or quality one iota, but his midnight-shift crew spent considerable time making Caesar’s wife the place look neat and clean. 🙂

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  4. I am more fascinated that your wife can tat! That is amazing.


    • Archon's Den says:

      After I published the story and photo….she reminded me that this doily is actually crocheted. I should have known. Her occasional tatting project is usually much smaller – lace at the cuffs and neck of a newly-purchased nightgown. It’s been years since she’s been able to tell the story of how I(?) taught her to tat. 🙂 😕

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  5. Hilarious, but not unusual. I work at my only desk in the living room which I share with my husband and his caregiver. She watches Indian TV programs, some with people shouting at each other, while sewing. I have to keep her contented since she takes excellent care of my husband. I’ve learned to ignore the noise and work away. 😀


    • Archon's Den says:

      As I age, I am losing my concentration. I have trouble reading or working on the computer with extraneous noise. The wife has tinnitus- ringing or buzzing in the ears – and often wants to play the radio, to drown it out. 😦 We have to find what works.


  6. benzeknees says:

    We have the exact same TV table at you! I don’t even use an office anymore – I plant my laptop on my TV table in front of the TV & do all my writing from there. Hmmmm, maybe that’s my problem lately? Not so! I have been doing this for years & have managed to crank out a lot of verbage. My writing block is about 5’6″, named hubby who is home full time now since being laid off 3 weeks before his 65th birthday! Maybe I should move back into the office – just to get some privacy!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Those are Canada-wide Canadian Tire specials. I have no doubt you got yours the same place. We have a four-pack c/w vertical holder in the TV room, and we bought a couple of singles, one for next to the wife’s living room chair, and one in the computer room.
      One of the recent Flash Fictions had a plant nursery boss named Kelvin, killed off by a disgruntled employee. Does yours being old-aged and out of work, have anything to do with the move back to Manitoba? You’ll be out of touch as long again, until you get a new office set up.
      I was beginning to worry about your health. It will take you a while to swim upstream through all my stuff. I’ll try to keep up with all your lovely comments. 😀


      • benzeknees says:

        Kelvin’s loss of job just before his retirement age was instrumental in our move. When he came home on the day he started talking about how he was going to get in touch with some of his contacts here to see if they had any part time work. I put my foot down at that point & told him I was tired of the “boom/bust” cycle here in Alberta & wanted to go back where our kids, family & friends live. Long discussion later – we move back to Winnipeg before the end of this month.


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