People Of Privilege


Much has been made in the media recently about “White Privilege.”  On the average, white people receive and achieve things better than people of other colors, generally the darker the hue, the greater the exclusion.  This ‘Angel Aura’ thing extends from jobs, wages and promotion, to housing, education, banking/financing, and general treatment by those in power (AKA lighter skin), particularly police.

White men came to this continent, and made it in their image.  They marginalized the Indians and other natives, and imported black slaves.  There were some who did disreputable things for financial and social gain, and there were some who performed unspeakable acts to justify eliminating anyone who ‘wasn’t them.’  Mostly, they did it from the perhaps-mistaken, but honestly-held belief that they and their way of life were superior.

So too, did the Christians come here and mold society so that they would reap the benefits, and all others would be ignored and excluded.  Some questions and comments on my recent Religism post, as well as some predictable “Christmas” articles, show that many Christians just don’t get it – or believe it.

Religism is real.  It’s the hatred of a particular faith or set of beliefs.  Some ‘Good Christians’ hate Jews. Many Muslims hate Jews, and also Christians.  Catholics hate Protestants.  Ego and insecurity drives it, and the hatred is often for the wrong reason, or for no reason at all.

The blind, unquestioning faith in the pre-eminence of Christianity often has its proponents mistakenly claiming Religism, when other groups’ rituals are included in secular life.  A woman writer recently spoke of knowing about Chanukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Wiccan Solstice and the like – but wondered why they would want to celebrate at the same time as Christians, and exclude Jesus.

Because of her (and many others’) assumption of the universality of Christianity, it just never occurs to her that the members of these other religions all have their own year-end celebrations, which they would still practice if Christ had never existed.  A few of them have done so for thousands of years before Christianity came along.

There are the Christian haters who are the equivalent of the bigots who gave blankets infected with smallpox to the Indians, because they regarded them as sub-human.  Most of these folks however, are just the ones who have been subjected to the constant, low-level religious conditioning.  The Catholic Church calls it responsive reading, and catechism.  The Government does the same thing and labels it ‘brainwashing.’

Protecting one’s religious rituals can be a good thing – until you try to force them on others.  Inclusion of what is important to others is not exclusion of any portion of Christianity.  Falsely claiming Religism to justify a Christian-only secular public, makes Christians guilty of the same exclusionary tactics that they accuse others of.

A usually level-headed male newspaper writer pumped out a column labeled ‘Stop Diluting Christmas Traditions.’  It might better have been titled, ‘I ain’t gonna share!  You can’t make me.  I’m gonna take my ball and go home.’  A previously Catholic hospital had gone public.  Now funded by taxes from ALL citizens, it provided care for people of ALL faiths, and none.  They decided not to put up the usual nativity display.  Well, how DARE they??!

He was lost, because he couldn’t parade his faith, and held no-one else’s valid.  “It waves away the possibility of any faith.  It empties our plate, and bids us to eat.”  Actually, it removes the “His-only, a-la-carte” plate, and sets up a smorgasbord of beliefs to sample and compare, but there’s no trying religious chili or curry for him.  He’s a dedicated meat and potatoes Christian.

He complained that, “It’s like trying to speak language in the abstract, but no specific tongue,” apparently unlike me, studying all languages, or in this case religions, and seeing how they influence my favorite.

“It’s not a generic ‘Holiday Tree’, because there’s no generic holiday.”  It’s a generic Holiday Tree because it’s everybody’s ‘holiday’, Christmas included – just not exclusively Christian, even though that’s what he, and many like him, want and expect.  There’s reverse Religism here.  They just don’t see that they’re giving, not receiving.

The history teacher of the 15-year-old atheist son of one of the Free Thinkers was ranting about people who wouldn’t accept “proven historical facts.”  When one of the other students asked for an example, she came out with ‘the proven existence of Jesus Christ.’  School policy prohibits discussion of any single religion.  She was in the wrong, no matter how well-intentioned, or deluded.

Our lad pointed out that there was no ‘historical proof’ that Christ really existed.  “Well, it’s all right there, in the Bible!”  That may be, but no other contemporary Jewish – or Roman – document mentions Jesus, his exploits, his execution or his resurrection.  The boy was sent to the Principal, who chastised him for causing a disturbance in class.  No thinking allowed.  Believe what we tell you.

A local mall has a public meeting room which various community groups can book to present their particular points of interest.  The Free Thinkers recently requested a booking, and were, at least initially told, “We’re not sure you qualify as a ‘Community Group’.”  The Ontario Civil Rights Tribunal has dealt with Sofree(Southern Ontario Free Thinkers) as a community group dozens of times, establishing a precedent.  The president even has the complaint form document bookmarked on his smart phone.  A few keystrokes will rouse the Government to set them straight.

Too often, Christianity acts as a big, unthinking, entitled bully.  While less bloody, the difference between its head-in-the-sand stance, and ISIS’ off-with-their –heads methods, is one of only a minor degree. President Obama recently compared the atrocities of ISIS with the actions of the medieval Inquisition, and the usual suspects immediately began screaming about being attacked, and how dare he compare ISIS’s actions with those of the church.  That’s not Religism, that’s reality.

13 thoughts on “People Of Privilege

  1. shimoniac says:

    Alas, poor Archon, reality is in the mind of the beholder. The truth is only what we can emotionally accept. :shrug:


    • Archon's Den says:

      Alas, too large a percentage of the population is emotionally stunted, making their truth into a Mini-Me, and their reality the equivalent of an Austin Powers movie. 😯


  2. BrainRants says:

    Hence my lack of regard for organized religion. What the comfortably righteous never realize is that once they’ve eliminated all who ‘don’t fit’ their beliefs, the prejudice then inevitably turns inward (i.e., “You didn’t appear very sincere while praying, Brother Smith”).


    • Archon's Den says:

      Long ago, I read that, “The man who does not trust himself, beats his wife.” Can you imagine how insecure some of these folks are about what they claim they have ‘absolute faith’ in? 😯


  3. I’ve always understood, Archon, that Christ was truly a historical figure. I’ve read that there are two writings that most scholars believe are at least partially authentic. One is by the Jewish historian, Josephus, and the other is from the Roman historian Tacitus. Also, I don’t think we can say that Catholics “hate” non-Catholics. In fact, Catholics these days,, with the Pope as an example, are told to be ecumenical, and that includes trying to make peace with non-Christians. There have been many cases of that throughout the world. It was expecially given impetus with the Second Vatican Council.


  4. garden2day says:

    Hi 🙂 . I am at a real loss for why people think their way is the only way but I know that attitude. It has worsened in my opinion at least in the US. I talk about equality and I get attacked by Christians. These people tell me I’m going to hell? …and I call myself a Christian…(barely). They say they are the ones being attacked and persecuted. I say, “Self-persecution doesn’t count.”

    I know what I follow is not accepted by everyone and that’s ok. What isn’t ok is the intolerance and the preachers telling people to go out and hate others for sins…. I don’t understand the meaning of religious freedom if we are not truly free to believe how we want. Christianity is not the state religion but you would think it is. This is causing me a lot of pain lately and even today I was criticized for making the comment that we should try and get along rather than holding grudges about the US civil war. You would think that I had said the most awful of things. Venom…that’s all I see lately. The head-in-the-sand mentality to me is more dangerous than the off-with-their-head types. I know what to expect with the second group but the first one…they are the ones who are supposed to be loving…. Sorry that I ranted back. Take care! 🙂


    • Archon's Den says:

      I have heard about the US ‘Bible Belt.’ I’m glad I don’t have to live there, and am sorry you have to put up with it. I wrote some time ago about two North Carolina pols who fostered a bill to officially make Christianity the State Religion, but I never heard whether it went through or not. It ‘shouldn’t’ have, but, as you know, stranger and more restrictive stuff is happening all the time.
      Feel free to rant here any time. That’s what the header says it’s all about. Usually it’s mine, but if you’d like to “guest rant” any time, just let me know. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • garden2day says:

        The NC bill was killed but there are those who are still trying (desperately) to get the same types of bills into laws in various states. (Rev) Franklin Graham has put out the call to get a Christian in every public office… ( 😥 ). I actually liked his father but Franklin has not one ounce of sense. And, every time I make a statement that there is more than one religion, you would think I am a heretic and will be hung next week or burned at the stake (I’ll pass the word along if it happens–maybe my daughters can sell tickets to make money). People keep trying to tell me that they love others and want to ‘save’ them and I keep saying…don’t…please, lol. If they truly had faith they would say what they wanted and move on.

        People have gone absolutely insane around here (south/Bible belt). I could rant all day about it but it just frustrates everyone who has any sense left. Thank you for the offer. 😀 I was told by more than one person (Christians) to kill myself and that was just this week. I want to wake up and know it is all just a nightmare but they are still here….. I broke down the other day and asked a guy if he wanted me to help him dig his hole in the sand–I don’t think he got the reference. Life…. Have a good one… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Archon and everyone else who has been writing on this interesting blog. I for on believe that whatever you believe is okay. No one should tell you what to believe in – No one! I’m sorry if the people in the “Bible Belt” are annoying you and they really should leave others alone and let people believe what they want to. As long as a particular religion is not hurting other people – then it is acceptable to me. If it does kill people, then it is a false faith – anyway – that’s what I believe and please don’t try to change my mind because you can’t. Archon, your blog is very interesting! Thanks, Nan


    • Archon's Den says:

      Sorry Nan! I forgot to follow up on this comment. 😦
      As I tried to point out in this post, when someone disagrees with one of ‘these people’, or attempts to practice alternate beliefs, ‘they’ view it as an attack on themselves, their religion and their faith. The damage is psychological, but perceived as real, and reacted to swiftly and sometimes violently.
      Thanx for reading and commenting – and for being kind and inclusive, rather than judgemental and exclusionary. 😀


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