Autoprompt – What’s In Your Fridge?


When I saw the above autoprompt, I wondered, “Who would want to know what’s in my fridge?” Then I remembered, if we go to a party at someone else’s house and use the washroom, we always nose through the medicine cabinet. Hmm, Rogaine and hemorrhoid cream – he’s got problems at both ends. So yeah, you know you wanna know.


It is said that, the poor eat calories, the middle class eat nutrition, and the rich eat presentation.

Even when I worked in offices after we were first married, we were still only one short half-step up from being living-under-a-bridge poor, so calories were important. I always wanted to eat – well. Later, when I took off the shirt and tie, and donned the blue-collar to work in manufacturing plants, calories were important. The wife watched a lot of TV cooking shows, and bought and read a lot of cookbooks.

The wife of a couple down the street often complained about her husband’s food wants – meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes, seven nights a week. At our house, it was homemade pizza, perogies and potato pancakes, soups, stews and spaghetti, Chinese food, tacos, stroganoff, goulash, tourtière, schnitzel. One time we had menus for seven weeks in advance, with no duplicates.

To make this dizzying array of global dishes requires quite a varied supply of raw materials. This need explains the wife’s 36 place spice rack, and the 24 spot herb rack, with more in the cupboard, and a few growing fresh, on the back deck. Almost everything we have, because of personal preference, allergies and cooking options, we have multiple versions of.

Starting above the stove is a cupboard full of cooking alcohol – red wine for pasta sauce, white for chicken and turkey dishes, Chinese cooking wine, sake for a couple of Japanese recipes, and brandy to soak Christmas cake in. The only stuff that I drink is the occasional bit of Crème de Menthe on crushed ice, when I’ve overindulged in rich food.

Come the apocalypse, the basement storeroom will feed us for three months. Aside from cookies, crackers and canned goods, we have 12 sizes and shapes of pasta and noodles, 2 brands of tomato sauce, plus marinara and Alfredo sauce.

There are usually about 36 two-liter(2-quart) bottles of Pepsi, and ten or twelve 710ml(20 oz.) six-packs. We keep a 30-pack of bottled water ahead, to replace the one in use under the cats’ feeding stand upstairs, and one or two gallons of distilled, as well as a dozen cans of ginger ale.

There are 4 types of rice – long grain for plain white rice, Basmati rice for body, Jasmine rice for sticky rice dishes, and instant Minute Rice. We have all-purpose flour, cake & pastry flour, bread flour, specially-fine-ground blending flour for thickening soups, sauces and gravy, rye flour for making pumpernickel rolls, and spelt flour, which like rye, is not wheat-based, and suitable for the allergic grandson.

Currently there are 20 pounds of Superior, white potatoes for boiled and mashed, 20 pounds of Russets, which make great French fries and potato salad, and 5 pounds of new baby whites in the ‘beer fridge’ for suet roasting and skin-on salad.

Onions include, cooking, Spanish, sweet white, occasionally a red onion, a bag of perishable Vidalias in the fridge, shallots, which like leeks aren’t quite onions, and green onions, in the upstairs fridge, which I’ll get to next post, after we’ve had dinner.

Poor overworked, under-appreciated beer fridge! No actual beer in it, so BrainRants better give me at least 24 hours warning of any surprise visit. Instead, it has 4 varieties of soft drinks, several flavors of coffee creamers and salad dressings there’s no room for upstairs, three dozen eggs, two more dozen pickled, extra bags and blocks of cheeses, and sour cream and margarine, so we don’t run out upstairs.

Besides the onions and baby potatoes, there’s a cabbage and a half, a large broccoli, an extra lettuce and a multi-pack of romaine. It contains the son’s individual yogurts and rice puddings for work meals – and leftovers….Yum! Yum!

A Yankee society doyenne imperiously informed her Georgia plantation-owning host that, “Up north, we think breeding is everything.” He replied, “We like it down here too, but we got other hobbies.” I’ve never run into another home which revolves quite as much around food as ours does. It has to. It can’t escape the gravity well. We read – a lot. We watch some television, and we allow computers to suck our time and insult our intelligence.

If we’re not shopping for food, or storing food away, or cooking food, or eating food, we’re concealing evidence tucking leftover food away, often in the fridge upstairs. Come back next time, when I finally get around to describing its interior, and explain why we had to reinforce the kitchen floor.   🙄


11 thoughts on “Autoprompt – What’s In Your Fridge?

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Yum. Pierogi were a fave growing up as were potato pancakes. Cooking is awesome. At the current state, my fridge has guac, eggs, and steak. Brainrants published a yummy recipe for oriental soup. That is a staple in winter.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I came from a small, out-of-the-way, English/Scottish town, to this rather multi-cultural little city. Perogies were one of the first, and most enjoyable new foods I tried.
      I used to hand-grate potatoes so my Mom would make potato pancakes. I’m sure I left bits of skin and nail in the mix. When we bought an electric food processor, all that changed for the better. Hooray, technology! 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I gave up a six-pack sized space in the beer fridge for some leftovers. It hasn’t opened back up yet. Time for a counter-offensive. Your pantry sounds familiar.


  3. Dale says:

    What are you doing in MY house? Except for the vast quantities of soft drinks (I only keep a few cans).
    I like your wife… we’d get along just fabulously, I’m a-thinking!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Are you a cook-er, or merely a hoarder? Our 24 cu/ft. freezer is so full, that the son bought himself a little, apartment-sized 6 cu/ft. model, just to hold his favourite snacks. Now the wife says, “This cheesecake was on sale, but it won’t fit in our freezer. Can we put in in yours till we eat it?”
      I misspelled ‘so’ above, as ‘si’. I almost left it as is, because where you are, it means the same thing in either language. 😳

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dale says:

        I am not only a cooker…I’m a caterer. 2 full fridges, a chest freezer (don’t remember the size but it’s not amall) and even 2 “beer” fridges are all full!
        Si! So the same 😉


      • Archon's Den says:

        Between the cooking and the gardening, you and the wife would get along. 😆


  4. BrainRants says:

    Sounds normal to me. And I’ll give you any early warning of my impending impact. Or, do as I did and pimp yourself another ‘fridge.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Says the man with enough room to put one. That room is so crowded, I have to step back into the den to change my mind. I found a note from the canned sardines about needing more room. I could use the Kool-atron travel fridge, but I’d have to wire in another plug, and we all remember how well that went last time – and where would I put the cat food that’s stacked on top?? 😉 😕


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