The Games People Play


Our fellow-blogger, AFrankAngle is a teacher. His posts are well researched and clearly presented. His interests cover a wide territory, and include social and political happenings. He is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is keeping an eye on, and commenting about, the upcoming Presidential election.

The State of Ohio plays a pivotal role in such elections. It hosts the Primaries, and is a make-or-break State. I hope both you and Frank are appalled and outraged by the following little story.

The wife plays several games on a game site, as an anodyne to get her through some pain-filled days. Nothing exciting like Grand Theft Auto – just Canasta, Monopoly, Jungle Gym, Scrabble, and occasionally Crossword Cove, which I help her with. Usually she plays against the computer, because she says the other humans are too stupid and slow, and resentful when they get beat.

Apparently wasting spending time just playing games isn’t enough. The game site has recently added a chat-room-type sidebar, where you can make comments while you’re playing the games. It provides a list of conversation starters.

A couple of days ago, it listed;

What genre of Television do you prefer?
Who is your favorite Television character?
What Television episode disappointed you most with its outcome?

There were no takers for the TV genre question, I suspect because no-one knew what that big word, genre, meant.

Some woman got the TV character segment off to a bad start by listing Robert Uhrich, who was an actor, not a TV character, and who died 12 years ago. She was followed by a player who identified as a 67-year-old man from Ohio.

Perhaps led astray by the woman, he went even farther afield by declaring that his favorite TV character was Charles Heston, and the TV episode that disappointed him most was Ben-Her.

People, get out there and vote! These highly knowledgeable people vote, and if you don’t, Donald Trump will get to be president. 😳

And now back to our regularly scheduled rant about Canadian politics, so that you’ll know that there are idiots on both sides of the 49th parallel. We have a candidate for Prime Minister who first told us that, “The budget will balance itself.” He’s now switched to Care Bear policies, where he claims the budget needs to be, “Balanced from the heart outward.” Donald Trump is startin’ to look good.


17 thoughts on “The Games People Play

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Eventually, things balance themselves. After they’ve been reduced to sand by time and blown astray by the wind. So, your PM isn’t wrong, just well ahead of the curve. That sounds like a complement 😦


    • Archon's Den says:

      You’re right. When I’m dust in the wind, I won’t give a damn. In the meantime….I went into retirement with precious little. I don’t have time for some young Jack-a-napes to throw it all away like Greece, while he gets his on-the-job training. – and my Government pension, for his ineffectual efforts. 😳

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  2. I stay out of political discussions. But I do play video games. Fortunately for me, I only play games I have downloaded so I don’t have to deal with other people – that would only annoy me. My best to Mrs. G.O.D.


  3. Dale says:

    I have to agree with you….we’ve our share of buffoons on this side of the border too…


  4. Jim Wheeler says:

    In the Navy there is a saying that there’s always 10% who don’t get the word, or in other words, are clueless. In the broad electorate down here it’s beginning to look like it’s more like 24% – that seems to be the size of Mr. Trump’s faithful. Makes sense. Most of them haven’t even been to boot camp. 🙄


  5. Sightsnbytes says:

    Trump in the US, Harper, Trudeau…and that guy with the beard here in Canada..what a crowd of morons…my vote will probably be determined by rock paper scissors….


    • Archon's Den says:

      Probably as good a way of choosing as any….although I did see a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock version on The Big Bang Theory last night. Given our choices, it makes as much sense. 😛


  6. It is a bit scary to see Trump leading the polls but I don’t think that most of the people who might support him even vote!


  7. BrainRants says:

    The Donald’s own mouth will keep him out of the White House. My favorite TV genre is chocolate.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      We can only hope that Donald’s mouth will create its own exclusion zone; but P.T.Barnum said, “No-one ever went broke, underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
      I wouldn’t have taken you for a chocoholic. It doesn’t seem to go with Coors Lite. At least you don’t immerse yourself in a tub, so there’s no scented candles and bath gel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😛


  8. It’s scary that we will actually have to vote and pick one of these guys/gals.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I’d even vote for Elizabeth May, but she’s a one-trick pony, and a one-member party.
      I don’t like Harper, and his way of doing things, but he does seem to waste money slower than the other choices. The local Conservative candidate seems solid and capable, even if ‘Steve’ does ignore his caucus. Several local Liberal candidates seem well-tanned, and have names like Radish….uh, Pradish. 😯

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