Enforced Morality


Almost a month after I posted my What A Bunch Of Boobs piece, an op-ed letter from a man revealed that the local male constable and the Police Chief, still had not issued an apology to the three topless female bicycle riders. Shortly after, the following letter appeared in the paper.

It’s time to move on

Re; Apology still required – Aug 18

I could not get over Ron Dettweiler’s request for an apology from the officer and chief of police regarding the topless women on bicycles.

It’s over – he has to let it go. Our police are up to their necks with calls on a day-today basis. It’s stressful and they are on a budget too. He can wait and wait, but in my opinion, he will never get an apology in print or otherwise.

You have to look at this issue from other people’s perspective, including those of the police. There are two sides to a coin.

We have to move forward and act like proper ladies and gentlemen in our daily lives, private and public.

Jason Koeppl


Hhmmmmmng… That’s the sound of me, biting my tongue. Screw it! I lost the battle.


Morality and the law

Re; It’s time to move on – Aug. 26

Jason Koeppl doesn’t seem to understand the difference between enforcing morals, and enforcing the law.

He says that police are busy on a day-to-day basis, and have better things to do than apologise. I agree. They have more important, legal, Police duties to perform than stopping and harassing three young topless female bike riders, who were breaking no law. This is not within their field of business. They could be gentlemen and offer regrets for their mistaken over-reaction.  Public relations and apologies are part of the Chief’s job description.

If Koeppl and/or his priest want to try to enforce morals, I’d like to bicycle down topless to watch, and point and laugh.

Crusty Curmudgeon
The Archon


The newspaper opted not to print ‘and/or his priest’, as well as ‘and point and laugh’, probably viewing them as just a bit too acerbic. Can’t be insulting ‘Good Christians’, even when they’re wrong.

I showed my letter to the wife, and we had a lively discussion, every second line of which was, “Yes dear.” Since she may not be the only one who ‘doesn’t get’ what seems obvious to me, it went this way.

“They’re just sluts.”
Yes dear, but that’s not the business of the police.
“They shouldn’t be doing that.”
Yes dear, but the police are busy chasing speeders and donut shop bandits. They don’t have the time or budget to enforce morals.
“Well somebody should force them to put clothes on.”
Yes dear, but they’re not breaking any law, so the police should stay out of it.
“The law should be changed back! I’m going to write my local politician.”
Yes dear, and if and when that happens, the already busy police will have one more non-productive thing to do.
“Somebody should tell them that we aren’t going to stand for this type of behavior.”
Yes dear, grab a priest and head for Speakers’ Corner.
“We don’t need a priest. We just need a bunch of irate, vocal wives.”
Yes dear, I know the power of an irate, vocal wife. 😛

Any thoughts about topless women in public, or whether the police should, or should not, get involved?

3 thoughts on “Enforced Morality

  1. BrainRants says:

    I don’t want police enforcing morals. Our laws are subject to interpretation enough. I’m also trying to figure out why free range boobs are bad.


  2. Sightsnbytes says:

    hmmmm…topless women on bikes. What in the hell is wrong with that? I guess maybe the only thing I can see is that maybe it is dangerous…I mean imagine all those bumps in the road….those women could suffer a serious injury such as a black eye from an out of control booby…and then crash their bikes….
    or maybe topless women on bikes could pose a threat to drivers…such a distraction!

    Now, shirtless men….that should be against the law!

    Everyone knows our police force lacks morals, how do we expect them to enforce them?

    incidentally, we don’t see many topless women on bikes here on the island…too cold!

    Back when I worked at a local electronics store, we had this out of whack air conditioner. The thing would cut in on hot days and there was no way to turn it down. One day this lady came in wearing a tight sweater and no bra. The guy working with me was the bashful type, and was obviously staring at her chest. She says to him “Sure is cold in here!”
    I guess she caught him off guard as he stared at her chest.
    “Yes” he replied…”It sure is nippily in here!”
    Boy was his face red!
    Hooray for boobies!


  3. Jim Wheeler says:

    I agree with you and Sightsnbytes, Archon. Of course, if bare boobs result in fist fights or rioting mobs, then the cops would have to intervene. I don’t think that would happen though. Women are too smart to remove the shaped mystery and reveal the drooping reality. Your wife may not think this way but her instinct is 20/20.


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