Now Just Back Up A Second!


Why is there a backspace key on the keyboard? Actually, my PC doesn’t have one, clearly marked ‘Backspage’bBackspace’, handily located in the lower right corner of the keyboarkeyboard. Mine is an inconvenierinconverinconveniently located button in the upper right, vaguely labelled(?) with a left-pointing arrow.

The backspace key is obviously therthere so that we can go back and correct our typing errors. Mine usually gets quite a waorkoutworkout. I’d have never passed a high school typing test. With words or strokes being subtracted for errors, I’d have ended up owing words.


As I get older, it gets worse. Sometimes it’s as if my hands have a mind of their own. This shows up especially when I’m doing crossword puzzles. Clue – wondrous….solution – epic. The mind says, “That’s spelled E>>>PE…P…I…C” – and I look down, and my fingers have already written the C where the E should be. When I’m typing, the lesftleft little finger really likes to add randonrandom a’s.

I recently read a post like this, where the author had been challenged to publish a document, with strikethroughs to show where mistakes had been made. Like him/her, in several cases, the hands automatically backspaced and corrected, but I then retyped thmistakesthe mistakes to show where they’d been.

How about you, my faithfifaithful readers? Are you all perfect typists, with no strikethroughs? Would any of you like to accept this secodsecond-hand challenge, and publish a little missive to show how much you go through to bring us your perfect prose?

Fat typist


13 thoughts on “Now Just Back Up A Second!

  1. BrainRants says:

    Sounds like me, as you well know. Actually, I start putting letters from the next word into the one I’m typing. Not sure how that works.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    Is the body working faster than the mind? Yeah, probably. 😯 “Hurry up, I got this puzzle half finished already.” 😉


  3. Dan Antion says:

    I tell people that for extra security, my password included a couple backspaces.


  4. Well, Achron, we all know I neve rmake mistakes, so I don’t need tht backspce. 🙂

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  5. Sightsnbytes says:

    70 words per minute and I never use spell check. Learned to type on an old Sears manual typewriter.Never forgot anything because my typing instructor in college was absolutely cruel. We had to type blindfolded so we didn’t look at the keys. A great lesson from way back in 1981.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Damned old showoff. 😉 The wife listened to me clicking keys one day, and estimated about 80 WPM, but that was a composition I’d already carefully thought out. When I’m concentrating on new work, my mind doesn’t have firm control of the fingers.
      That college typing teacher really was an ogre. If you were blindfolded, how did you know if/when you made a mistake, or was it like the ‘infinite number of monkeys’, you just kept pounding till Shakespeare’s works fell out??
      The manual machines in my high school’s typing room had blank letter keys – no blindfolds, although with that old hag teacher, we could have used some. 😳 That was 1961! 😯


  6. I’ve never erev mayd a mistike tiping so their.

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  7. […] Fortunately for you (and me), my writings benefit greatly from considerable editing. If it were not for the miracles of the word-processing program, the prose that my over-fed, sausage-like fingers (Mmmm – sausages!) typo out, would look like my Back Up A Sec post. […]


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