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To help finance our recent trip to visit Cordelia’s Mom, in Buffalo, I did a little unintentional crowd-sourcing. Son Shimoniac and I are almost impossible to buy presents for. I don’t even wear ties, so gaily-wrapped tee-shirts, socks or underwear often show up.

Grandson WillowThorn had been desperately searching for suitable presents for both Shimoniac and I. Our birthdays both occurred just before this trip. He had finally found something suitable for me, which he will now delightedly hold until Christmas. When he heard about our trip, he went to a bank and presented each of us with $50 US cash. That’s the joy of a gift of money. It’s always the right size. Let’s have a nice round of applause for one of the nicest grandsons/nephews in the world.

The son worked a midnight shift till 7 AM, Saturday morning, came home, showered, changed, had breakfast/midnight snack, and helped me load the car after I’d had *?*? hours of sleep. He normally goes to bed about noon, but sometimes gets excited by the weekend before him and stays up till 3 or 4. With the trip ahead, he was so high on adrenalin, I could have towed him to Buffalo like a kite.

I had decided to cross the border from Queenston to Lewiston, partly to save a bit of extra driving, but mostly to keep Ethel, the snotty GPS, quiet. Fifty miles of the drive were along a highway named for the Queen, The Queen Elizabeth Way – The QEW, which Ethel rendered to ‘The Q EWest’. I’m lucky she didn’t call it ‘The QEast/West’. Before we left, the son entered the address of the motel out in Batavia that we would stay at. Ethel didn’t get snotty till I decided to pull off I-90, to get to the restaurant. We forgot to tell her we were stopping for lunch.

Cordelia had already wisely backed out, but CM has two other quite intelligent daughters, both also smart enough not to want to have anything to do with mom’s two rotund Canuckleheads.

CM had to go down to the basement, where she managed to slip off the electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, unchain Mr. CM, and drag him along. He must have majored in Performing Arts in College, because he acted as if he actually enjoyed himself.

SDC10886 our restaurant, The Grapevine

Having already pulled an illegal player substitution on us, CM then proceeded to execute an end run. Two days before kickoff, she emailed me to say that she had invited another blogger and his wife http://markbialczak.com/ . Talk about feeling like a fifth wheel – more like the third rail.


Sadly, they couldn’t make it. I seated The Bear across from Mr. CM. When he left, he still had both ears, so I guess the son didn’t talk one of them off. I posted a blog called Funny Money, about Canada’s new, polymer plastic bills, but it was before CM knew me, so she hadn’t seen it.

Loonie toonie

They both were aware of them, as well as our Loonie and Toonie – the $1 and $2 coins, but hadn’t actually seen them, so I hauled some out for their inspection. They were fascinated, especially hubby, with the holograms.

SDC10657      SDC10885

Lunch was delicious, (and paid for by someone else) and the company was sparkling. I remembered to present CM with a refill on her maple candy, (this is where the SWEEEET comes in) and LadyRyl sent along a cloth chew-toy for the dog.  I don’t know if Not CM sneaked in or not.  I kept glancing around for strange looking people, and found everyone staring at Shim and I.  We were It.  😛


Kooky, the Coke-sniffing drinking bear got to make some new friends. Afterwards, we were invited back to our hosts’ home to meet puppy Cody, and view the almost-completed repairs.

SDC10891  come back here SDC10892

Possibly overwhelmed by the size and the hair on The Bear, Cody was understandably reticent. It took some skill and patience to get a shot of her. CM then led us on a merry chase down to The Galleria Mall. After another minor episode of not quite being where we should, (wait till you read what I managed on my own later) she abandoned left us in the rain, outside a Sears store.


I’m not much of a believer in superstitions, but the finding of lucky, welcoming pennies just continued – three days, three pennies found, the first by Shimoniac, on a hip-high shelf in Sears. Please return next week for the story of our stay in a small town city, out in the sticks.

5 thoughts on “SWEEEET!

  1. Ah, the pennies. That was my deceased mother (the inspiration for Teddy Rosalie) watching over you after we parted. Sorry for dropping you at the back of Sears, but I was afraid to drive through any more of that mess, especially after squeezing between those two illegally parked cars at the Mall’s outside patio area. Hopefully, you managed to find your way into the Mall and were able to enjoy all the better stores.

    Yes, hubby did enjoy himself. Now that we’ve tested the waters, so to speak, maybe I’ll be able to talk him into meeting other bloggers. Who knows? Maybe he’ll catch the bug and decided to start his own blog!

    And of course, Not CM was at lunch with us! Don’t you remember ShadowPaws’ toothy grin from across the table? Shame on you.

    Hopefully, next time we meet, Puppy Cody will be a little friendlier. She’s not used to big, bear-like men invading her territory. The only large male strangers we’ve had in the house lately were the contractors, who tore down a few walls and made a lot of noise – so Cody is understandably skittish.

    For those of your readers who might have missed it, here’s the link to MY version of this story: http://cordeliasmomstill.com/2015/10/05/the-canadians-cameth-again/

    It was fun, G.O.D. I’m still planning to come visit you and Mrs. G.O.D. at some point once my life settles down a little more.

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  2. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:
    It’s funny how two bloggers sitting in the same rooms can have different views on what happened. Fortunately, Archon and Shimoniac didn’t have too bad of a time when they came to visit from the wilds of Canada …

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  3. BrainRants says:

    Is it me, or are each of your polymer denominations a different size?


    • Archon's Den says:

      No, they’re color-coded, not by size. They’re all exactly identical. The apparent difference is caused by parallax. I took the photo at an angle with my cheap little camera, to prevent shadows. 😛


  4. […] his son to make a couple truly appreciate each other.  As a plus, G.O.D. (the Grumpy Old Dude of Archon’s Den) also got to meet Teddy Rosalie, ShadowPaws and Puppy Cody.  Puppy Cody was not […]


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