I Read You, Loud And Clear

For years, I averaged reading a book a week – about fifty a year. Two years ago, when I first listed what I’d read, there were only 31 books.  Last year’s list improved minimally, to 33.

When we moved into this house 15 years ago, we placed the TV and all attendant electronics in the finished Rec Room in the basement. The wife’s deteriorating mobility and bladder problems have meant that we haven’t watched more than 10 hours of TV together since last April/May.  That has led to an increase in my reading.  Below are what I read last year.  The year’s total ran to 46.

Eric Flint – Grantville Gazette VI

grantville gazette VI

David Weber/Linda Evans – Hells Gate

hells gate

Lee Child – Nothing To Lose – Gone Tomorrow – 61 Hours – Worth Dying For – The Affair

nothing to losegone tomorrow 61 hours

worth dying for    the affair

Clive Cussler – Golden Buddha – Trojan Odyssey – Sacred Stone – Lost City

golden buddha  trojan odyssey

sacred stone   lost city

James Rollins – Sandstorm – Map Of Bones – Black Order

sandstorm  map of bones black order

Greg Loomis – The Coptic Secret – Gates Of Hades

coptic secret gates of hades

Steve Berry – The Romanov Prophecy – The Alexandria Link – The Venetian Betrayal – The Paris Vendetta

the-romanov-prophecy-1 the alexandria link

the venetian betrayal the-paris-vendetta-1

Ilona Andrews – Magic Bites – Magic Burns – Magic Strikes – Magic Bleeds – Magic Rises – Magic Slays – Gunmetal Magic

magic bites magic burns magic strikes

magic-bleeds magic-rises

magic slays gunmetal-magic

John Ringo – Strands Of Sorrow


F. Paul Wilson – The Tomb – Legacies – Conspiracies

the tomb  legacies conspiracies

This is a series introduced to me by Ted, at SightsNBytes.  Thanx Ted!  There will be more in next year’s list.

Sharon Lee/Steve Miller – Saltation


Larry Correia – Monster Hunter Nemesis

monster hunter nemesis

I read the paperback version of this, but the best photo I could download was the audiobook.

William C. Dietz – At Empire’s Edge

at empires edge

Tom Clancy – Against All Enemies – Dead Or Alive

against all enemies dead or alive

Like Monster Hunter, above, I read the softback version of Dead Or Alive, but picked up the photo of the CD version.

David Feldman – Why Don’t Cats Like To Swim ? (Imponderables)

why cats don't swim

Jonathon Sarfati – Refuting Evolution – Refuting Evolution II

Refuting Evolution Refuting Evolution 2

Tony Daniel – Guardian Of Night

guardian of night

William Manchester – A World Lit Only By Fire

a world lit only by fire

This was a book suggested by Jim Wheeler, as a research tool for the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.  It clearly lists the excesses and sins of the European Royalty and the Catholic Church hierarchy (They were often the same thing.), and justifies claims I made in my The Torture Of Faith post.

Bonaventure Des Perier – Cymbalum Mundi (The Noise of the World)

cymbalum mundi

I found this book mentioned in Manchester’s treatise, above.  Written about 1542, it sneaks around mentioning the same things as ‘World‘ does, because, at the time of writing, accusations of heresy or sedition could get you tortured and burned at the stake.

Robert A. Heinlein – The Door Into Summer

the door into summer

Still in my book collection, I hadn’t read this one for 30 or 40 years.  It’s always possible to get a new insight from Heinlein, so I re-read it.

Gordon R. Dickson – The Man From Earth

The man from earth

Another book from the ’60s.  A collection of 10 of Dickson’s short stories, written from ’52 to ’65.  This anthology was published in ’66.  I never read it then, but pulled it from a pile the son was getting rid of.


In past years I have proof-read about half of two novels, for two different authors.  This past year, I had the privilege of beta-reading (proof-reading, character and plot development suggestions) for two new authors.  There are no cover pictures because they have not been published yet, hopefully soon.

Tom Elias – Degree Of Separation


Sci-Fi mystery

Will Greaney – The Last Ride


Army mystery

Aside from my posts (Thank you!  Thank you!), what have you guys been reading?

11 thoughts on “I Read You, Loud And Clear

  1. BrainRants says:

    Impressive list. I’m jealous you get to read so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Archon's Den says:

      I understand your jealousy, but it’s not the unalloyed joy it might seem. While you have, and continue to, actually accomplish things, I live others’ lives vicariously. 😉 😛


  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Awesome list. I read a world lit only by fire…this was years ago. Damn. Yout grammar police are probably in overdrive

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim Wheeler says:

    You have a pretty broad taste in material, Archon. Interesting that it includes science fiction. As a teen and young man I loved that genre, but then that was the golden age of science fiction. Heinlein (which you have listed), Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke, Kornbluth, Simak, VanVogt, they are all part of me now. I have many of the anthologies from that time on my shelves, most out of print now.

    Do you ever re-read good books? Since retirement I’ve re-read Verne’s The Mysterious Island and Robinson Crusoe and was glad I did. The mature eye is different from the youthful. Have you ever read “Not as a Stranger” by Morton Thompson? Not sci-fi, but particularly memorable, about a doctor. Also high on my memory stand-outs is Manchester’s two volume history, “The Glory and the Dream”. Seen through the lens of 4 decades in the future it clarifies how politics shaped our lives.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I was introduced to Sci-Fi about ’56, at a book exchange in our nearby town where I was bused to high school, and never looked back. I have books from each and all of the authors you list, in my collection, stored in the basement. Add to them, John Brunner, Kenneth Bulmer, Poul Anderson, A. Bertram Chandler, Andre Norton, the lady writer who took a guy’s name, and E. E. (Doc) Smith, Heinlein’s mentor. I liked his Lensmen series better than the Family D’Alembert. It was, indeed, a golden age.
      Always trying to stay ahead of the ever-increasing pile of unread before me, I have little time to go back and reread. I have a bunch in the bedroom that haven’t been boxed up. Perhaps I’ll get back to a few of them this year.
      I’ll check the library for the Thompson and Manchester suggestions. Your last recommendation was interesting and educational. You may succeed in improving my mind, whether I want it to be or not. 😀


  4. Sightsnbytes says:

    Wow! I am surprised with all that reading, you still have time for your cat.


    • Archon's Den says:

      (Fighting off a cat who demands to be petted, I reply) I/we have four cats! You wouldn’t believe the number of times I am interrupted for food, water, catnip, petting, even one who insists that we nap. They’re only one of the reasons I read a chapter at a time, of three different books. 😯 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    Blue light speed I am. I am the first to call out my mistakes. And yep teeny phone keyboards don’t mix well with less than teeny thumbs.


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