The Best Laid Plans….


I woke up today feeling marvelous!  I even impressed me.  I felt that I should publish a post so that I could inform others of my magnificence.


If I’m going to compose something to impress others, I need a plan. Think!  Think!….


A plan is a great idea, but – the cats need kibble, the dog needs out, there’s a newspaper to be read, and a crossword to be done. The wife needs help with supper and dishes….


….and the sun has gone down, the moon is risen, and all my wonderfulness has faded into the darkness.

For those of you who may feel I have not put enough thought or effort into this post.


Ah well, perhaps tomorrow.   😎

6 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans….

  1. BrainRants says:

    Well put, Archon. I see you’ve hired some graphic designers.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Being of a type to occasionally write letters to the editor of our local paper, I was urged by a friend to seek a regular column. I guy I have verbally sparred with did that and now is writing weekly. Glad it’s him and not me because writer’s block would plague me. It’s why my posts have trickled off to almost nothing.

    There is so much written these days that I’m loathe to compete by posting, so I comment. Of course, picking out the good from the vast sea of gabble is the real challenge. I’m currently following only 5 blogs that post regularly, and yours is one of them. Can you feel the pressure? 🙂


    • Archon's Den says:

      I know your situation. I’ve had dozens, if not hundreds, of letters published over the years, by two magazines, and in two different newspapers. I can be creative by impetus, but not on demand.

      I’m always under my own pressure to come up with three posts a week. Your addition is barely felt, but appreciated. I first learned from BrainRants about opening a Word file and having a few posts ahead – just in case.

      I’ve actually been experiencing a period of relative productivity. My 600th post is next up, and waiting in the wings. Usually I’m 10 to 15 drafts ahead, but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve hiked it to almost 25.

      The weekly Flash Fiction (although I don’t score every week) and now the 26 episode A to Z serial, encourage me to think I might reach 1000. 😀


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