Forest, Meet Trees


What a damned bunch of hypocrites!

Whenever I read an article which describes a conflict between a branch of religion and the public at large, I’m often struck by the hypocrisy shown. It is difficult to know whether it’s honest, gullible, naïve, ‘have faith and believe what I tell you’, or the more serious, intentional lie to save face and retain control.

Some Bishops have sharply criticized proposed guidelines to help transgender students in schools. The Education Minister says he had a ‘frank conversation’ with Calgary Bishop Fred Henry.  Henry has called the Province ‘totalitarian’, pursuing what he calls ‘narrow-minded, anti-Catholic ideology’.

Imagine the nerve of the Province, telling the Church that they can hate the sin, but have to help the sinner. The very thought of the Catholic Church accusing any other organization of being totalitarian and narrow-minded just has me on the floor.
Kettle….->….Pot!  Pot….->….Kettle!  That one’s gotta show up in the highlight reel on the Comedy Channel.


But I’d be willing to bet that, if the government declared abortion illegal, banned the sale of contraceptives, and rescinded the law allowing divorces, the good Bishop would not find that totalitarian and narrow-minded .


A letter to the Editor, defending a controversial columnist’s right to an unpopular opinion, recalled the writer’s first-ever letter of complaint about her.

I was so mad I swore I would never read The Record again. The article concerned a young man handing out Christian literature at a local high school.
She thought it was wrong; I thought it was right….
By the way, after 25 years, I still think the kid was doing the right thing at the school.

And I’m also pretty sure that if it had been Jewish tracts, or Muslim literature, or Atheist promotion being handed out, he wouldn’t have thought the kid was doing the right thing at the school.

Oh, those poor beleaguered Catholics/Christians. (Insert sarcasm here.)  Non-Catholics and non-Christians object to being treated poorly.  If our children only get one side of a story, it is not education – we could call that propaganda – or being bullied into one way of thinking. Protestants protested, and separated from the Catholic Church so that they had freedom of thought and worship.  They have no plans to give that up.   😈

7 thoughts on “Forest, Meet Trees

  1. BrainRants says:

    Amazing how the stick one can use as a crutch can be flipped quickly in the hand to become a club, eh?


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    I just read the Wikipedia article on religion vs. government in Canada and I have to say that you guys seem to be dealing with it much better than we are. Down here, religion as business is thriving, having successfully equated piety with patriotism. The Mormon church is particularly successful at this, but mega-churches as well. It’s kind of like the “non-profit” model for hospitals. They escape taxation while boosting salaries and perks – the sky’s the limit.

    The article doesn’t mention taxation of church enterprises in Canada, but I assume it’s the same there?


    • Archon's Den says:

      I don’t know if it’s just the colder weather, or if there are other factors, but Canadians just don’t seem to get polarized the way Americans do, whether about religion or anything else.
      I’m currently reading a novel about the Mormon Church vs. the American Government and Constitution – scary! I found out about Danites, the enforcement arm. (But of course, they were disbanded in the late 1800s 😉 )
      Canadian churches and property pay no taxes, although I see little abuse of the system. The system is abusive enough.
      Two homeless guys squatted in an abandoned foundry in the next city. When the concerned owners and police tried to evict them, one of them was smart enough to form The Church of the Universe – with marijuana as a Holy Sacrament.
      Ya gotta take every church seriously, so that your church will also be taken seriously. After three years, they still had not been evicted, but moved 15 miles to another abandoned foundry, in a different city. After yet another two years of frustration, it ‘mysteriously burned down’. The founder finally died before he could merge with The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 😆 😯

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  3. Archon- well said! As a product of 20 plus years of Catholic schooling, I am no longer following church tenets. The Catholic religion needs to come into the 21st century. They still mandate archaic beliefs on divorce, birth control, etc etc……..


    • Archon's Den says:

      They still insist that the people serve The Church, rather than The Church serving the people, and wonder why their membership is dropping. I saw a video just yesterday about a gung-ho novitiate in the Seminary, who couldn’t reconcile the contradictions, and left the priesthood and the Church.
      I also found that he was baptised without his knowledge, and without his agreement, but the Catholic Church insists that he can’t quit. He’ll go to Hell, but he’ll go as a failed Catholic, not an ex Catholic. 😯


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