Reading Challenge – 2016

Reading challenge

Oh wow, yet another post about what I read last year.  Last year, I threatened vaguely hinted that I might list what I did/did not read, that filled the above Challenge list.  Not being a great team-player/rules-follower, the results are not impressive.  The covers are all shown back at ‘It’s All Newton’s Fault’, if you want another look.

A book published this (2016) year.
N/A I’m too busy trying to catch up on about four series, so that the next ‘unread’ one is less than 5 years old and I can borrow it from the library at no charge, to be bothered with anything less than a year old.

A book you can finish in one day.
Henry Freeman – The Crusades From Beginning To End
A 156 page disappointment, with no real information, not worth the price.

A book you’ve been meaning to read.
Jonathan Kellerman – Flesh And Blood
After owning it for 15 years, I finally got around to actually reading it. (See below)  A somewhat pedantic little procedural, nowhere nearly as interesting as his wife’s mysteries.

A book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller.
N/A Years ago, there was a TV ad which touted, “You can always tell a Heinz pickle, but you can’t tell a Heinz pickle nothing.”
Heinz pickle = Grumpy Old Dude

A book you should have read in school.
N/A See last year’s statement.  Perhaps some of the Sci-Fi that I’m now rereading.  Maybe I should have got to them sooner.

A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child, or BFF.
Jared Diamond – Guns, Germs And Steel
More ‘recommended’ than ‘chosen’, by my online BFF, BrainRants, it was an enlightening treatise showing how White Europeans ended up owning or controlling so much of the world.

A book published before you were born.
E.E. (Doc) Smith – The Spacehounds Of IPC
With Jim Wheeler’s prompt, I am rereading some old Sci-Fi.  I think I should get extra points for this one.  It’s hard to find books that were published before I was born.  This one was from 1931.  I also reread the original Buck Rogers, from 1928.  I refuse to reread The Bible.

A book that was banned at some point.
N/A I probably have read one at some point, because some of the most supposedly inoffensive books have been banned, somewhere, sometime, including Harry Potter.  I just didn’t actively search one out.

A book that you previously abandoned.

A book that you own, but never read.
Jonathan Kellerman – Flesh And Blood
I can’t believe that I was always so far ahead with books to read, that I didn’t get around to this one for 15 years.  Then I read it, and realized why.

A book that intimidates you.
William Patterson – Robert A. Heinlein biography – Part II
This was big, and dry – but ultimately, very rewarding.

A book you’ve already read at least once.
Aside from IPC and Buck Rogers, I also reread;
Isaac Asimov – Pebble In The Sky, and Nemesis
Robert A. Heinlein – Tunnel In The Sky
A. Bertram Chandler – The Far Traveller
John Brunner – To Conquer Chaos, The World Swappers, and The Super Barbarians as well as 10 other classic science fiction books.

With all those N/As, if I hadn’t seen the list of books I did read, I might have thought I didn’t really read much.  I just don’t read a lot of what some others feel is acceptable.  You read my posts last year.  Did you have time to read anything else?  😕

4 thoughts on “Reading Challenge – 2016

  1. BrainRants says:

    Congratulations, you’re a pickle. Two authors I’d recommend: John Scalzi and James S.A. Corey (who is two dudes actually). Both have penned series-esque works. Scalzi does space war as well as Heinlein and Haldeman; Corey’s work is the basis for “The Expanse” on cable, and 1/4 into the first book, I understand why they picked it up.

    That should keep you busy.


    • Archon's Den says:

      A couple of years ago, my ‘books read’ list included Scalzi’s Ghost Brigades, Lost Colony and Zoe’s Tale. The son has a few more hidden in his room. I’ll shake some loose.
      I also read his re-imagining of H. Beam Piper’s ‘Little Fuzzies’ before I read the original. Son read Piper’s version first, and is horrified with Scalzi.
      I’ll check out Corey, both in the bookstore, and on Netflix….cuz I got all this free time. 😉 Thanx for the tip! 😀


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Although I’m not inclined to follow any kind of bucket reading list at this point in life, I do recall being pleased with re-reading two works after my second retirement.

    1. The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne
    2. Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe (the world’s first commercially-successful work of fiction, no less!)


    • Archon's Den says:

      You have even more of a problem than I do, finding books published before you were born, but I see that you’ve managed. I’ve read ‘Crusoe’ a couple of times, but have never got around to Verne’s ‘Island’. I see the local library has two paperback copies; I must request one. Thanx for another suggestion. 😀


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