I Know Spit From Spamola

Spam 2

I haven’t done a post about ‘interesting’ spam for a while, because I haven’t received any interesting spam for a while.  Same-old, same-old!  I decided to dig this old one out.  This interesting lady popped up in the middle of a comment thread about something else entirely.


Hi. Would you please write a post about how easy (or hard) it would be for my ex-husband to hack into my phone or computer? Also what I would need to do to ensure my phone and computer are secure?

Thanks, your advice and help would be much appreciated.


July 3, 2015 at 11:09 pm  (Edit)

I’ll get right on that. While I’m busy protecting your phone, would you use it to contact the Canada Revenue Agency, and get them to double my pension?   😳

      • Penny says:

July 4, 2015 at 12:21 pm  (Edit)

the most logical and likely explanation is that you are my ex-husband and all that time I thought I was talking to someone else it was actually him fucking with my head. What a tangled web.



I don’t think I gained a new follower, as much as a new stalker!  😯  I wish her and her phone and computer the best of luck against her evil Ex.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to harass such a logical, undemanding person.

Have you had an interesting, entertaining spam recently? Feel free to share it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “I Know Spit From Spamola

  1. Yes, I have had some interesting spam, Archon. Someone emailed me to tell me that I am to be the recipient of 2.5 Million US dollars because an unknown relative kicked the bucket and left me the bulk of their estate. Groovy. Of course, that went in the appropriate file. Delete.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I can’t believe the number of gullible, uninformed folks who fall for these scams. A local old lady got taken for $600,000 in the, ‘You’ve won a Lottery that you didn’t even enter’ version.
      I laughed and passed on one that would have me prepay monthly, for a time-share condo in Florida, that I could vacation in….if it wasn’t already in use whenever I might want it. There’s one born every minute. I ain’t it! 😯

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