The Vax Fax….uh, Facts


A local high school teacher recently scared the Hell out of a couple of public nurses and some students. A science teacher, he should have known, and acted, better.  Apparently he’s an anti-vaccination conspiracy theory believer.  He abandoned his class and classroom three times, to go to the gymnasium, where booster shots were being given.

He banged on the nurses’ work table. He leaned in on his knuckles, nose to nose with them, and demanded that they provide proof that vaccinations were safe.  He paced around, yelling that the students had the right to know that the vaccinations could kill them.  The students were frightened, not of the shots, but of his behavior.

His school board censured him, the police were called, and charged him, and he got his 15 minutes of infamy in the media. A few days later, this letter appeared.  My response follows it.


Re: Anti-vaccination teacher guilty

I find it rather ironic that this week, an Ontario teacher was found guilty of misconduct for pushing his views on vaccination, and my nephew died after 32 years, as a result of uncontrollable seizures, after being vaccinated as a child.

This teacher was trying to assure that his students were aware of all the side effects, including possible death, as the result of vaccines.

Too much of this information is buried from the public eye. I’m not against vaccines, I’m just an apprehensive observer who doesn’t have enough information to make a proper decision on my own.

Jim Kuntz


I was disappointed to see Jim Kuntz’s letter of support (Vaccination debate, Mon. Feb. 27) for the anti-vax teacher.

He was chastised not for his views, but for his actions. There is a proper time, place, and method of protest. Interrupting medical procedures, and frightening nurses and students was very inappropriate.

Kuntz was disingenuous to mention his nephew’s death after long-term seizures, and the fact that he had been vaccinated, with no proof that one caused the other. Epilepsy usually first presents just as children receive their first shots.

He complained that much of needed information is not available to the public. If either of these gentlemen need info, they need only contact their personal doctor, the local Medical Association, the Provincial Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association, The World Health Organization, or the C.D.C. (Centers for Disease Control).

They are all available online, and unanimous in their stance that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the slim possibility of a bad reaction. Or they could just Google ‘Disproven Vaccination Theories.’

The Archon

The anti-vaxer conspiracy theorists would rather believe stripper/porn star Jenny McCarthy, and some guy who ‘bought’ fame by faking results, than thousands of doctors with millions of hours of training and experience. What do you believe on this subject? Anybody want to weigh in – pro, or con?   😕



When my letter above was printed, the newspaper removed the word ‘disingenuous’ (too big for local Mennonites?), along with any hint that Kuntz had intentionally misled readers.

The final paragraph, with its support of the opinions of trained physicians, and the idea of using Google to dispel at least one conspiracy theory, simply disappeared. You don’t think someone at the paper is an anti-vaxer, do you??! 😉


7 thoughts on “The Vax Fax….uh, Facts

  1. Normally I don’t weigh in on these types of things but I was vaccinated all my life and I receive the flu shot every year. I am still here. Knock on wood with no ill effects. Personally, children should be vaccinated because they need protection that our immunity systems do not provide for certain diseases.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I have recently read two articles which attempt to assure folks that there are no hazards connected to both GMO foods, and MSG – especially in Chinese-type food – but this anti-vaccination kerfuffle is like a zombie movie. It just never seems to die. 😯

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  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Vaccination is probably the most efficacious medical discovery of all time, the number one weapon offsetting the ill effects (pun intended) of humans grouping together in cities after the discovery of agriculture.

    I’m surprised your letter was so badly mangled by the editor. I’ve written quite a few down here and am glad to say that none has ever been damaged like yours. I hope this is not common in Canada.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I’m surprised too. They telephoned to verify that I was the person who’d actually submitted it (a thought for a later blog-post), and told me that it was interesting enough to print. I don’t know if the person who spayed and neutered it was an anti-vaxxer, or if they just didn’t want to attract more, polarized correspondence. 😕 🙂


  3. Daniel Digby says:

    I’m not sure about vaccinations, but a friend of mine died just three days after eating rutabagas. Coincidence? I think not! When will the government start doing something about it?


    • Archon's Den says:

      😆 Do I smell just the faintest tinge of sarcasm??
      I had a ‘discussion’ with a thumper recently. “And God said to Adam and Eve, it you eat from the Tree of Knowledge, you will surely die.” I responded, “Yes, but they ate, and they didn’t die.” “Well yes they did – 978 years later.”, and quoted chapter and verse. So, what’s vitally important to you, is so insignificant to God, that He didn’t get around to doing anything about it for almost a thousand years? If you trim your toenails, if you take a shit (or give a shit), or listen to rap-music….you will surely die. 😛

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