Progressively Worse

Little Red Schoolhouse

It ain’t gettin’ any better, folks!

A mass shooting has got the lefties screaming, yet again, for a gun ban. As someone who has lived in Ontario, and was married when you needed an Act of Parliament to get a divorce, abortion was illegal, and murderers were executed, it is so saddening to watch how progressives have destroyed yet another generation of our children.

Kids today can only print their names. They participate in games with no winners, attend schools where failure isn’t an option, and in general, are not taught to compete, for fear of losing, at any aspect of life.

Without learning to deal with any type of failure, they no longer can deal with it; yet there comes a time when they do fail, and then they are too weak to move on past it.

Our kids’ ‘progressive’ world leaves them unprepared for life, and academia convinces them that, just as in sports, the workplace should have no winners or losers, and that everyone is entitled to the same paycheck, just as they were entitled to a ‘participated’ ribbon.

In their world of ‘no consequences’, their failure to ever hear the word “NO”, a life of no discipline, and no idea how to cope, leads to more frustrated ‘shooters’ who have not been taught how to live a competitive and disciplined life.

Does anyone expect anything else from this progressive philosophy, which is financially and morally destroying the West??!   😯


8 thoughts on “Progressively Worse

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    I know, even today, children that are 16 and 17 years of age, that can not tell time… unless it’s by digital means.


    • Archon's Den says:

      “Mickey’s little hand points at the 7. Mickey’s big hand points at YOU , because you’re too lazy, and too busy playing video games to learn any useful life skills.”
      🙄 😳
      Thanx for the views and comment.


  2. ladyryl says:

    Hence the reason I made sure your grandson learned those things at home. He was so much better prepared for the outside world because of it and other things that are no longer taught to a majority of the young these days. A job that requires real work for the wages is abandoned on the first day in many cases, because they have never been taught to actually work hard for anything.

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  3. BrainRants says:

    While I agree with you, I also make myself keep in mind that the Millenials and other incapables you describe were made by their parents, which is essentially me/us/Gen-X.

    As for shootings… this is what you get when your country values money and puts corporate profits before children’s lives. We need to reinstate a total automatic weapons ban. Frankly, if you need an AR to hunt, then you completely fail and suck at hunting.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Apparently, there’s only ‘X’ number of IQ points per country, As the population rises, the average intelligence drops. You and my daughter just drive it down further.
      I’ve handled a few ARs (but never fired one) I don’t see how one would ever be suitable for hunting. Their only use seems to be as a penis substitution….which explains the number of huge dicks out there. 🙄


  4. Am I missing the sarcastic element here?


    • Archon's Den says:

      In the post?? Sadly, NO!! I’m all for progress, but I want it to be actual productive progress, not feel-good, social-engineering change. Today’s paper had an article about incoming Kindergartners who can’t pick up and hold a pen/pencil/crayon, because all they’ve ever known were smart phones and tablets. 👿
      Your country’s leader may be a Macaroni-and-cheese hair away from being psychotic. My Prime Minister’s only claim to fame is that he looks cute, and his father was Prime Minister 40 years ago. The only jobs he’s held are as a ski-instructor, and a drama coach. If he didn’t have to work to achieve fame, why should our schoolchildren??! 😈

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