’18 A To Z Challenge – Bipolar Disorder

Pot Smoker

The hippie days of peace, love, beads, and acceptance of other people and their foibles, are long dead. The Age of Information has created more strongly held, and stridently expressed opinions.  I think we can all agree that, despite the push for a more tolerant and more sensitive society, it seems that when given the opportunity to be unkind, people still tend towards putting others down (especially when they have anonymity or the distance that a computer screen provides).

The ‘highway’ is too often clogged with intolerance, now it’s just “My way, or I’ll hate you.” It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue – abortion, religion, politics – often mixed together, there just seems to be no middle ground anymore.  Nobody wants to listen to the other guy.  It’s become two greatly divergent solitudes, neither side ‘winning’, but screaming louder and louder, to appear to.

Red States – Blue States – The United States may soon become the Un-United States. It’s as close to Civil War as it has been for over a century and a half.  Political ‘dialog’ often degenerates to the likes of:

Democrats are treasonous bastards.
Republicans come from lesbian free-thinkers

God's Kingdom and Politics

The Democrats once again want to tear this country apart simply for slavery.  What disgusting selfish, evil scumbags these partisan shitstains show themselves to be. Again, the lying, lack of remorse, pervasive harm and pain, and mocking of well accepted standards and boundaries, this is the basis of evil, folks.

I am saddened by the rift in the United States, because people are less able to discuss the issues and ideas, and much more able to insult the fact that an idea is either left or right. The ridicule and the name calling on political affiliation has turned political dialog into hateful attacks.

Insulting the people who lean one way or the other does not bring our current society forward. We won’t always agree, but we can take a look at what the other side is attempting to achieve.

Come on kids, play nice with each other. As David Bowie asks in his song, Under Pressure, “Why can’t we all just get along, get along, get along??” At least listen to why the other fellow thinks and feels the way he does. Nobody learns anything while he’s doing the talking, and nobody gets his way all the time! 😯

2 thoughts on “’18 A To Z Challenge – Bipolar Disorder

  1. Jim Wheeler says:

    Seems to me, Archon, that people haven’t changed, but only the communications medium. Now virtually everyone can post their feelings and resentments for all to see. The founders of our country understood that a pure democracy was unworkable, which is why they chose a representative version. That model is now under tremendous stress because a mere statement from, say, an FBI director about a fresh pack of (inconsequential) emails can swing a presidential election.

    Radio and television too are problematic because they facilitate demagoguery. Never before in history have the powerful been revealed to be so flawed, so like the rest of us. Anything is possible.

    The YMCA that we go to has 8 televisions on the workout floor, one of which always displays the Fox News channel. None displays MSNBC which leans liberal. I asked the Director about this. The movers and shakers in this very conservative corner of Missouri are adamant that it be so. He said the selection mirrors the local popularity of stations. The tyranny of the majority.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I totally agree about the influence of rapid communication. In days of yore, peasant revolts, brought on because “the people” didn’t feel that their rulers were listening to them, could take decades – centuries to foment.
      Today, especially with Social Media, bloggers, tweeters, texts, Facebook, a flash mob can be put together in half an hour, and far too easily influenced. 😯


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