WOW #32



Definitions for Disneyfy              

to create or alter in a simplified, sentimentalized, or contrived form or manner: museums that have become Disneyfied to attract more visitors.

Origin of Disneyfy

Disneyfy is an Americanism formed from the name of Walt Disney, the cartoonist and moviemaker (1901-66), and the familiar verb suffix -fy. Disneyfy entered English in the second half of the 20th century.

In every aspect of human interaction, the social pendulum swings from too much of one thing, to too much of its opposite.  It was not long ago (historically) that those who deviated, even slightly, from the social norm, were punished with pain, imprisonment, and forced attitude re-adjustment.

It was good for society to move away from these cruel actions and attitudes.  Sadly though, the pendulum has now swung into the realm of unicorns, rainbows, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony.  The Thought Police now insist that we cannot even have negative opinions and attitudes, especially toward Special Interest Groups like blacks, LGBTs, or illegal immigrants, much less express them, lest someone get their precious feelings hurt.

I believe that America has been Disnefied enough quite enough, thank you.  Within each of the special ‘protected species groups,’ and outside them, there are plenty of assholes who need to be called out.  I am still willing to call a spade a fucking shovel, to dig us out of this great pile of Politically Correct bullshit that’s been heaped on us.  Remember, Disney was the guy who gave us Fantasyland.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with some sensitive thoughts.  I expect to see you here, or I’ll unfriend you.  So there!  That’ll teach you.  😛

4 thoughts on “WOW #32

  1. You got something against unicorns and rainbows? Isn’t that politically incorrect, too? Personally, I like both, but not in overwhelming proportions.

    I will be here, always. Please don’t unfriend me.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Rainbows are on their way out. They represent gays, and the ‘Good Christians’ would like to get back to the Good Old Days of floggings, and the rack. They want to burn all the rainbow flags….and the queers, at the stake.
      I love unicorns. A nice soya sauce and lemon marinade, and some Arbys horseradish sauce – yum, yum!
      Don’t worry. I put a picture of you on the ‘unfriend’ button, and I couldn’t possibly poke you in the eye.
      Irony Inc. – The day I posted this, there was a newspaper article about the Ontario Art Gallery, renaming a 100-year-old painting, called “Indian Church.” I don’t find the “Indian” part of it offensive, just the part where white men came and forced Christianity on the natives. 😛

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  2. I’m okay with rainbows, and guys wearing pink. America’s culture permits people to wearing immature fashions or childish hobbies late into life, but some people still try to force everyone to wear drab greys, and to them I say that more fashion diversity is a boon!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I live in the middle of Mennonite country. It’s just across Lake Erie from, and very similar to, Amish country. Their idea of fashion diversity is dark grey, instead of black. Hooray for diversity! I proudly wear my Scottish plaids – but not a skirt…. uh, kilt. 😉 😆


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