That’s Not (Precisely) Funny

German Shepherd

Gerry Seinfeld is rolling over in his grave – or, he would be, if he were dead, and if he reads this, he might be.

There are times when comedy, or other facets of life, depend on precision.   Jerry was/is a precisionist.  He replaced a generic ‘dog’, with a ‘German Shepherd,’ in a joke about a blind skydiver, and killed.  He and a friend argued for an hour, about whether to use ‘a’ or ‘the’ in a joke.

Just as often though, it is necessary for the joke-teller to rely on the listener’s imagination.  Sometimes, precision can kill the humor.

Recently, while plagiarizing researching jokes for my comedy posts, I ran into the old classic about a couple making out in a car.  When the male asks the female if she’d like to get into the back seat, the Blonde wails that she’d rather stay in the front with him.

Ditzy Blonde

The Blonde lady who posted it, took the time and trouble to rewrite it, and place the amorous couple in a CORVETTE.  Ever the pedantic buzzkill, I reminded her that unlike the sports car Thunderbird, which morphed into a gigantic land-yacht, Corvettes never had a back seat.

I got back a grumpy (and I’m an expert on grumpy), “Well, maybe it was a BWM then.”  Maybe it was, but why did you feel the need to be specific – and wrong?  Why not just use the generic ‘car,’ the way every other joke-teller does, and let the readers’ imaginations supply their own.  I could imagine a 1928 Essex, because a man in my home-town turned one into a French fry wagon.

Today’s rant about Nothing, is brought to you because I couldn’t imagine a theme for last week’s 100-word Flash Fiction, I didn’t have a WOW composed and ready, and I published a comedy post out of sequence.

I’d like to blame exposure to Donald Trump, during our week-long visit to DC.  Our Osteopath claims that our trip was a success.  Trump was quiet all the time that we were there, but that was because he was too busy playing golf in Florida.  My digestion and my blog-site are all regular again.  Please stop back soon, so that I can prove it….  the blogging – not the digestion.  Ew, Ew, Ew.  😯

9 thoughts on “That’s Not (Precisely) Funny

  1. BrainRants says:

    Proximity to the Cheetoh Shitler can be damaging. We’re taking meds here for that.


    • Archon's Den says:

      He’s back in (your) town. You may have to increase the toking dosage.
      You and HE feature strongly in Wednesday’s post.
      Has our package left yet?
      Thanx for a wonderful experience. 😀


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    It’s probably been more than 10 years since I’ve been in DC and even then I found the traffic awful. (We used the Metro.) I can’t imagine what it must be like now.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I’ve driven through Metro Toronto (and will again this Sunday – with a U-Haul moving van), I’ve driven through metro Detroit (it seems to make sense), but neither compare to DC.
      The Beltway actually isn’t bad, but the Interstate coming in…. 😯 12 or 14 lanes in both directions. Ethel, the GPS kept urging, “Keep right for I-270 Local.” Surface streets are painted blue with different Interstate numbers, this lane for I-395, that lane for I-495 up ramps.
      I don’t know what downtown streets are like. For our trip past the Pentagon, and to the Lincoln Memorial and The Mall, BrainRants used I-395, almost to the parking lot, and very few shots were fired.

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  3. G.O.D. went to Washington? How did that happen? I didn’t think God was allowed in Washington.

    (P.S. I lived there for something like 6 years, many years ago. I could maybe have given you a few traffic pointers, had you asked. Which, of course, you didn’t. Your loss.)


    • Archon's Den says:

      There can’t be two GODs in Washington at the same time. Luckily Trump was in Florida, so it was okay.
      I had hoped to start the trip through Detroit, and return via Buffalo, and stop for a visit and some shopping, but wound up doing the circle in the other direction. I waved down at your new abode as I raced past it – and with all five fingers. Wait till you read how I got (sorta) lost, over by your old place. Maybe we can do a weekend trip in the fall. You can lose me in Walton’s Woods, or take me to the gun range…. and bring me back. 😉
      I imagine, like Jim Wheeler, that DC, and driving there, has changed a lot since you lived there. 😯


  4. preetyvarma says:

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