Religious Freedom To Be Paranoid


Christianity is again under attack.  So says a newspaper article that’s as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise.  The headline is actually ‘Freedom of religion disappearing in Canada,’ but Christianity is the only religion mentioned.

The writer gives two examples of loss of (Christian) religious freedom which I can refute quickly and easily.
The man is a paranoid, fucking moron.

What??!  You were expecting something deeper, and more considered?  Alright!

He whines about the Federal Liberal government refusing to give grant money, for the hiring of summer students, to any organization which will not guarantee support for birth control or abortion.   He, and many others, feels that this is loss of religious freedom.

Not so!  Any such church, or Christian organization, is still free to hold and teach any and all moral positions.  The Federal Government is just telling them that they cannot finance proselytizing their restrictive, judgemental views with MY tax money.  He complains that the churches can’t get back “their money,” but all churches are tax-exempt.

Locally, the Federal Government has tried and failed four times in the last 15 years, to strip a successful businessman of his citizenship, and deport him.  He came to Canada in 1948, and became a real estate developer.  He employed over a hundred people, and he and his wife were active in social causes, donating over $2 million to various worthy causes.

He was a 17-year-old ethnic German, living with his family in the Ukraine, when the Nazi death-squads arrived.  When they found that he could speak both German and Russian, they kidnapped him and threatened him and his family with torture and death if he didn’t translate for them, so that they could find the Jews and Gypsies.  Under U.N. regulations, this made him a ‘child soldier,’ not subject to prosecution.

After 50 years of raising three successful children, and giving so much to the country, the Canadian Jewish Congress discovered that he’d ‘been part’ of this hated death squad, and began fomenting for his exile.

It is not illegal, under Canadian law, to have been part, but it is illegal to have lied to immigration officers when he attempted to enter the country.  He says that, when he applied in 1948, Immigration saw him as a young Ukrainian, and only asked him, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?”

Ever anxious to foster the myth of an infallible bureaucracy, the tribunal decided that, “On the basis of probabilities,” he must have lied to officials.

Skip happily with me now, out to British Columbia, to the Trinity Law School, a church-run Christian College.  They require all their students to sign a Code of Conduct.  While enrolled at the College, students may not support abortion, birth-control, or same-sex marriage.  In fact, no sex of any kind, except with someone you’re married to.

Law Societies across Canada have declared that they will not regard a certificate from this school as valid.  The College, and writers like this article’s, are howling that this is an infringement of their religious freedom.  Again, not so!

They are still free to teach and instill this code of conduct, just as the Law Societies are free to decline to take the school and its graduates seriously.  In an area of business and society where neutrality and equality are valued, “On the basis of probabilities,” it is assumed that students exposed to this constant propaganda will have, at least an unconscious bias, detrimental to the even-handed practice of law.

Freedom of religion does not include the freedom to impose ‘yours’ upon anyone else, no matter how wonderful and ‘divinely inspired’ you feel it is.  That’s the quota of ‘Rants and Rambles’ that I’m free to publish today.  I hope to see you again soon, for something sillier.

12 thoughts on “Religious Freedom To Be Paranoid

  1. Jim Wheeler says:

    I can think of no other aspect of human activity that better represents the conundrum of the human condition than organized religion. It accounts for great good and also is the prime mover for hatred, bigotry and tribalism. As you say, “freedom” is all too often a one-sided word. Perfect freedom can not exist in a world with more than one person in it.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I am irked when folks like the author are willfully blind to the contradictions of their claims, but it really burns me when someone presents a rebuttal like mine above, and they still refuse to even consider that others may be right – or have rights.
      A female caller to The Atheist Experience recently would not admit even the slightest possibility that her claims might not be completely correct – but vehemently objected when the emcee pointed out that she was closed-minded. 😯


  2. BrainRants says:

    If you’re looking for true silliness, I’d commend Donald J. Trump, 45th POTUS. Also known as Cheeto Jesus, Orange Foolius, or as I like to sometimes say, Shitler.

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  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Totally agree. Let’s just respect our differences and move on. It seems like too much to ask.


  4. Daniel Digby says:

    Certainly you’ve seen the trailers to the American movies where an atheist attacks Christmas (the very heart of Christianity) and only through the diligence of a united Christian front is defeated. It’s all true, and in fact, Obama passed a secret law requiring that we could only say “Happy holidays” at Christmas time. It was so secret that no one, other than Trump remembers it. Fortunately, as he explained to us, he has restored our right to say “Merry Christmas”, although as I understand it, saying “Merry Xmas” is still restricted because we should keep Christ in Xmas.

    Then there is the posting of the 10 commandments on our courthouse walls at taxpayer expense (e.g. Jonesboro, Tennessee). Only atheists complain, even though it is the Protestant 10 commandments, which differs from both the Catholic and Jewish 10 commandments (compare number 7, for example). The real irony is that the judges in these courts don’t seem to have read a Bible, since the only verses specifically identified as THE 10 commandments are in Exodus 34.

    Christianity can only stand so long with this constant persecution. Thank God that He was able to impress His wishes on our president’s heart.


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