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I have been proved wrong – again!

I told the wife, that when our Wheaten/Schnauzer/Poodle–cross cur was gone, we would not get another dog.  I explained a thousand times that we are too old, too weak, that we didn’t have the strength, the stamina, the patience….most of all, the money, to buy a purebred, non-allergenic puppy.

Puppies Parents

Our two new little handfuls, with their black Daddy, and white Momma.

By ‘we’, of course, I meant ‘me.’  Suddenly, one day, while I was composing a previous A-To-Z post, she called to me to “come see something on my laptop.”  Halfway down the stairs, I saw the picture of Mom and Dad Scotty Terriers.  Before I could even protest, she shifted to more photos of a bundle of the cutest puppies.  Ohhh, no fair!

Scottish Terriers are usually black, but some of them are white, and a few of them are brindle, which is white, with blonde/gold highlights.  Mom was white.  Dad was black, and the puppies were some of each.  Could we just go to look at them??  They were only a 2 ½ hour drive away.  I’m doomed – doomed I tell you.


Aren’t the two new Scottish terrors Terriers cute??

We brought the son – and his checkbook – along.  They valiantly held out, but we all knew that we had not come just to look.  The wife picked the little black female, above.  Then came the hard sell.  Unlike the previous litter, this time the breeder was having trouble getting rid of the males.  If we would also take a male, she would give us a screwing deal on both dogs.

The wife launched a piteous appeal to his heartstrings, to get the son to further loosen his purse-strings.  When he finally bowed to the inevitable, we became a two-dog family.  Happy birthday, Mothers’ Day, Arbor Day, Thanksgiving, anniversary, Christmas, and Leonard Nimoy’s bris.

The next day, we got a panicked phone call.  “Is something wrong??”  Well….  Another couple had come to look at the puppies, and she was attaching ribbons to ours, to assure that we got the ones we’d picked out.  The male the wife had chosen, the only brindle one in the litter – had turned out to be a female??!  Would we accept any other male?  We chose the happy, chubby white male, as a Mini-Me.

We named the male, Duff, a Gaelic word that means ‘black.’  We called the little female, Guin, a Welsh term which means ‘white.’  So, our black dog is White, and our white dog is Black.  At least we’re not out Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog, as Norma Tanega did, back in the mid-60s.

No Chew

Here’s a liter of IRONY!


I only hope that the male pulled that plug from the socket, before he chewed it off.

At just over six months old, they recently got their first trim.  We had to be vetted by our new groomer.  She was recommended by the wife’s hairdresser.  The woman came to the house to see the dogs in their ‘native environment,’ before she would accept us as clients.  I feel so 90210. 😯 Oh Yeah!  We’ve got two new puppies.  Be thankful that you’re only stuck with me.  At least I’m house-trained.  😉


They’ve gone from being a mere handful, to being A Real handful.

13 thoughts on “’18 A To Z Challenge – Puppy Love

  1. These little guys are just adorable – no wonder you couldn’t resist :O)


  2. I’m sure they are, but omg they’re adorable!
    We lost our last pet this summer, he was 25! And since the husband is retiring next year and wants to travel, he said no more pets. First time in my life I haven’t had a houseful and it’s killing me…


    • Archon's Den says:

      I recently lost mu gravatar-partner female cat. she could have lived to 20, but asthma took her at 12. I posted an elegy here.
      With the puppies we are now at 2 dogs and 3 cats. We recently enjoyed a week away, while the son tried vainly to pill and feed. He says, anything longer than a weekend, and they have to be kenneled – or he does. 😆elegy here
      Or maybe it’s down here. 😯

      Liked by 1 person

      • At one time we had 6 cats, a dog, a bird and a rabbit. … all strays who wandered in. We’d go away for a week and had shifts of neighbors who rotated a daily schedule of feeding, watering and letting in and out. There was always a nightmarish mess and at least 3 disastrous mishaps when we came back. I miss my pets dearly…. but have to guiltily admit traveling is much easier now.


      • Archon's Den says:

        Travelling is such a great experience. I hate being kept on such a short leash – Buffalo, or Detroit, 2 days, then home again. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is hard, and a huge responsibility when you have pets. I can’t say I’m enjoying having an empty house, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll tolerate it… but yes. Traveling is sooo much easier!


  3. They are adorable. We lost our one dog a week ago, and I’m talking to the husband about getting another, though I would wait to spring, when going outside for toilet training is easier on the human.


  4. […] this tale, I went into my back yard, and found a small nest-building-type stick that my new pair of Scottie Terrier puppies had wrenched off a shrub.  I brought it into the house, and jammed it into a bowl of semi-precious […]


  5. They are just beautiful. I SO envy you. I love the chewed bottle of anti-chewing stuff. Lucky for us, our weren’t chewers, just landscapers. Their yard looks like a missile target. And keeping them clean — even clean enough to let in the house — was always an interesting project. Very interesting.

    I wish I could afford an older Scottie. That’s what Gibbs was supposed to be, but he died very suddenly of nothing we knew anything about. The Vet thinks a slow-growing heart growth that dropped him in his tracks. He looked so young and healthy and died so suddenly.

    They do charge way more than two retirees can manage. A pity because what wonderful dogs they are.


    • Archon's Den says:

      😀 I had hoped that you would like the story of my new kids. There’s just something about Scotties. They are finally ‘trained’, and their get into and chew everything phase is (almost) over. 🙂


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