WOW #39


The Word Of this Week,


doesn’t exist, even though I found it in an A to Z Challenge.  There’s all too much of this sort of thing going on out there in Bloggerland, even among the better spoken written.

Despite filling the ‘K’ slot in her alphabet challenge, the word should be cahoot.  They’re very sociable little creatures that get lonely quite easily, so you almost always see two or more cahoots together, getting into mischief.

  1. US partnership; league (esp. in the phrases go in cahoots with, go cahoot )
  2. in cahoots in collusion

Word Origin and History for cahoots

1829, American English, of unknown origin; said to be perhaps from French cahute “cabin, hut” (12c.), but U.S. sources credit it to French cohorte (see cohort), a word said to have been in use in the U.S. South and West with a sense of “companions, confederates.”

I met a lady online that I wanted to get in cahoots with, so I sexted her a picture of my privates.  She said it must be a private; it wasn’t big enough to be a Corporal, much less a General.  Oh well, back to looking for odd/interesting words.  😆

5 thoughts on “WOW #39

  1. Ha! I’m nerdy enough to love word origins. Heck just the other day I was at the planetarium and learned that my car, a Subaru… is the Japanese word for Pleiades and the logo is the Seven Sisters star cluster. Who knew? (If you did, don’t tell me)


    • Archon's Den says:

      I didn’t know about that one, although, everything means something. I just finished tying together two ends of a 50 year, and a 60 year-old German name question that I should have answered long ago.
      Before it became Mazda (which is a Hindu god), Japanese engineers were tasked with producing a new car. the company was almost ready to begin production, and they still had not decided on a name for it. Someone suggested that they call their competition over at Volkswagen, to see if they had any suggestions. The German asked when they needed a name, and the Japanese said it was urgent. They needed it by the first of the next month. The German responded, “Hmm, dat soon?” (Datsun) 😳
      Puns often lose a lot, being typed out. 😯

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  2. Dale says:

    Hahaha… Was wondering at the k-spelling of it… goes to show.
    As for sexting privates. I wish that whole thing would just stop. Having found myself unprepared for the dating world again in my 50s, this has been rather disconcerting, to say the least…


    • Archon's Den says:

      This whole #MeToo movement has shown me that I’m the only guy in North America with any pride and self-control. “Be a dick. Send a picture of yours” ??? 😯 I just can’t fathom why any guy would think that some woman who he hasn’t even met, would be interested in such a photo. It would be better if he sent a picture of his big yacht, instead of his little dinghy or, better still, a big Teddy Bear and a big box of Godiva chocolates. 😀
      You take care out there. There’s probably one more nice guy. 😎


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