’18 A To Z Challenge – T


Challenge '18Letter T







The challenge for a T theme brings you another odd little word.  It is


Noun: the interpolation of one or more words between the parts of a compound word, as be thou ware for beware.

Which is the dull, boring, pretentious definition that Dictionary.com provided, but not the one they gave when I first found it as a word of the day, but wasn’t smart enough to download it then.  At that time they claimed that it was, “the insertion or interjection of an intensifier into an already forceful statement – often profanity.”

Profanity??  Now you’re speaking my language.  Jesus H. Christ, holy f**king shit, that’s the kind of stuff that I abso-bloody-lutely understand.  None of this ‘interpolation’ crap.  This is how many of us speak.

I understand that a new year is (almost) upon us, and that this particular alphabetical series is nearly finished.  See U soon.  😉

Merry Christmas (or any other suitable substitute holiday) to all, and to all a good night.


Best wishes from the fat old guy who lives up north in the snow – no, not Santa.  He’s short a reindeer.  We had venison steaks for dinner.

6 thoughts on “’18 A To Z Challenge – T

  1. I’ve always wondered… what is Jesus’s middle name?
    Harold? Herbert? Horace?
    Please do a little research and get back to me….


  2. Dale says:

    Love this! Abso-effing-lutely, love this!
    Merry Christmas!!


    • Archon's Den says:

      Sapristi! Tabernacle!
      Have you heard that the Federal Government is finally going to remove the Jacques Cartier Bridge, and let the Frogs hop across on lily pads. Ahh – if they can’t take a joke (or an oil pipeline), forget ’em 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dale says:

        Ha ha! Ya got the “mellow” versions of the swearwords down pat!
        Never you mind… Don’t touch the Jacques-Cartier Bridge! It’s bad enough the new effing Champlain is being built beside the old one that lasted a whole 50 years or so… And once that is up and functional (they’re pushing to finish so who knows just what that will mean!) they’re gonna close the effing Tunnel (which is right by my house) which will cause … OK. I’ll stop now before I get my knickers in a knot…
        And, just so you know, I’m more than half frog 😉


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