’18 A To Z Challenge – V


So, there I was, surrounded by my adoring fans/all the daughter’s pets, when I thought that I should start another A To Z Challenge blog-post when I got home.


When I got there, I couldn’t see my way clear to actually compose anything, because….  Forget about the dog(s) eating my homework.  The two little #*$@ darlings ate my glasses.  Fortunately, I’ve got an old pair that would suffice, at least until the Optical Surgeon gouged one of my eyes out.


I finally decided to do a little research on words that begin with the letter V, and found


noun, plural vel·le·i·ties.

  1. volition in its weakest form.
  2. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

Well, I’ve already lost the chance to claim it, because I’ve researched and downloaded it.  At least the definition doesn’t say anything about procrastination or laziness.  Throw in a couple of cheap and easy graphics, and that’s all I have to say about the letter V.  If you don’t like it, tough luck.

no fucks

I ordered a big shipment of motivation from Amazon, but it was delayed by the Christmas rush.  It just arrived, so I’ll do much better in a couple of weeks, for the letter W.  See you then.  😀

6 thoughts on “’18 A To Z Challenge – V

  1. Dale says:

    What? You have the velleity to not even use it in a sentence?


  2. Effortless wishes are the best kind….
    As for the glasses, perhaps it’s time to buy more kibble?


    • Archon's Den says:

      Nah, it’s my own fault. I got a package of cheese dip as a Christmas present. I took it into the living room to read the ingredients and assembly instructions. I put it down on the end table and the glasses on top, and wandered off to run some errands. The little bitch (in both senses) smelled the dip, and went through my glasses to get to it.
      As for buying kibble…. Those aren’t glasses in the top photo. Those are my eyes, after an adventure at the pet food store that I’ll tell you about on Wednesday. 👿

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