’18 A To Z Challenge – Y

Letter Y

I was desperately pondering what word, beginning with the letter Y, to write about. I had yesteryear, yonder, yardstick, and yield, any one of which may still show up this time next year. I thought about Yule, but it’s long past. The Easter Bunny is already hopping over Santa’s sleigh tracks. I told all my yolks, when I published my E For Eggs post, a couple of years ago.

Suddenly it came to me! I should write a post about



A few of my fans, awed by the magnificence of my prose.

Yes, you, my regular readers, and faithful fans – who have been with me and my blogging, through thick and thin…. Who am I kidding??! When, during the time that I have been blogging, have I ever been thin? It’s been more like thick, and thicker. I’m a little like comedian Gabriel Iglesias – so well-fed that I’m somewhere between FLUFFY and DAMN!

Fortunately for you (and me), my writings benefit greatly from considerable editing. If it were not for the miracles of the word-processing program, the prose that my over-fed, sausage-like fingers (Mmmm – sausages!) typo out, would look like my Back Up A Sec post.

My readers and online guests are important to me all the time after a meal that would have Santa Claus leading a Weight-Watchers intervention raid, but you’re here now, reading my output, and giving me a warm happy feeling – just like a large serving of French fries and gravy.

Since it’s Lent – even though I’m not a Catholic – I hereby vow to give up excessive calorie intake for 40…. minutes. I promise to be back in a couple of days, with a post that’s sleek and svelte, even if I’m not. Thank you, to the visitors who have come here before, and thank you to the ones who will gratify me by continuing to show up later. 😀


12 thoughts on “’18 A To Z Challenge – Y

  1. An entire 40 minutes? Color me impressed with your willpower..,


  2. I’m so honored that you wrote a post about …. ME! (I saw the title YOU, and I knew it just had to be about me. Who else could you possibly mean?). No need to give up calories for my sake. You’ll be a bit surprised when you next see me, unless I manage to drop all the weight I’ve gained since the last time we met. But at least I haven’t lost my driving abilities and sense of direction …


  3. Dale says:

    As long as you don’t give up entertaining us, I’m good.

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  4. 1jaded1 says:

    I won’t be giving YOU up for Lent. Hey, I don’t practice it either, but if I did, I would not give you up.


  5. Daniel Digby says:

    I’m always awed by your magnificence, but I was hoping you would explain how ‘yclept’ could be part of the conjugation of ‘clepe’, and ‘y’ isn’t ‘yclepe’ an English word? It’s just the sort of word you would normally pick.

    I’m betting that it’s because English grammar isn’t intended to make any sense.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Have you been reading “A Cue For Treason” again?? I read it as an English assignment in grade 9. It was the first, and only, place I’ve ever seen ‘ypointing’ used. The English language is a patchwork quilt – an orphan with many foster parents. The ‘Y’ of yclept comes from the Norman French. Much like the French ‘a,’ it means ‘in, at or to.’ With so many foreign parents, there are no “Rules” for English…. more like strong suggestions – with lots of exceptions. The more you know, the less you will find that you know. It’s capable of great and precise communication, but I still love its idiosyncrasies. 😀

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