(Self-)Help Is On The Way

Self Help

In order to improve the lot in life of our employees and customers, Archon’s Addled Alliance is offering some free on-line courses. All you need to do is contact us and admit that you need help, and we’ll enroll you in a suitable one from the following list.


Creative Suffering
Overcoming Peace of Mind
You and Your Birthmarks
Guilt Without Sex
The Primal Shrug
Ego Gratification Through Violence
Moulding Your Child’s Behavior Through Guilt And Fear
Dealing with Post-Realization Depression
Whine Your Way to Alienation
How to Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretense and Ostentation
Hairstyling by Microwave


Retire at 26 by Embezzlement
How I made $100 in Real Estate
Money Can Make You Rich
Packaging And Selling Your Children
Career Opportunities in El Salvador
How to Profit From Your Own Body
The Underachievers Guide to Very Small Business Opportunities
Tax Shelters For The Indigent
The Looters Guide to North American Cities
Mortgage Reduction Through Arson
Manipulation – The Key To Success
Hysteria – Motivation and Methodology
Preliminary to Employment Through Nepotism
Dice and Dope – Roll Your Way to Success


Counterfeiting Canadian Tire Money (Open to residents of Canada only)
Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
How to Convert a Wheelchair Into a Dune Buggy
Cat Hair Macramé
Christianity and The Art of RV Maintenance
What to do With Your Conversation Pit
Sinus Drainage (Contracts)
1001 Uses For Krazy Glue
Repair and Maintenance of Your Virginity
Burglar-Proof Your Home With Concrete
How to Convert Your Kirby Vacuum-Cleaner Into a Fully Automatic Rifle
How to Build a Patio With Prune Pits – Franchise Program
Second-Hand Tupperware Parties


Creative Tooth Decay
Fun With Necrophilia
The Joys of Hypochondria
Exorcism and Acne
High Fibre Sex
Suicide and Your Health
Skate Your Way to Regularity
Understanding Nudity
Tap Dance Your Way to Ridicule
Optional Body Functions
The Braille System of Anatomy
Dressing Right/Dressing Left – How It Can Change Your Life
Isometric Fitness For the Lazy
Understanding Underarm Wetness and Wind Direction


Start Your Own TV Evangelism
Self Actualization Through Macramé
Needlecraft for Junkies
Gifts For the Senile
Cuticle Crafts
How to Draw Genitals
Bonsai Your Pet
Wind Chimes As a Substitute For Religion
25 Creative Uses For a Water-Pik
Crochet Drapes From Dental Floss
Toilet Bowl Reading

Please add any courses that you would like to see offered in the future.

10 thoughts on “(Self-)Help Is On The Way

  1. jim- says:

    Very comprehensive. Can I get fries with that? I would like to offer another course in near-sighted gynecology—how to conduct free exams for quick cash, and convince the skeptic—bringing life into religion through pancreatic cancer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jim- says:

    Ooh. Relieving jock itch through interpretive dance.


  3. Rivergirl says:

    Best. Curriculum. Ever.
    Can’t wait to cut my Christmas gift spending in half with Cat Hair Macrame….


    • Archon's Den says:

      While this entire list is meant to be satirical comedy, with the daughter’s and wife’s help, that item is possible. A niece sheared her husky one spring. She gave the bag of ‘fleece’ to the daughter, who washed and carded it, mixed it with a bit of cotton, and spun it. She passed off the yarn to the wife, who knitted it into a headband and pair of mitts for the niece. The dog is long gone, but the warm mitts live on.
      If you’ve got a long-haired cat you want clipped…. 😯 Can’t be a Manx.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this! Sign me up for all courses. Surely I’ll find something to fix all my inadequacies.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Okay, you’re registered for the whole list. My inadequacy is getting the paperwork done on time. Your only fee will be to stop back and comment occasionally. 🙂


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