I Need My Meds!!


My OCD about proper, correct English usage nearly gnawed its way out of my thick skull. My automatic proof-reader was on angel dust, and my internal editor was having heart palpitations.

Shortly after I composed my Blog – How to be taken seriously, I found this post. The writer is an example of an English redneck. If this guy were living in the US, he’d be wearing a MAGA hat, and helping Trump build a wall.

Since he states that he is English, to have his racist screed taken seriously, it would really help if he could write it in The Queen’s English. I only downloaded the title, which is what caught my attention, and the first two paragraphs. It continued to offend my eye and my sensibilities for another illiterate, rambling three paragraphs. I stopped counting the errors after about 100. I couldn’t see them all, through my tears.

Here it is, with most, but not necessarily all, the errors highlighted.

Their our to many Pakistans in my town Luton too ignore its time to take are country back now!

By Timmy Rodinson

Im going too explain this in the most simplest of ways too make you understand what is really going on in are nation right: I was born in england and that makes me english and a british because I am british. If your a muslim your a muslim so it doesn’t matter were you were born in because your a muslim. its as simple as this. so if your an islamist muslim you are not and can never be english or british no matter where your born because you are not from english history and your taking are identity to make islamist

suicide bombers who you are giving birth too and were not going to stand for it any longer we our taking back are country from you sick violent muslim imigrants. its as simple as this. that does not make me a racialist that makes me proud to be from a country that does’nt send people to other countrys to bomb millions of inocent people like has been happening in france and europe and there our just not enough people speaking up for peoples who want’s for are people to live in a country that is’nt run by shuria laws that are from rapist genocidal ideilogy. its as simple as this. your not british and you should leave to your muslim homeland in pakistan or iran or suadi arabia were you’re religion’s are from.

He certainly made me take him seriously…. Seriously disturbed! Oy, learn correct spelling and punctuation and language construction, then we can clearly communicate our distaste for your racist ramblings. Seriously Tommy, you’re giving soccer hooligans a bad name.  🙄

This post is only about how upset I am with his misusage and mangling of my Mother Tongue.  I’ll leave his social and political views for another day.  Feel free to comment about them, though.  😯


8 thoughts on “I Need My Meds!!

  1. Thanks for bringing this to light. It offends me in equal measures, as a Brit and a language geek. Unfortunately, while there are a majority of ignorant, small-minded and downright stupid people like this guy, Trump and and Farage will flourish. I can’t bring myself to read his post again, as it will make me cry too.


  2. 1jaded1 says:

    My guess is that he did this on purpose. C’mon though, everyone knows the correct homonym for our is hour. Get it right, you amateur!


  3. Rivergirl says:

    That can’t be real. It can’t. I couldn’t even finish reading it…


  4. joeabbott says:

    The bad spelling appears contagious … you referred to him as “Tommy” but the article is attributed to “Timmy”. Stop reading stuff like that or the infection may be irreversible!

    And I agree … that can’t be real. Can it?


    • Archon's Den says:

      I plead (and plead) ‘Not Guilty’ – barely. I wasn’t even thinking of his name when I applied the slightly pejorative term Tommy often used for British serviceman. They’ve been known as that for centuries, because they are regarded as rough, uneducated, uncivilized, and unfit for a “real job,” or a place in society.
      Rudyard Kipling even wrote a poem titled Tommy, describing the social discrimination. Click to read it if you’d like.
      I also wondered if it was real. Surely it’s just a troll…. but I don’t really see any benefit. Am I missing something? 😯
      Tommy Click here

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