Time Travel

I read about time travel. I am intrigued by the paradoxes of time travel. I just LOoove time travel…. except when Daylight Saving Time rolls around. Remember, tonight’s the night. At 2:00 AM, we need to turn all our clocks back one hour, to 1:00 AM. Then we get an extra hour of sleep. (Sure we do. We just party an hour longer.) We’ll probably spend that extra hour trying, and failing, and cursing, to turn all the clocks and watches in the house, back. Thank the mystical gods of silicon, that computers, tablets and the like, are smarter than we are, and do this automatically.

For those who are as chronologically challenged as I am, I have obtained a graphic to aid you with this task.

Daylight time

I hope this helps. I’ll see you tomorrow…. or was that yesterday??! 😳

10 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Rivergirl says:

    I’m so stealing that! My husband’s car is always 6 months off.


  2. I agree with you on all of them. For my bedroom clock (which is a real bitch to change), I’ll merely switch from Eastern to Central, and then back again next spring. I can do that with one click; changing the actual time would require the manual, if I could even find it.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Back in the late 1970s, digital watches were just becoming available, and popular. A co-worker from ‘Down East’ bought one that, like your clock, offered an alternative setting, for anywhere in the world. He brought it to me to set. I soon found that I could set it for any given hour but, the American (or perhaps Japanese) design engineers had never heard of Newfoundland time, which is only 30 minutes different from reality. 😳

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  3. smitchjack says:

    A class of 11 year olds once enjoyed the thought that we could time travel, but only into the future, and only if we were lucky.


  4. I just traveled back in time, so I haven’t read this post yet.


  5. Steve Hurley says:

    Great post. I love the one about the Sundial !!!!
    BTW I wrote about this topic at


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