One Thing At A Time


Battered, bruised and bleeding, the Christian Apologist scuttles forward. Desperate to level the debate playing field, and to achieve some validation, relevance and equivalency for his arguments, he claims, ‘Atheism Is A Religion.’

No, it’s not! We refuted that.

Well then, ‘Atheism Is A World-View.’

No it’s not! How dumb do you come??! The only reason that any two Atheists share a world-view, is that there are more Atheists than there are basic world-views.

Waaah! Atheists claim to be intellectual and logical, but they’re using emotion-based ridicule against Christians. (That emotion-based belief stuff should be reserved for the Christians.)

If you’d accept fact-based evidence, instead of dismissing it out of hand, we wouldn’t have to. We’re merely fighting fire with fire – or in this case, mud-slinging and name-calling. We know that you’re busy, campaigning for Trump. Atheism is only the lack of belief in God, or gods.

Frantic to have ANY handle to hang an argument on, the Apologist grasps at the word, ‘only.’ “Atheism must be more than ONLY!   Atheists believe in Science. Atheists accept the Theory of Evolution. Atheists claim that they have morals, and that they are ‘Good Without God.’ It must, somehow, be more than only.”

Hold on, cowboy. Climb down off your hobby-horse. One thing at a time!
What do you do for a living? Truck-driver? Are you only a truck-driver??! For example, you’re not a truck-driver and a guitar player – or a Jeopardy! fan? Do you have to be a Christian to be a trucker? Are all truckers Christians? Do all truckers hate faggots? Do all truckers feel that a wall should be built, to keep illegal aliens out? Are only truckers moral?

You can be Only about one issue, but still be very involved in many others, some of which are only vaguely connected to the one under consideration. Some Atheists believe in evolution. Some don’t. Some Christians believe in evolution. Some don’t. Some Atheists trust science. Some don’t. Some Christians trust science. Some don’t. Many Atheists are highly moral. A disappointing number of Christians aren’t.

Prove that Atheism is true.

There is so much semantic, social, emotional and Theistic baggage attached to that challenge, that I’m surprised the writer didn’t throw his back out, just wrestling it onto the screen. In attempting to prove equivalence, this Christian apparently thinks that Atheism has similar many and magnificent claims and beliefs that his religion does.

Compared to say, Christianity, the footprint of Atheism is small. It is only the lack of belief in the existence of God. On a personal basis, my Atheism is the rejection of all your bullshit claims. What do I believe? I believe that you are deluded and desperate. The mere fact that I write that, and make that statement, makes my Atheism true.

Many Apologists get so intense at winning the argument – at trying to prove Atheists wrong – that they forget what the original point of discussion was. DOES GOD EXIST, OR NOT??! Can you prove it? Even if, tomorrow, we found that everything that we think we know about The Big Bang and Evolution is wrong, (And, with the mountain of scientific results we have, that is vanishingly unlikely.) it still doesn’t justify a claim that God did it. One thing at a time.


14 thoughts on “One Thing At A Time

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Prove atheism is true. That’s a ridiculous request…. how do you prove lack of belief?


    • Archon's Den says:

      If it were only that, it would be simple – continual firm denial. But the Apologists want to control the size and shape and direction of the debate. Atheists must prove that it is not a religion, that it is not a world-view, that science is valid, that God does not exist, that the Big Bang happened, without God causing it, and that Evolution theory is correct. They must prove that morals exist without God, and if an Atheist debater falters at any point, it’s a GOTCHA moment. If an Atheist says ‘I don’t know the answer’ the apologists have the same answer to every doubt. 😦 😯

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      • Rivergirl says:

        Which is why I don’t engage in the debate. It’s like talking to a member of the flat earth society.


      • Archon's Den says:

        I don’t get in too deep, because it can be a real blood sport. I leave the deep stuff to those more capable than I am. It’s not always a total loss though. The moderator of The Atheist Experience podcast used to have the same guy call in, week after week, to argue one point or another – and finally stopped calling. About three years later, he got an email. ‘You don’t know me. I used to call and argue with you. The more research I did to prove you wrong, the more doubt I created. Now I’m a proud Atheist. Thanks.’
        It’s always worth it to debate. Only sometimes do we see the results. 😀


  2. Thanks for your post! What type of evidence would you need for God’s existence? I’m guessing that if God showed up and did a tap dance, people would still find a way to deny his existence. Atheists are swimming in an ocean of evidence and asking for a drop of water. If you can’t see that you’re covered in water already, then the drop I could offer you would be useless. Evidence is plentiful, but what is lacking is a genuine desire for truth.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I don’t know. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If the God that most Christians believe in exists, He knows what would make me and others believe. The fact that He has not done so points either to His non-existence, or His lack of concern.
      What is plentiful, is data. What is also plentiful are Christian Apologists who tell me that only they can properly “interpret” it. I have no faith in anyone who puts himself between me and his God. The data is not ‘evidence,’ and the only thing that it is ‘proof’ of, is gullibility and desperation.
      While it may make you, and others like you, feel good to claim otherwise, most Atheists ardently seek the truth, not unproven claims, and would be overjoyed to find that God, and Heaven, and salvation, and eternal life really existed. 2000 years of waiting, and hoping, and asking – 2000 years of other people’s unproven claims and beliefs. 😯

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      • Dear Archon’s Den,
        Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear that you are ardently seeking truth. It sincerely surprises me that you would like to know God (if he exists), but that you don’t see evidence for him. You said that data is plentiful. By looking at the data, what have you discovered? Please understand that I am asking with a genuine heart to process the information. I don’t care about winning an argument or about being right. I would like to know what you have discovered about the world by looking at the available data. Thanks.


      • Archon's Den says:

        I would be willing to have a reasoned, and reasonable, discussion. Your request, however, is both vast and vague. It would take a lifetime to tell you what I’ve learned in a lifetime.
        You could start by clicking on the ‘Religion’ category above, to read my past essays. After July/19 I stopped Category-ing them Religion, only Tags, but they are found on the last Wednesday of each month, with several more to come.
        If you have any specific questions/areas of interest, I’ll try to cover them. 🙂

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    • Here is how we can tell most of your bible is BS ok? So bear with me.

      Let’s take the story of Noah’s Ark ok? First off? Most Christians state the fable wrong. The orignial fable from the Jews was? Noah loaded 7 pairs of clean animals and 2 pairs of unclean animals. If you want to know what the difference was? Look at the Levitical laws on animals.

      But? Let’s go with the typical story of the fable now that he brought two pairs of animals. Well, that means there are 3,000,000 different animal types that were known at that time period. So? Two pairs would mean 6,000,000 animals.

      Taking the dimensions of the ark in the bible? Scientists did a calculation. And? They came up with? A total of 2 centimeters of space for each and every animal.

      Now, let’s go a step further. Ever been to like a chicken or cow or pig farm? Espcially those massive chicken coops? They are FULL of methane and ammonia. You actually? Have to have a great ventilation system for these massive coups or? Your animals will die from the ammonia that comes from their urine and all the methane that comes from their rotting poop.

      Now? Imagine 6 million animals doing the same thing on that small ark. The ammonia and methane buildup alone? Would kill all the animals. Not only that? There sure was no electricity back then now was there? No they would have been using open flame torches. Ever hear what happens when you light a match to methane? It literally explodes.

      Ever hear of swamp gas? I lived near the swamps of Florida and we saw those burning balls all the time. What was that? Methane escaping from the rot and catching on fire. That? Is exactly what would have happened had Noah or any member of his family? Went below deck with an open flame torch, it would have blown that ark to smirthereens.

      But then? Ask a shipbuilder about ballast. This is the offset for the weight of a ship. A ship can only carry a load equal to their ballast capabilities. Noahs ark? Had no ballast area. So? The moment that ark would have lifted up because of the rising waters? It would have capsized because the weight of all the animals? Would have ripped that ark apart, especially seeing? It was made of gopher wood and held together by pitch.

      Scientists and shipbuilders who have studied your Noah’s Ark have shown where? For that story to even be possibly true? You would need at least? Three Queen Mary sized ocean liners, to hold 6 million animals, all the food and water they would need and all the food and water that the humans would need.


    • Now? Here is where it all really falls apart. This story of Moses and the Jews being in Egypt and their Exodus.

      1. The Tribes of Israel at this time? Were very small. They were not even numbered at over 10,000 people at the time this all supposedly happened. Matter of fact? They were not even considered a separate people by the Egyptians. There is absolutely no recorded papyrus of any Egyptians with the words Jews or Hebrews on them. NONE.

      2. The story of Egyptians using Jewish slaves to build the pyrimads are false. The Egyptian records show? Those who built the pyamids? Were mostly? PAID workers. Those who were slaves working on it? Were basically Egyptian slaves who had gone into debt and had to sell themselves into slavery for a while to pay off that debt.

      3. Egyptians have absolutely NO historical record on Moses. NONE. Zip, zero zilch.

      4. If? As the bible states, God sent plagues upon Egypt? Especially the last one where all the first born of Egyptians died all over the land? There would at least be some Egyptian payprys writing about this. There is NONE. Not even the recordings of the Egyptian Pharoh mentions the deaths of all the first born children of Egypt and those guys? Actually even wrote about what they ate and what they pooped. No, I am serious. There are actual written recordings of this.

      5. Supposedly? There were hundreds of thousands of Jews according to the story that then? Exodused out of Egypt and wandered the desert for 40 years. Now? Hundreds of thousands of people tramping around a desert for 40 years? Would leave some trace. Yes, it is desert and it does change, but hey, we have found many ancient civilizations and things? Buried under the desert. And yet? Not one single trace of evidence exists? Of hundreds of thousands of Jews wandering around the desert for 40 years.

      So if this is all a lie? And so far? There is no evidence that this ever happened? Then this loses all the fable of the Jews in the first place. And there by? Even your own NT beliefs. Because all of this Exodus story? Is the basis for their Ten Commandment BS story too.

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  3. Yes, I understand that my request is broad and your time is limited. My time is limited too, so I probably won’t go back and read your past posts. But I will read your monthly posts on the topic. Thanks for your time.


  4. Isn’t it interesting how Christians believe that they have a right to judge us atheists, or others, and no atheist or other person has a right to judge Christians?

    Or how Christians believe they got a right to insult, denigrate and defame atheists, lgbts, Pagans, Native Americans and others but if you do unto Christians as they do unto you? They meltdown like the snowflakes they are and they cry how you are the one persecuting them?

    Isn’t it funny that Christians believe they have a right to demand a brutal death penalty punishment for us atheists, or lgbts, or Pagans, or Native Americans and have put us all to brutal deaths historically, but if you as an atheist, or an lgbt, or a Pagan or a Native American state to a Christian that Christians should reap all they have sown unto others and have done unto them as they have done unto others? Again? They will proclaim you the violent, evil one who is persecuting them.

    One of the funniest is when I encounter a ChristoTaliban demanding the death penalty for homosexuals, based on their cherry-picking, buybull thumping hypocrisy of Levitical laws, while if you then turn around and state to them that adulterers also get a death penalty punishment in their Levitical rules and they should start putting to death the millions of Christians who are adulterers out there or Traitor Trump? Then again? They meltdown, show their hypocrisy by demanding those rules no longer apply to adulterers since their Jeebus showed up and then call you a hater and persecutor of Christians.

    Christians….you can’t win for losing.


  5. Here is what is funny about Christians.

    You can show them 100% facts that Jews were NEVER enslaved in Egypt and helped build the pyramids. They were not even thought of as a group of special people by the Egyptians and absolutely NO payprus records or any records exists of Egyptians having Jewish slaves.

    And? There is no one single recorded payrus about the deaths of all the First Born of Egypt. I mean Egyptians actually wrote what they ate and crapped. I would think the Pharoh or a whole bunch of Egyptians would have mentioned that hundreds of thousands of their first born had died because of some Jewish god dontcha think?


    We can show them where their Noah’s Ark story is complete and utter bullshit. First off? They even repeat the story wrong. Actually? The original Noah’s Ark story was? There were 7 pairs of clean animals and 2 pairs of unclean animals loaded onto that ark.

    But? Even going with their two pairs of animals? The dimensions of the ark as described in their buybull? The space for each animal? Was about two centimeters. Imagine a pair of elephants in the space of two centimeters.

    YET? Even ship builders and explosive experts and animal husbandry? Disproves Noah’s Ark. How?

    Well, animals gotta eat dont they? And? By doing so? They gotta crap and piss. And fart. Now. All of that animal crap and piss? Leaves off some very deadly chemicals. Methane from the rotting poop and animal farts and ammonia from all the animal piss. I mean you really want to know what it would have even smelled like on that Ark? Go to a chicken or pig farm. Take a deep inhale lol.

    But guess what also? Methane is a highly explosive gas. And? You darn well know? Noah and his family sure did not have electricity on that ship and were using open flame torches. So the moment they went below deck with one of those torches? They would have blown themselves sky high.

    And? All that ammonia? Would not have only poisoned all the animals and killed them, but any human constantly breathing it in.

    But hey, what do we know huh?


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