When the cats say that it’s time for a nap – IT’S TIME FOR A NAP!

Puppy Litter

When puppies or kittens are born, they quickly learn to huddle together in a ball, especially if Momma’s not there. This behavior seems to come from adaptive evolution. It makes the pile look like a single, larger animal to any potential passing predator. The puppy-pile, or kitten-clowder often has the strongest, alpha, animal at its center, and the runt exiled to the edge.

The greatest benefit of these mounds, is the conservation of body heat. This is particularly important for feral animals which are born outside. Every once in a while – not every litter – a puppy or kitten leaves the safety of the group, adventuresome, daring, brave, inquisitive – to explore its world. This is not a safe or good thing to do. Research shows that any young animal that does this has a 75% of dying. They achieve the label of ‘maverick’, whose origins are explained here.


Oh, the vistas to be seen! The world to be explored. The things to be learned. The empires to be seized.

Excess Canadian grey wolves were trapped, and transported to Yellowstone Park, to repopulate the area, after an unusual die-off. Included was a young omega male, a runt which all the other wolves harassed or ignored. Early his first winter there, he disappeared. Park Ranger observers thought that he had starved to death, or been killed.

The next spring, it was discovered that he had crossed over the nearby mountain pass. He had defeated an older alpha male, taken over a pack, and proceeded to mate with the females and produce litters of strong pups to follow him.

Whether you believe that we are merely animals like the rest, or divinely created by a God, human beings would do well to take note of this type of situation. In social, political, or religious situations, great insights are obtained, great things are learned, and great advancements are made, by those who step outside their comfort zone – who leave the warm security of the puppy pile. It’s worth the risk. Be brave! Learn or create something new.

Of course, I want you to continue to do the same old thing, and stop back here again in a couple of days, when my mind wanders off over a mental mountain pass, and breeds a completely different post.

16 thoughts on “Adaptation/Evolution

  1. jim- says:

    What do we have to lose at this point? I guess I shouldn’t go there, but I think the change will have to come from a purer source, like an undoctrinated child.
    It is amazing what you can learn from watching nature.


    • Archon's Den says:

      There’ll always be a few. It’s how we achieve social evolution. Perhaps I shouldn’t urge for more. I keep hoping for another Nikola Tesla or Stephen Hawking, but we might get another Donald Trump. 😛

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  2. Dear Archon’s Den,
    You said, “This behavior seems to come from adaptive evolution. It makes the pile look like a single, larger animal to any potential passing predator.” This is evolutionary tale spinning. Unfortunately, this type of storytelling has crept into many respectable fields and undermined scientific credibility.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Oh dear, I seem to have used a Christian trigger-phrase. This ‘tale’ has been spun by large numbers of university-educated biologists, highly-experienced in their field. If you have a provable, or even reasonable, alternate theory to present, I’m sure that people working in animal behavior would be interested. I know that I would. 🙂

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      • Large numbers of highly educated people have been wrong. What is the scientific research that has been done on this topic? I’m guessing that you would have a hard time tracking it down. I could be wrong. I would be happy to see the scientific research that your statements are based on.


      • Archon's Den says:

        Congratulations! That was a magnificent example of avoiding the question, and moving the goalposts. I asked if you had a believable alternative to accepted theory. You completely ignored that request. Instead, like a Grade 8 mathematics teacher, you are asking me to ‘prove my work’.
        How be, you first show your training and expertise in this field, to back up your opinion, and then we’ll compare it to observed reality. 🙂
        BTW: In my opinion, a world without “God” would look exactly like this one. I would expect a world with ‘God,’ would look/be somewhat different. 😕

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      • I did not intend to avoid the question. The answer is no, I do not have a better or provable theory about the origin of animal behavior. I don’t need an alternate theory to point out that yours is baseless.


      • Archon's Den says:

        Uh…. Yeah!! You kinda do. To claim that something is wrong, you need to have, at least a vague suggestion of what you think is right. Otherwise it’s just baseless ranting. Even the Flat Earthers present options to observed data. You didn’t vote for Trump, did you??! 😳 At least you’re not suggesting that citizens be injected with antiseptic, to ward off COVID19. 👿

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      • Dear Archon’s Den,
        Are you suggesting that I accept claims with no evidence? What is your source for the story about the animals huddling together? Has scientific research been done on this? I have seen no reason that I should accept this story.


  3. Rivergirl says:

    That pic makes me miss our furry feline piles.


  4. rulesoflogic says:

    Bravo to your message about the comfort zone! Life begins when one leaves their comfort zone. Life is about doing things, not waiting to do things. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.


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