In my Poetry In Motion post, I groused that the poetry of some WordPress authors didn’t make a lot of sense. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!! There is a small group of posters who don’t write poetry…. but what they do write can’t be classed as prose, either. I think a couple of them have swallowed random word generators – or non-prescription medication. They may be the authors of some of those strangely-worded spam comments that you get. Here are some examples.

I was heard the sea and are like unto the leopard and made the great favour with his neck and said Figold was handsome.

At a little finger is the sky where she had given to divert the latest news who have his dead and cried but Horn stayed at sunrise.

That would not recognising him to seawhere may be preserved from his real name and as he heard a band of brotherhood we will give birth and he heard these saw her! Better thou wilt hear the guardians of some evil would sooner be the offing.

HUH?? That was actually one of the more comprehensible. Here’s another.

We have the hand when I shall rather live, we are unconscious life of April last are enigmas.

To us that I will superintend their Circulating and in a square hole in the mischief-makers in reforming and in the funny books too large results given by Christian name, which they cover.

The responsibility of Socrates.

It exploded in us.

They are the country as the medium of independence, of taking the mature age of that things unto this particular I lifted my mind.

Notwithstanding, we might after the mental, moral wound within him.

Perhaps he has furnished great degree, and cutting off his wide from her own personality, however great.

Even the tanks, you that for we read in the seen within it, the Patriarch Nerses to accomplish some old as sensibly alters their planes and artists, leisured people, whilst it can solve some observations on Allison’s Fort and butchered before we got another example of dealing out a chapter of Nerves preserve their fatherland.

Is this some kind of code?? Are we supposed to read every fourth word?? Who spends the time and effort to type out and post this kind of thing – and why?? There seems to be a group of about 6 authors, who each can publish 2 or 3 posts every day of this kind of nonsense gobbledygook. I am at a loss to find any meaning or justification. Are they Pentecostals, “Speaking In Tongues??” Anybody got any idea…. or a translation?

8 thoughts on “Jabberwocky

  1. Daniel Digby says:

    You’ve given me a lot to think about. So, why IS a mouse when it spins?


  2. A L Katz says:

    Just because a poet aspires to be ee cummings doesn’t mean they “are” ee cummings.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Does cummings write like this?? I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid his work. Smells like affectation to me, like Canadian singer k d lang, or a local historian who insists that he is rych mills. 🙄


  3. Rivergirl says:

    I can’t answer that question. And now my brain hurts…


  4. merlinpanlav says:

    “Twas Brillo and the G.E. StovesDid Proctor & Gamble in the GladeAll Pillsbury were the Taystee LoavesAnd in a Minute Maid.’Beware the Station Break my son!The words that xxxx the ads that vex!Beware the doctor’s claim and shunThat horror called Brand X!’He took his Q-Tipp’d swab in handLong time the Tension Headache foughtWhile Dristan he by a MercuryHe Bayer-Break’d in thought”…and cetera. “Jabberwhackey”, MAD Magazine, 1964?


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