Reality Is Weird


A Christian Apologist shut his mouth, and in doing so, (almost) shut mine.  I found him under the above title, making claims like

Either (1) an infinite and eternal consciousness called God chose to create our universe with a purpose… OR! (2) Our universe randomly appeared out of an infinite and eternal nothingness by itself for absolutely no reason at all. These are the only two reasonable options.

I left him a response that he apparently did not like.  He posed another question, but I could see that he wouldn’t like the answer to it either, and it would cease being a comment, and become a blog-post of its own.  I went back in my ‘notifications’ to pick up the beginning, but he had disappeared.  I accessed his post, and found that he had disabled all comments.  I did not realize that him doing that erased all existing comments on my site.  The following first bit is from fading memory.

Neither of your options is reasonable, and you limit your argument by claiming that there can only be two.  A little thought and research would show that there are more then that.  (1) You have not proved that “God” created the Universe, or that there is/was a purpose. (2) Your random appearance from nothing, for no reason claim is so highly unlikely that no reputable astrophysicist would espouse it.

Can you provide any other scenarios?  Either there is purpose, or there isn’t.

This is what he missed.

Imagine a race of spaceless, timeless beings.  One of them, the equivalent of an eight-year-old boy, possesses the singularity which will become our Universe.  Perhaps it is a function of the non-space where he exists, that it occasionally spits out singularities.  Perhaps he found and kept it, like a fossil – or perhaps it’s a toy that his kindly uncle made for him.  He’s been told to keep it safe on a shelf, but accidentally knocks it off, and it falls to the floor and opens up into our known Universe.

Forget about those possibilities, and let our little extra-dimensional kid grow up a bit.

Now he needs a project, like a volcano, for science class.  He decides to build a little mathematical model to demonstrate the laws of physics within material matter.  As he is winding it up, he gets a little goo from a non-material pseudopod on it, and one of the perfect orbs develops life on its surface, like mold.

In the first scenario, the entity which caused our Universe to exist, was not the Creator.  There was no ‘Choice.’  There was no purpose!  In fact, it was an unintentional accident.  The Instigator can hardly be regarded as “God.”

In the second scenario, the Creator, and the Instigator, are the same Astral Squid – which still doesn’t qualify as “God.”  The act of creation, and the resulting Universe, are both intentional, but the creation of life – Us – has no purpose.  In fact, if the Nebulous Nerd knew that his science project was contaminated, he/she/it/they might want to polish the planet clean…. Oh, wait, that Noah flood wasn’t rain; it was Poly-dimensional Purell.

Well, now, the question should be: out of these two equally-weird explanations, which one is best supported by evidence, logic, and reason? Which one is more Possible, Plausible, and Probable? Which one is most believable?

Actually, the question is: which of these two equally-weird pairs of explanations is best supported by evidence, logic, and reason? Which one is more Possible, Plausible, and Probable? Which one is most believable?

I know that most Apologetics would dismiss my hypotheses as childish, but they both are as probable – likely more so – than either of his restrictive offerings.  If a rank amateur like me can easily come up with two alternatives, surely intelligent, educated scientists can come up with more, and better.


9 thoughts on “Reality Is Weird

  1. Hi Archon’s Den. Yes, you are right that we can create any number of scenarios as possible explanations for our existence. You are asking the right questions: “Which [explanation] is best supported by evidence, logic, and reason? Which one is more Possible, Plausible, and Probable? Which one is most believable?” When I consider the possible explanations for our origin, there is only one explanation that is logical. One explanation fits with our scientific observations of the world: An intelligent being created us. We can argue about who that intelligent being might be. Maybe it is the Astral Squid. But what can certainly be discerned is that some kind of intelligent being is at work. I’ve listened to a lot of educated atheists and I still haven’t heard a plausible, logical, or reasonable possibility for how we could exist without a Creator. People who say that they don’t see evidence for a Creator are blind because they want to be. Often it is because they want to sin and they don’t want anyone telling them not to. 🙂


    • Jim Wheeler says:

      I can understand your reasoning, Rebekah, because the physical universe, which includes life, is complex and must therefore have been designed by an intelligence. However, there is a big flaw in this explanation, i.e., how to explain the origin of the creator. The very words “creation” and “design” imply intelligence and purpose, both anthropomorphic terms, but all the evidence points to complexity arising out of simplicity. In the beginning, there was a big bang of energy. That was followed by a period of inflation in which spacetime arose spontaneously. Then, simple atoms (hydrogen) condensed somehow out of the energy, subsequently condensing into stars which then exploded to produce the heavier atoms and molecules. Nowhere in all this is there any evidence of arbitrary intent, it all flows naturally, cause and effect according to consistent but stochastic (randomness) rules that we call the laws of physics.

      Perhaps we are just asking the wrong question. Perhaps the universe just “is.” Hardly satisfying, I know. In any case, it seems fruitless to me to imagine any “intent” in the process because there’s no evidence for it. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. Churches are struck by hurricanes and earthquakes and children are born deformed. Amoral men rise to power.

      BTW, if you are a U.S. citizen, don’t forget to vote November 3 Evil, a human construct, arises independently of physics and because of stochasticity, anything within the laws of physics is possible.

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      • Dear Jim Wheeler,
        Thank you very much for this thoughtful response. You stated that all the evidence points to complexity arising out of simplicity. Quite the opposite is true. Scientists working on the problem of the origin of life still admit that our existence defies the known laws of physics. Yes, I’ll be voting on Nov. 3. It is interesting to me that you admit that evil is a human construct, and yet still feel that it is something to be fought against on election day. Wouldn’t it flow more naturally to just adjust my human construct?


      • Jim Wheeler says:

        Rebekah, I do believe that evil can be fought on election day. I admit though that “evil” was a poor choice of word on my part. Donald Trump is not so much evil as amoral, and yes, reckless. The butterfly effect is real, the universe is stochastic, and anything is possible. Everything we do matters.


  2. spwilcen says:

    What was in your coffee this morning? Excellently written. Even a dork like me can see what you’re saying, the validity of arguments. Not however, gonna step into the argument. Ain’t got the brainpower for it.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Actually, I don’t drink coffee, although I do splash a little in my occasional hot chocolate, to make mocha.
      Too often, I sip at the bile that Apologists like this, spew, and feel the need to spit back. I’m currently having a debate on the other line, with one who defends the Omnipotence of God by claiming that He can do anything that isn’t “Logically Impossible.” He can create a stone that is so heavy that He cannot lift it, but chooses not to, and therefore remains Impotent Omnipotent. 😯

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  3. davidatqcm says:

    Appreciate your musings greatly and comments!


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