Canadian Gun Nuts


When Justin Trudeau announced his massive gun ban, back on May 1, he told the country that he was doing it to tackle gun violence, and to make Canada safer.

“Every single Canadian wants to see less gun violence, and safer communities. So today, we take another big step forward.” Trudeau said.  “Enough is enough.  Banning these firearms will save Canadian lives.” Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, Bill Blair stated emphatically.


Between May 1 and Sept. 6, shootings were up in Canada’s largest city.  So were the number of people killed by guns.  In total, between when Trudeau announced his ban and Labor Day weekend, Toronto saw 208 shootings with 92 people injured, and 14 people killed.  In that same time period for 2019, there were 185 shootings, 92 injured, and 12 people killed.

Did Trudeau forget to take aim at criminals, when trying to tackle the gun crime that is the real issue in many cities across Canada??

When Trudeau banned 1500 guns, or variations of rifles that he described as “military-grade assault weapons,” he wasn’t banning guns that are used in crime; he was banning guns used in hunting or at the gun range by licensed owners.

Since May 1, hundreds more firearms have been added to the banned list, even though they are shotguns or bolt-action rifles.  These are firearms that are used for hunting, not by criminals.  “Zero impact” is how Marcell Wilson summed up Trudeau’s gun ban on the gang violence plaguing our biggest cities.

Wilson should know; he used to be part of that world, smuggling guns and running his own organization.  Now he’s turned his life around and operates One By One, an organization that helps people get out of the gang life.

He said banning these rifles won’t stop the shootings, because gangs rarely – if ever – use them.  “Definitely handguns of small calibre in my day was ideal.  Easy to conceal and easy to throw away if need be.”  Wilson said.

Former Toronto Police Detective Mark Mendelson, who spent 14 years as a lead investigator on the city’s homicide squad, said he agrees with Wilson when it comes to Trudeau’s gun ban aiming at the wrong target.  “These are not the guns used in crimes that involve the gangs.  They’re running around with Glocks, Smith and Wessons, semiautomatic pistols.”

What Trudeau has banned were the guns with no history of crime in this country, claiming that it would stop the shootings.  The numbers show that is not the case.  Shootings are up 12.5% this summer compared to the same period in 2019, and 24% higher than what was recorded in 2018.  Compared to summer of 2015 – the summer just before Trudeau was elected – shootings are up 83% in Toronto.

This was never about keeping Canadians safe or reducing gun crime.  This was about Trudeau looking like he was taking strong action when he wasn’t.  Shootings have been up during his entire tenure in office, and he hasn’t been able to deal with it.

Gun crime is a very real issue in Canada, but the Federal Liberals seem to forget the crime part, and only focus on the gun part.  Tracking down criminals and getting them to hand over their guns is difficult.  Tracking down licensed gun owners is much easier.

The Government plans to spend more than $600 million – could be more than $1 Billion – to pay legal gun owners to hand over their now-banned rifles and shotguns.  Rather than spend this amount of money on something that has no chance of reducing gun crime, just a portion of it spent on groups like Wilson’s could go a long way towards dealing with the root problems.

C’mon Justin, it’s time to aim your efforts at the right target.

10 thoughts on “Canadian Gun Nuts

  1. rulesoflogic says:

    I am NOT a gun nut and think the US Supreme Court allowing “unaffiliated” persons to own guns was a bad decision of the highest magnitude. The rate of gun homicide in the US is 8 to 10 times higher than the rate in Canada, though. Trudeau may be off-target (pun intended), but Canada in general is still much safer than the US, although that could be damning with faint praise.


    • Archon's Den says:

      It’s the stupidity and/or lies that upset me. If the $600M/$1Billion actually improved the situation, a lot of people would be a lot less upset. The usual Liberal stance is, What we’ve been doing doesn’t work. Let’s do more of it! Throw some (of the taxpayers’) money at it. 😯 😛

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  2. For some reason, I didn’t think you had a gun problem in Canada. Here in Buffalo, we have shootings every night, sometimes several people are shot and killed in one evening. Buffalo periodically runs a gun buy-back program, but it never works to reduce the number of guns actually being used. That’s probably why so many people run red lights around here – they’re afraid they’ll get shot if they stop.


    • Archon's Den says:

      We don’t have a “gun problem”, as much as a stupid, lying, ineffective, arrogant bunch of politicians problem. 😳 From what drifts north across the border, your version of that is much worse than ours too. 😯

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  3. Daniel Digby says:

    It sounds like Trudeau knows as much about gun violence as some of our politicians. I found out a couple years ago that it’s easy to convert any semi-automatic to full automatic by just adding a “chip”. I suspect some people would like to know where to get those chips. I’m waiting for our lawmakers to learn from Trudeau about the danger of those rapid-fire bolt-action rifles. Then there are the reporters and writers who have no clue that a clip and a magazine are different things and serve different purposes.

    We also have problems with gangs and crazies, but, as I’ve documented from a case-by-case study for the year including the Sandy Hook murders, the large majority of our homicides are from gun owners who don’t know the simple rules of gun safety. There are even a larger number of gun-related suicides, although I’m curious how many of those are results of shoddy investigations.

    A classic case was a dear old dad pranking his 11-year old son by aiming a revolver at his head and pulling the trigger to scare him. He “didn’t know it was loaded”, and he was never prosecuted. Many cases are from owners leaving loaded and cocked guns lying around the house where kids find them and play with them. I have pushed for legislation to charge the owners with any crimes committed with unsafely used or stored weapons for over 20 years now. There is no reason that a prospective owner can’t be required to learn these rules and sign an affidavit verifying the knowledge before purchase.

    Sorry. You got me wound up with this one.


  4. Archon's Den says:

    Go ahead. Have a good rant! I’m as incensed about all of it as you are. That’s why I stole borrowed this from a newspaper, and republished it. Politicians lie to us about what the problem is, and how serious it is, and that they can solve the problem, all in a cynical, narcissistic attempt to seize and hold power. Vote for me, I’ll set you free! or get someone else to pay to put up a big wall. 😛

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    • Daniel Digby says:

      But walls are a necessity — Trump is still trying to make Canada pay for it.


      • Archon's Den says:

        Trudeau is virtue-signaling by putting up wind and solar farms, and trying to shut down the petroleum industry. Canada is as poor as Mexico. Maybe Trump could have the Colombians pay for a couple of fences, complete with a little trap-door and a conveyor belt, near Waco. 😯


  5. Jim Wheeler says:

    The discussion here confirms what I have long thought about the gun issue, that there should be a middle of the road, common-sense approach to it. Assault-style rifles ought not be needed for hunting. They represent a real threat to community peace because of their rapid-fire high-capacity design, especially when domestic terrorism and extremism are on the rise. How Trudeau could confuse shotguns or hunting rifles with these makes no sense. Among the best recommendations I read in this post are those about requiring gun-safety instruction. That used to be the NRA’s principal, uh, aim


    • Archon's Den says:

      The middle ground on any issue, including gun-safety instruction, would seem to always be the best course of action. Trust almost every politician to miss the point. 😯 😦


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