Flash Fiction #237



I hope you rode that bicycle down here from the bank.  This ain’t no sea-going swap meet.  They ain’t gonna exchange it, for that…. that…. well, it ain’t no yacht, but it ain’t no rowboat either, even if it is painted light-loafer pink.

Them owner folks is Frogs – pardon my French – they’s Frenchies.  You go aboard to ‘negotiate,’ and they’ll offer you some of that there wine, and the next thing you know, you’ll be in some camel-chaser’s hareem in Dubai.

Nothin’ good ever come from furriners and pink boats.  C’mon, I’ll buy you a real man’s rum drink.


Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple https://rochellewisoff.com/ site and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story.


Today’s low-brow, red-neck, politically-incorrect, intolerant, machismo-laden rant is brought to you because…. I don’t know.  Maybe because, in this supposedly enlightened, intelligent world, there’s still too much of it going on.  Vote wisely.  😀

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #237

  1. James McEwan says:

    I am not sure which is worse, a life in a rich man’s hareem or getting plied with ‘real man’s rum’.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    No self respecting Mainer would be caught dead on that pink monstrosity!


  3. Can’t say I’d ever seen a pink boat before this photo.


  4. msjadeli says:

    I enjoyed your maga-idiotic spin.


  5. Jim Wheeler says:

    “Vote wisely?” Hmm. Let’s see, so far in my lifetime we’ve picked a:
    army general
    Texas good ‘ole boy
    tricky lawyer
    peanut farmer
    movie star
    baseball-team owner
    reality-TV star / psychopath

    What are the chances of getting it right this time?

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    • Archon's Den says:

      They weren’t all bad. The haberdasher ran the country like a business – not a business Empire. The movie star bankrupted Russia. The academic left the country at least a little better than it was when he took it over.

      Four years ago, I urged for Hillary. In my opinion, she’s slicker than Slick Willy ever was – probably the power behind the throne. But she’s an “honest politician” in that, once she’s bought, she stays bought.

      I don’t envy you your choices. Hold your nose and vote for the least worst. Biden is a bit less likely to ruin the country financially, but religiously?? Socially?? 👿


      • Jim Wheeler says:

        My list wasn’t meant to be all negative but just to convey that presidents are merely people, not royalty. Cynical, I know, but it’s true. I believe the founders intended the executive to be less powerful than it has come to be.


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