Flash Fiction #241



Life was a giant jigsaw puzzle to him.  He’d attempted to fit in, but every time he tried, it seemed that there was a protruding corner, or an unfilled gap.  Everyone else knew that the answer to 2 + 2, was 4.  For him, it might be ‘Blue,’ or ‘Yesterday.’  This had been going on forever.

He’d finally learned to accept himself for who he was, and not struggle to be acceptable to everyone else.  His list of friends was short, but they were all real.  They stood together, by standing apart.  He liked being a shepherd, not a sheep.


Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story.

31 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #241

  1. James McEwan says:

    Self-esteem can take a battering when trying to fit into other’s expectations. I like how this ended with a moment of realisation and self-belief.

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  2. 1jaded1 says:

    This is wisdom. I love the last paragraph.


  3. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice sentence: “They stood together, by standing apart.”


    • Archon's Den says:

      Thanx. I’d like to take credit for it, but…. I might have eventually come up with it on my own. If I steal from one writer, it's plagiarism. If I steal from many, it's research. I took that from a local supermarket COVID warning and repurposed it. 😳

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  4. oneta hayes says:

    Frank has chosen my “special take away” from this story. “They stood together, by standing apart.” Powerful.


  5. draliman says:

    I like the sound of him, I never much liked the “sheep”.


  6. ahtdoucette says:

    Mm, a beautiful story with a great moral. I love the part about the answer might be “blue” or “yesterday.” I think if we would all be honest we would all admit to seeing the truth in that. Well told.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Thanx. As I told Jim McEwan, above, this is autobiographical. I appear to be undiagnosed high-functioning Asperger. Not Rain Man, but I definitely have to work to figure out what others are thinking, and expect. You may have noticed that my work is a little non sequitur. 😯


  7. I hope you had a lovely anniversary! I loved this story, and the character’s realization that other’s opinions don’t count. His list of friends was short, but they were real! Nice!


  8. Dale says:

    I really liked this, Archon. Nice of you to share a bit of yourself, too 🙂


  9. Great story. We saw something similar in the picture this week. I like the line “They stood together, by standing apart.”.


  10. Nice. Poe himself wrote the poem “Alone” about how he was different.


  11. msjadeli says:

    Don’t ask me where this quote came from but it fits your story:
    “be who you is and not who you ain’t because if you is who you ain’t you ain’t who you is.” You save so much time when you allow yourself to be, but I think a little struggle to figure it out is bound to happen. The blessings are those friends who you can be yourself with. Wonderful story.


  12. Michael Humphris says:

    I enjoyed reading this


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